Hans Mauli

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Born in Switzerland, Hans Mauli was a graphic designer who worked with Herb Lubalin and designed the typeface for the World Trade Center signage. From 1971 to 1991 he worked as an advertising photographer in Paris, after which he moved to the United States and began to focus on fine art photography. When he began his photographic career he did not have access to a darkroom, so most of his early work was not printed until much later. See more of them here.

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Linda McCartney

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Linda McCartney married Paul in 1969 and was a professional photographer who shot intimate portraits of some of the most influential artists of the 60s.

Linda was house photographer at the Fillmore East concert hall and shot numerous musicians including the Stones, Doors, Frank Zappa, Kinks, the Who, the Beach Boys, the Byrds, the Beatles etc.

A collection of her photographs titled Linda McCartney’s Sixties: A Portrait of an Era was published in 1993. Sadly, Linda was diagnosed with breast cancer two years later and passed away at the McCartney Ranch in 1998.

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Edward Burtynsky

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Shot at mining quarries and ship breaking yards around the world, these photographs by Edward Burtynsky seem both familiar and otherworldly.

Nature transformed through industry is a predominant theme in my work. I set course to intersect with a contemporary view of the great ages of man; from stone, to minerals, oil, transportation, silicon, and so on. To make these ideas visible I search for subjects that are rich in detail and scale yet open in their meaning.

They almost feel like set photos from the most amazing science fiction/fantasy motion picture from the 70s to me. See the rest here.

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John Jacobsen x Antarctica

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Ever since I first saw The Thing I’ve had a fascination with Antarctica. Something about the brutal conditions, heavy machinery and isolation seem like the ultimate setting for discovery. These photos come from the flickr of John Jacobsen who photographed them while “helping to hunt for neutrinos in Antarctica.” I love the idea that these images could be “just another day at the office” for somebody; even the names for everything sound badass: Dark Sector Lab, Destination Alpha, Autonomous Geophysical Observatory, etc.

See more of his images on his blog and flickr, or check out the previous post on Werner Herzog’s Encounters at the End of the World for more beautiful shots from the Antarctic.