Room Without A Key (Studio version)

Posted by Jakub

Studio has a CD coming out in two weeks which includes all the remixes they’ve done. This Swedish duo we’re played to me by my close friends and this Rubies remix has been stuck in my head. I’m also impressed by some of their quality press photos, they’re not over stylized but more classic and clean with just that right amount of that extra something that makes them special and looking good amongst others.

Rubies: Room Without A Key (Studio version)

Nestle Museum, Mexico

Posted by Scott

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"This is a new Nestle Chocolate Museum in Mexico City designed by Rojkind Arquitectos in origami style. When things of a chocolate museums an image of a house in the shape of a chocolate bar pops into mind, this museum is in the shape of origami and looks great. The museum displays Nestle’s chocolate products and now is welcoming visitors. It took 75 days to design and build."

Via Arquitectura

In All The Wrong Places

Posted by Scott

It always surprises me how few people have heard of the German musician Ulrich Schnauss.  He’s one of my favorite electronic producers but whenever I mention him (to people I consider to be knowledgeable about music) they usually just shrug and ask who he is. I saw him open for M83 in San Francisco a few years back, it was pretty intense, but he just sort of pounded away on a Siel synthesizer the whole time, no visuals or anything. Was cool to see it live, but the stage presence was a little disappointing; I guess I was expecting a singer or something (he always has those sort of ethereal vocals woven through his mixes). At any rate, I’d have to say that A Strangely Isolated Place is his best album to date, and while it’s hard to pick a favorite track from such a solid release, this song certainly ranks up there.

Ulrich Schnauss – In All The Wrong Places