Oficyna Transatlantyk Spotlight

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Since the Ptaki post Friday got some great reaction on the direct message front I wanted to unearth some more cuts from the duo’s home label. First off, the Lounge genre and hotels slowly killed Balearic music for me, it lost its Caribbean charm and not its reviving along with New Age and it couldn’t be set up on a better course for the future.

Ptaki: Przelot Album Stream

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This one slipped under the radar but i’m glad I could find a full stream for those that haven’t heard it. We first wrote about Ptaki in April 2013 since then they’ve been a highlight on a ISO50 playlist and now I couldn’t find a more enjoyable LP to ride into the weekend. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

Mr Zambon’s (of The Very Polish Cut-Outs fame) new label Transatlantyk has made quite an impact across a handful of releases. This is their debut artist album, and who better to represent the free-wheeling spirit of their ethos than fellow Polish pals, Ptaki. The high-flying Warsaw based duo (Their name translates to ‘Birds’ in Polish) have found themselves the object of hysteria after a mere trio of very well received releases on parent label (TVPC) and more recently for LA’s Young Adults. Their music has a depth and enduring quality that has clearly set them apart from contemporaries, and Przelot has given them a broader canvas to, pardon the pun, spread their wings. Familiar textures, acoustic guitars, rhodes and treated bass are assembled in a fresh and uplifting way as the duo seem unencumbered by any sense of homage or reverence to past masters. Cod Reggae (done well!), sleazy chuggers, and dreamy mid-tempo workouts sit easily alongside the Yacht Rock leanings and straight up blissed-out beach bar fare. All shot through with an undeniably Balearic sense of well being throughout.



Vox Portent




Vox Portent has steadily been making grounds in the South African music scene for several years now. Based in Johannesburg, he is inspired by all that surrounds him and delves into almost all creative pools for inspiration, both consciously and unconsciously. While talking to him, you immediately get a sense of the vast depths of his passion for music. It’s like he loses himself just talking or thinking about it. His latest three offerings have been part of an audio-visual project, whereby he releases a new track and artwork each week with the intention of broadening his sonic horizons. The tracks so far have been curious explorations of sound, all of which brim with hope and tranquility. It would be well worth your while to check out his back-catalogue if you like what you hear, as well as follow him for whatever else he might deliver. His music is always filled with exciting developments and eccentricities, and he is never afraid to try something new.

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