iPhone GUI PSD

Posted by Scott

I started out my career in graphic design as an interface architect so I’ve always had a soft spot for GUI’s and user interaction theory. I happened across this post at Teehan+Lax about the GUI for the iPhone. They’ve posted a PSD with most of the assets from the iPhone interface, all in freely-scalable shape layer and PS effect formats. Technically it’s been posted to provide an easy way to create iPhone mock ups but I think it’s a great reference for anyone trying to learn how to create interface graphics in Photoshop (for web or otherwise). Reverse engineering PSDs like this is a great exercise in working with scalable graphics in Photoshop. You can download the PSD from the Teehan+Lax site.

Sharpie Lamborghini

Posted by Scott

1981250074_7992a07c5f1981283264_3a1595f848 1981239410_552ac78190 1981244224_67504f8805
No matter how tasteful or tasteless you think Lamborghinis are (as if it matters what most of us think of them), you have to admit the idea of writing all over one with Sharpie markers is pretty cool. It took Prestige (Lamborghini Miami) about 2 weeks to ink the artwork and seal it up with a layer of clear coat. See more pictures of the car here.

AM Gold+Soft Rock+Slow Jams – Part. I

Posted by Jakub

Moody Blues
I know Beamer has a large vinyl collection and Scott here and there has sent me some Cream songs and they should be able to add to series with some depth. So, i thought adding some good old AM Gold in the mix since if you dig deep enough you can find great artwork from singles and 7 inches like this pre-70’s single of The Moody Blues.

America – Tin Man

Steely Dan – Do It Again

Moody Blues – Knights in White Satin

Firefall – Just Remember I Love You

Benoit Pioulard

Posted by Jakub

Benoit Pioulard - Temper
If you haven’t noticed by now i’m a huge fan of Benoit Pioulard, he is a Portland based folk musician. He has his next album coming out on Kranky October 14th which will include this brand new single “Brown Bess” for free for us to share. As for other talents he has a few things flying under the radar a very simple but effective website where if you catch him at the right time of year you can buy limited handmade versions of his albums and look thru his polariod pictures.

Benoit Pioulard – Brown Bess (Temper: October 2008)

Benoit Pioulard – Needle & Thread (Precis: 2006)

Benoit Pioulard – Kids Are Getting Younger (Enge: 2005)

Bonnie “Prince” Billy – The Seedling (Benoît Pioulard version)

Benoit Pioulard – Volcanoes (promo video)

Benoît Pioulard – Promotional Dispatch Three (Volcanoes)


Posted by Jakub

Brendan Canning
Here are a few new tracks a little more from the indie rock end. Broken Social Scene’s Brendan Canning whole LP is superb, a great follow up to Kevin Drew’s LP. Also, new tracks grabbed from the B-sides and demos of LCD Soundsystem, a forthcoming Stereolab full length single and the highly anticipated Walkmen album is finally out.

Brendan Canning – Hit The Wall

LCD Soundsystem – Hippie Priest Bum-Out

Stereolab – Valley Hi!

The Walkmen – On The Water