Chicken Point Cabin

Locating a cabin on the side of an Idaho lake is one of the best decisions you could make. It just so happens that this cabin also has a window-wall which is 30 x 20 feet and opens the entire living space up to an amazing view of the lake. Although this looks more like a house, the interior and sleeping quarters and designed similar to that of a traditional cabin. It sleeps ten people.

Architectural firm: Olson Kundig Architects

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Matthew Lyons / Push it Backwards

Posted by Alex

Matthew Lyons just posted a new comic called Push It Backwards. Consistent with everything he does, this looks absolutely amazing. I continue to be blown away by his talent, but more impressive to me is his imagination. The story he tells here (the pages you can read) is peculiar and wonderful. It’s really only a matter of time before we see his work absolutely everywhere (Pixar if you don’t hire him I will). A rare talent this one. Be sure to check out the process piece he did for us last year.


Posted by Jakub

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In recent years, no one I think has ever put in more care and themselves into their debut video than Creep(Lauren Flax & Lauren Dilliard), it may not be your style or taste but these girls live the part and have dreamed up a visually appealing piece of work for their fans and those kind of things can keep any music scene glowing. Oh and it has Romy Madley the girl from The Xx which is the ultimate bonus.

After finding this 1,250.00USD Joy Division shirt from the 70’s I felt like sharing this song so I can think about ripping off the design and making my own because thats a ridiculous price tag. Once you hear how Ian Curtis sings “Mistake” you’ll be trying to say it all day.

New song from Light Asylum, I think i’ve posted ever song they’ve shared with us so far on this site. I can’t get enough of this vocalist! FFFFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUU

Out of the darkness and into some heat with Destroyer, this is already in my Top Albums of 2011 right out of the gate. No one I know that sings can make a more cohesive and focused album like this, mesmerizing to say the least.

More information behind the Creep video, an interview with the director Warren Fischer:

Folkert Gorter

Posted by Alex

Many of you may be familiar with the very talented Folkert Gorter. Not only has he brought us Cargo Collective, but he’s also half of the mysterious and wonderful butdoesitfloat. I was recently browsing his portfolio and found this excellent photography. Make sure to click the images to see the larger sizes, some really nice grain hiding in there.

Make Malmo Happier

Posted by Scott

This wonderful stop motion piece was created by Stockholm based Snask Studio. Every frame would make a great photo and the type is beautiful. More info in their words:

Above is a sneak-peak of our concept “Make Malmö happier”. It´s a stop motion, that took 3 weeks to piece together. The film is part of a greater campaign going out to 250 000 house holds in Skåne and the southern region of Sweden. Full concept presentation will arrive in your letter-box shortly.

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