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Well you know my favorite album already this year since I probably have posted this song by Majical Cloudz 3 times in different ways, we’ll here’s a live version with video and in interview form to make you go see him live if you haven’t already.

Flaamingos is being put out by my friends label felte. I’ve been bugging him for it for months, the demos I heard made me want to have the music for late night designing as a contrast to what I owned. Their sound is done by many but few times am I this excited to hear a song again and again.

RIP Emeralds…but I guess I love Steve Hauschildt solo a wee bit more.

I was wondering what this new Blondes LP was going to sound like, I DJed with one of them a few months back, such a good dude with a great track selection.

Braxton/Palmer + Broker + Shapiro + Magic

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image by peder.norrby

image by peder.norrby

Braxton/Palmer doing great things to the Keep Shelly in Athens single, definitely on my summer jam mix this year.

Broker/Dealer is still alive, its being held high by The Beat Broker, follow him on Soundcloud for the free mixes and support him by buying his super smooth 12′s, the man is talented.

Everyone is getting a stab at keeping this Sally Shapiro record in the air. This one is by far the most big dancefloor friendly.

Easing up on the gas pedal and sharing this beautiful 12+ minute jam from a Sun Araw band member.

Urulu + Prins Thomas + Lone + Zomby

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Looking for house anthems that have some substance without relying on any massive sounds? Urulu has been probably my last 10 DJ sets, making it hard to not play this track twice, perfect for any warmup or cool down in a playlist.

I post a lot of Marius Vareid just because he makes very deep house/slow disco colorful, i’m sure Prins Thomas had plenty to work with on this remix.

Sometimes Lone is my favorite and other times he reminds of how much I loved music for Sega Genesis which is another reason I love him.

Throwing this playlist off the rails with this Zomby jam, 4AD just put out an experimental drum n bass record? wow, loving that curve ball.

BMW Concept 90 by Roland Sands







Roland Sands and BMW Motorad recently teamed up to re-imagine the original BMW R90S It’s a near perfect marriage of old styling, modern engineering and hand made craftsmanship. It combines custom work (like a hand hammered fairing and many other custom parts) and years of larger scale motorcycle engineering, the result is a modern race bike that looks AND performs. It’s so good to see a resurgence of classic motorcycle styling amongst modern day motorcycles.

Shigeto + College + Terekke + Slava

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New Shigeto album coming out in August! here’s the first single that grabs some of all the favorite flavors he has shared with us in the past, loving the outro.

Surprised how little i’ve seen of College since the Drive Soundtrack. I was hoping for festival appearances and an animated series around his sound.

A deep one from the L.I.E.S.(Long Island Electrical System) crew member Terekke, reminds me of some beauties by Terre Thaemlitz.

Do yourself a favor just enjoy this song by Slava and don’t look up the music video, its a good track of whats current right now but the video is just wrong.

100 Minutes – Loscil remixed

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Not too long ago Loscil scored an app called Hundreds for the iOS. Recently he reached out and had musicians remix 100 minutes for the song Second Narrow in the app, this is the collection of them on one player. To support Loscil, head to his bandcamp where he has plenty of wonderful releases exclusive to that shop only.

1. Second Narrows – Fieldhead Version 03:46
2. Second Narrows – Benoît Pioulard Version 05:38
3. Second Narrows – Strategy Version 04:38
4. Second Narrows – The Sight Below Version 09:12
5. Second Narrows – Safety Scissors Version 04:46
6. Second Narrows – Loscil Trailer Version 05:17
7. Second Narrows – Kane Ikin Version 08:16
8. Second Narrows – Ethernet Version 08:55
9. Second Narrows – Specta Ciera Version 03:34
10. Second Narrows – Heathered Pearls Version 04:48
11. Second Narrows – Shigeto Version 06:18
12. Second Narrows – connect_icut Version 06:41
13. Second Narrows – Sun Hammer Version 04:11
14. Second Narrows – Marcus Fischer Version 09:58
15. Second Narrows – Chris Herbert Version 06:30
16. Second Narrows – Pleq Version 07:23

Thoughts on The New Mac Pro

Posted by Scott

I have never owned a Mac Pro nor do I ever plan on owning one (probably, never say never). I am writing this from the perspective of a life-long PC user (which I am) who thinks very highly of Apple products (I use Macbook Pros for the Tycho live shows). I love OS X, I love Apple hardware; I just prefer PC as my desktop environment when creating music, design, and video. I don’t have any great explanation, I just do. But I’ve always envied those shiny aluminum behemoths lurking in the corners of my friend’s studios. The interior of the Pros was always what did it for me: that blue color on the PCBs, the brushed finish on the capacitors, the thermal compartments. So I too was waiting on this new machine, if only to see what Apple would come up with next.

Considering I’m not a Mac Pro user it’s not really my place to be thrilled or disappointed, I guess I’d just say I’m surprised. This was a radical step in a new direction and for that, I applaud Apple’s stones. With their dominance in the consumer sector this could have gone two ways: The Mac Pro could have just gone away, or, with nothing to really gain or lose, they could do something completely unexpected and truly innovate. They chose the latter and I think it’s a great thing for the PC industry as a whole.

I would have said let’s put aesthetics aside and just discuss the specs on this machine, but it seems the two are inexorably linked, which depending on how you view this, could be a good or bad thing. On the one hand it’s compact and sleek, on the other it seems very proprietary, further limiting the already limited list of compatible hardware. But don’t forget what’s around back: six Thunderbolt 2 ports. The first thing I thought when Thunderbolt 1 was announced was “here comes modular computing”. The first thing I thought when I saw the 2013 Mac Pro and the Thunderbolt 2 announcement was “here is the face of modular computing”. A compact central computing element with an external interconnect protocol capable of PCIx+ speeds. This opens some very large doors in terms of upgrading and/or easily and quickly adjusting your system for changing needs.

The form factor is incredibly efficient (take a look at the Mac Pro site at Apple for more on the unified thermal architecture, brilliant). For someone who transports a very large PC ATX case to and from various studios, the idea of a compact, tubular enclosure like this is a dream. I could fit this thing in a messenger bag or a small flight case. For tour it could be great too; mount two of these horizontally in a flight case so that when the case caps are removed the intake and exhaust are exposed. I’ve seen the old Mac Pros mounted two-up in 19″ flight cases on stage before, it’s a huge footprint, this would be a welcome change for many a stage manager / tech I’m sure. As I’m writing this I’m starting to convince myself this might make a good next desktop, we’ll see.

All in all I think it’s a beautiful piece of engineering with the specs to back it up, but what do I, a lowly PC user, know? What do you current Pro users think? Does this scare you? If so, why? What do you think of the look? Are you going to get one?

The New Mac Pro