Posted by Jakub

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One of my favorite songs from the recent Gold Panda album is Marriage and it got reworked by some proficient young artists. The top of that list is Baths, he actually told me he loved the Star Slinger remix more than his own but I think both are insanely amazing especially the tone that the Baths one sets after a few listens.

This Monster Rally track is like if Madlib was a huge softie, the loop couldn’t be anymore catchier but the beat sits so gently in the mix, kind of perfect actually.

If you liked last weeks Dub Techno post, well then here’s a continuation, precision from Quantec, dialed in like a fine swiss watch made of the softest metals working away in humid atmosphere.

I DJed this week and totally forgot to drop this bomb from The Revenge guys, after listening to it right now I totally regret not playing it.

Release the Freq

Posted by Alex

This is the video for Matta’s “Release the Freq“. The incredible cinematography and design is by Kim Holm. I really like how the visual complexity builds subtly over the course of the video. And of course it maps to the music nicely, though I’m not really a huge fan of the song. The color grading on this is terrific — I’m tempted to go off into the woods searching for domesticated deers to photograph.

Benoit & Sergio+Jr. Boys+Sportag+Teeel

Posted by Jakub

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I have my official Spring Jam, its comes from DFA/Spectral Sound’s Benoit & Sergio, can’t stop won’t stop listening to it. A MUST HAVE.

New Junior Boys album planned for a June release, here’s our first taste, thoughts?

Jensen Sportag and Teeel both made it on Playlist 11, last week they released a remix swap, download those here. Tonight Teeel will debut his live show at Glasslands, i’ll also be djing in between sets, I hope some of the Brooklyn readers can make it.

Aaron Feaver

Posted by Alex

Aaron Feaver is an absolutely terrific photographer based in Los Angeles. His work is very moody and drenched in melancholy. It seems everywhere he goes it’s foggy and there are countless beautiful women moping around. Sounds like San Francisco…er…well, at least the bit about the fog.

Check out the rest of his portfolio here (depending how old school your job is, some of his shots may be nsfw).

The Graphic Design of Urgency

Posted by Scott

Recto|Verso has a great piece up entitled Radical Newspapers and ‘The Graphic Design of Urgency’. F.A. Bernett Books (who’s staff runs the Recto|Verso blog) came into possession a collection of 184 issues of Mid-century leftist literature spanning seven decades and have posted some choice specimens. The collection is apparently for sale; any interested parties can get in touch at the site.