Lomo RedScale

Posted by Scott

rss_aredscalefilm_031 redscalefilm_022 redscalefilm_021 redscalefilm_017
Lomo has released "the world’s very first pre-loaded and ready-to-shoot RedScale film" and the results look pretty interesting. Redscale is an old concept; it involves loading the film backwards and shooting through the base which has a protective coating which shifts colors into the red. Now you don’t have to go through the hassle of loading your film backwards to get this effect. Lomography

Synchronicity Suite Tour

Posted by Jakub

Moodgadget Synchronicity Suite Tour posterSome of the finest and most diverse acts that Moodgadget has to offer (from the Synchronicity Suite compilation) will be on tour starting October 2nd. Alex / HeadUp who contributes a good amount of feedback on the ISO50 blog did the tour poster for us. I wanted to give you all and Scott some exclusive tracks from Worst Friends, D. Gookin, and Mux Mool so please enjoy them and if you come out to a show let me know i’ll be working the merch table and hopefully blogging on here at the same time.


Mux Mool – Lost and Found (on the Rorschach Suite)

D. Gookin – Remember (Out on October 21)

Smashing Pumpkins – Cupid De Locke (Worst Friends Bookends mix)

70 Amazing Business Cards

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card12card641 card591 card581 card541 card23  card14

Fubiz has a post up entitled "70 Amazing Business Cards" and while I wouldn’t go as far as to call all of them "amazing", there are some nice examples in the list making it a good resource if you’re looking to make some for yourself. My personal favorites are the embossed style, I love that texture, it makes the card feel so much more substantial.

I have always been sort of torn on the subject of business cards. On one hand, I love the type-based examples, they’re so clean and to the point. But on the other hand, that doesn’t always say much about the work the holder of the card might expect to find on your site. For mine, I ended up settling on mini posters on each side with the pertinent info worked into the original poster designs, sort of a quick glimpse of my portfolio.

Seattle: Thank You

Posted by Scott
· Obligatory Space Needle Shot

Running through the set at the hotel

· This guy is serious business

· Sound Check

I just got home from Seattle after playing Decibel Fest on Saturday night.  The show was a lot of fun and the crowd had some amazing energy. Thanks to everyone for coming out, I appreciate you having me up and hope to see you all again real soon. The Sight Below, Deru, and Lusine were incredible, was great to be able to catch their sets on such a huge sound system. I don’t have any pics from the set so if anyone has some posted on Flickr or something, let us know.

I wish I could have taken a lot more pics around town, but time was short and I never got a day to make it out with the camera. I did manage to get one shot (above) of the Space Needle from the hotel window. I love that thing, all we have in San Francisco is a stretched out pyramid. I’ve been to Seattle in the past but it was a nice refresher course this time around. There’s really a great vibe there that reminds me a lot of SF, but with way better coffee shops. They also have some amazing food; we had breakfast at a crepe place called "611" this morning. Off the charts.

I’ll post tomorrow on the VJ who did visuals for Lusine, it was incredible.

AM Gold+Soft Rock+Slow Jams – Part. II

Posted by Jakub

America - Ventura HighwayI spent 30 minutes looking for a larger version of this cover but just had to give up and tile it, i hope i didn’t offend any of the graphic designers out there. This is what happens when Scott is out of town for a show but i just can’t pass up covers that are the color scheme of the Finnish or Quebec flag.

America – Ventura Highway

Joni Mitchell – Help Me

Carole King – So Far Away

Seattle Bound

Posted by Scott

Flying out to Seattle today for tomorrow night’s show. The show has sold out so I’ll see you all out there, and if you didn’t make it in this time I’ll be back up soon enough I’m sure. The doors open at 8pm and I’ve been informed I’ll be on around 11:15pm. I’ve worked out some new visuals and added some new effects and tweaks for this set so it should be fun trying it all out for the first time. I’ll also be playing a new unreleased song along with some of the old favorites.

I’ve got my D80 with me so hopefully I’ll get some good shots of the city while I’m up there. And for those of you who have been asking about video from the live sets: We taped the Toronto show at the Drake, it’s still in production but should be up in some form soon so stay tuned. See you tomorrow…

Seatac image (above) via Ramparts54

Da Vinci Alarm Clock

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davinciclock2 davinciclock3
It is said that Leonardo Da Vinci lived by the principals of what is now called polyphasic sleep; basically meaning he followed a rigidly structured sleep schedule allowing for only 3-4 hours of sleep per day. Sounds pretty crazy, but it does net the faithful around 21 waking hours per day. Apparently you take several naps during the day as opposed to one big sleep at night and somehow your body adjusts to this and thrives. I must admit the concept is appealing, all that extra time each day. But judging from how I perform off even 6 hours of sleep I am pretty sure I’m out of the running as a candidate anything like Da Vinci’s system.

That doesn’t change the fact that I want this alarm clock. Designed by Marc Owens, the clock operates on a very simple system that makes adhering to the polyphasic cycle easier, and better looking. More info can be found at Yanko Design.

A contributor to this very blog swears by polyphasic sleep and seems to thrive on it. Anyone else getting by with this system? Do you get more work done? Let us know in the comments