Cloudland Canyon + 18 Carat Affair + Lone

Posted by Jakub

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I love to sit back and let melodic psychedelic rock play for hours if its good, Lie In Light by Cloudland Canyon is a pretty consistent record that I rely on for those occasions plus it changes up and has just enough diversity, I posted a few tracks from it to make that point.

Com Truise turned me onto 18 Carat Affair’s soundcloud. Most soft rock recorded on tape and slowed down gets my attention especially if it has gentle keys over it.

A new Lone record is coming out, I heard a few tracks on his page, sounds very promising, anyone ever see him live?

Poster + Ticket Giveaway Winners

Posted by Scott

The winners in the Tycho poster + ticket giveaway (for Tycho live in SF 4/7) are in. I decided to add another winner and give everyone posters so there were a total of five posters and six tickets up for grabs. So without further adieu, the winners are:

Colin Johnston – Poster + 2 Tickets
Curtis Joseph – Poster + 2 Tickets
Zac Witte – Poster + 2 Tickets
Christian Lawrence – Poster
Cristina Dennison – Poster

Congrats to the winners, you should be receiving an email with details soon. Please get in touch (talk [at] iso50 [dot] com) if you don’t hear anything within the next few hours. Thanks to everyone for entering, hope to see you Thursday night here in San Francisco.

Note: Winners chosen using Reasearch Randomizer based on comment number.

Villalobos Podcast via XLR8R

Posted by Jakub

XLR8R Podcast – Ricardo Villalobos by xlr8rmag

I post tons of mixes on ISO50 but I have to hand it to XLR8R for finding this decades best mix yet. Hands down, this kind of track selection from the god of techno Ricardo Villalobos. Really listen to the brilliance, i’m on my 7th listen thru, looking for a tracklist now, enjoy.

Thanks Praveen @ PercussionLab for the heads up.

Wim Crouwell Archive

Posted by Scott

Fire up your Epsons, the Dutch site Memory of the Netherlands has an extensive high-res archive of Wim Crouwell’s work up for your downloading pleasure. All the recognizable classics are in there along with a lot of stuff I’d never seen before. I didn’t know it was possible but I now have even more respect for one of the true masters of graphic design.

That top one is incredible, I’m going to Genuine Fractal that immediately tomorrow and try to get a solid print out of it. On a side note, my friend tried to translate and said it spells out “olanda” so we’re thinking it says “Holland”. Can anyone confirm this?

Memory of the Netherlands Archive via Wanken and Flyer Goodness

Why I’m Addicted to Electronic Music Pt. 4

Posted by Jakub

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This one might be a stretch for some people if you aren’t a techno fan but let me say this, its how you listen to it really. Some people only hear repetition but when I talk to them usually they only list off musicians that rely on repetition as what they like so I get a bit confused and obviously bored of our conversation and walk away. When I listen to these songs I have to sometimes get myself ready for the faster tempo material, once i’m comfortable the songs almost slows down and my head just has a great time listening to all the parts of the song that are working with each other. With that mind set you end up enjoying repetition more because you find that beauty in whats looping and the slight additions/changes. This usually never involves your full attention, it’s not like listening to the radio in the car where you’re searching for a song to lip sync to or something that you already know.

To be honest listening to the mix in full is a lot better, I only grabbed a few tracks that I thought were the highlights and all of them just cut out at the end.

Having spent my teen years in Michigan I was fortunate to have access to the best techno by a long shot which is Detroit Techno. When it comes to dance music it all comes down to this mix for me, it was the seed that was planted in my head that made me obsessed with melodic 4/4 material that ranged from deep tribal to that speedy Jeff Mills sound which is what I DJed when I was in high school. I remember buying this CD in Poland at a small music shop, I must have been 15 just visiting my Polish family. I remember the clerk playing the CD in the shop and I had to have it, I remember spending all the money I had for the trip on it. I still have the CD actually, I got it signed by Kevin and also had him sign a Technics shirt[mega nerd]. I’m just trying to be honest here and share some sort of story that ties in my obsession.

Other parts: Dntel, Caribou, Prefuse 73

Stretta x Arc4: Holocene

Posted by Scott

You may remember the lust-worthy Arc Encoder that I recently posted on. Well apparently there’s an Arc4 (four encoders) and Stretta has created a beautiful video of an Arc4 performance. I was already loving the Arc after seeing the stills, but seeing it in motion takes it to another level. I love the movement of the LEDs, very reminiscent of reel-to-reel tape. Makes you feel all warm and analog-ey inside.

Stretta – Holocene via Create Digital Music

Vimeo iOS App

Posted by Scott

Just installed the new Vimeo app for iPhone (iPad and Android versions are apparently in development). Very impressive stuff, I have a feeling this will have me doing more video work on my iPhone. Of course, that wouldn’t be hard considering I never use the video functionality. It’s strange, when I bought the phone I justified it to some degree by telling myself “you’ll have an HD video camera in you pocket”. I then proceeded to never use it.

How much do you use your phone for video? Ever done any creative projects with it?

Vimeo App via Engadget