Sunahara+Holy Other+Steve Mason+Rau

Posted by Jakub

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In the early 2000s I was pretty much a downtempo DJ full time playing Wine Bars, Salons, etc weekly, doing my best to warm people up to electronic music beyond the general stuff like Thievery Corporation, Atjazz, Gotan Project and Kruder & Dorfmeister, that stuff was good but forgettable and wasn’t helping the electronic world grow. I liked the challenge of playing to a diverse older crowd that you knew if you played Boards Of Canada it would be too experimental and odd, if it was glitchy or 4/4 it would be no good and they wouldn’t get it, it if was ambient people would complain about falling asleep. Playing something like The Smiths, Air, or stuff like Nike Drake would just be too easy, hell you might as well just stream chill online radio. I did my best playing a lot of stuff that sounded like Yoshinori Sunahara, I can’t explain the sound that was happening at the time that sounded like this, it was the soundtrack to my early short lived graphic design career attempt. The backbone was Broker/Dealer and other stuff on Traumschallplatten and if you dug more into it this whole world opened up that sounded like 50s Scandinavian design meets instructoart in slow motion, thats how the Moodgadget logo was born actually, this Yoshinori Sunahara track takes my imagination back when Royksopp was good and helped me creatively make flyers, logos, etc. man I miss those days.

Moving right along to finding attraction in some darkness, this Holy Other song has me in vice grip, I can’t let go, the goth tone sits perfectly with me, I can only imagine scenes of pure despair but shot beautifully. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

Keep Shelly in Athens has had my ear all year long, this is the first remix i’ve heard by them and i’m really impressed by the clarity and drive. For some reason people are rocking saxophones right now and i’m not complaining…………yet.

I think this Christopher Rau represents all of what house and techno should sound like in the winter time. If you only listen to house and its daytime and your just comfortable in your apartment then this what i’ve prefer to hear.

Dusty Brown Live In Paris

Posted by Scott

All you Parisians are in for a treat this Friday as Dusty Brown will be playing live at L’International. Here’s the details, wish I could make it!


Friday, Decemeber 3rd, 2010
@ L’international
9pm – 12am
5/7 rue Moret
Paris, 75011 FRANCE

Event Info

And to get you ready, here’s a new track Dusty was kind enough to share with us:

Dusty Brown – 101 Nights Like ThisDownload

You can also snag his latest EP for free over here

ISO50 Holiday Giveaway

Posted by ISO50

ISO50 Holiday Giveaway
It’s that time of the year again and we’ve got a bunch of wintery goodness to give away. There are going to be three main drawings and a couple runners-up. You can enter to win up to four times, see below for details.

First Prize

Your choice of ISO50-designed snowboard or skis (view choices)
One 18″ ISO50 Studio Giclee print of your choice
One ISO50 thermal or shirt of choice
Tycho MP3 Collection

Awarded Jan. 17, 2011

Second Prize

One 18″ ISO50 Studio Giclee print of your choice
One ISO50 thermal or shirt of choice
Tycho MP3 Collection

Awarded Jan. 6, 2011

Third Prize

One ISO50 Shirt of choice
Tycho MP3 Collection

Awarded Dec. 13, 2010

There are several ways to win, each adds to your chances (i.e. doing all of them would get you a total of four entries):

Make any purchase at the ISO50 Shop (where the holiday sale is also going on now)
Comment on this post letting us know what your favorite post from the past year was. (be sure to include a valid email so that we can contact you if you win)
“Like” either the ISO50 or Tycho Facebook pages (liking both gets you 2 entries)

Good luck and happy holidays!

The Most Refreshing Albums of 2010

Posted by Jakub

Four Tet
Who am I to say: “Hey, these are the best albums of 2010″ or “yo buddy, listen to me, best records right here, check it out” I don’t even play a damn instrument, so I just can’t do that this year(check out my snobby 2008 or 2009 lists though). My final year end list is full of artists and friends that I work with and signed so I had to switch it up a bit here and include musicians that aren’t really in the ISO50/Moodgadget/Ghostly International bubble…yet.

I put together this list of albums that makes me feel good about digging for music everyday, its a job that ISO50 and Ghostly International let me do and i’m very grateful. These albums simply make me as happy as can be, sure there are going to be critics that fill their lists out with artists that sell out arenas but thats not the point here, this list is purely for a unique listening session. I numbered them as a fun activity for myself to do while I sat at a coffee shop making the small banners, I think the order came out pretty well and it hasn’t changed since I sat down and made it last week which is a relief.

I want to thank WordPress for making this playlist way easier to make then I thought it would be but it wouldn’t let me put it in the order I wanted it in *curses the sky*. I linked all the music to purchase, I know I hardly ever do that on the day to day because I find half the fun in hearing new music is the hunt for more of it. Look for my favorite 50 songs of 2010, hopefully i’ll be able to post those early December.

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Four TetThere Is Love In You (Domino)

Mark McGuireLiving With Yourself (Editions Mego)

SalemKing Night (IAMSOUND)

Toro Y MoiCausers Of This (Carpark)

LoscilEndless Falls (Kranky)

CaribouSwim (Merge)

EmeraldsDoes It Look Like I’m Here? (Editions Mego)

The Soft MoonThe Soft Moon (Captured Tracks)

Tame ImpalaInnerspeaker (Modular)

Com TruiseCyanide Sisters (Self Released)

Honorable Mention:
BvdubThe Art Of Dying Alone (Glacial Movements)

Forgotten 2009 albums that I listened to in the most 2010:

The Mary OnettesIslands (Labrador)
DucktailsLandscapes (Olde English Spelling Bee)

Abbey Road Studios

Posted by Scott

Found a few great shots of Abbey Road Studios, the legendary London studios where the Beatles recorded almost all of their albums. I particularly love that first one which is apparently a shot of the control room in Studio Three as it looked during the 70′s. I am betting it’s considerably more boring now. Studio One (second shot) on the other hand, hasn’t changed at all.

E. Oye + A. Russell + B. Iver + B. Dylan

Posted by Jakub

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This is about as guitar-ish my posts will ever get. It started with actually finding a Bob Dylan song that I wanted to hear again and ended with finding this Erlend Oye again when it came up on shuffle. I added Arthur Russell to make it enjoyable for non-guitar fans that want unique melodies and Bon Iver is just in here for good taste even though I only like 4 of his songs, I couldn’t stand that autotune track he made. If anyone says that this is the best music post then i’ll just be super sad all weekend because I do my best to dig up stuff that isn’t this because I find this stuff to be EVERYWHERE.

Photo by: Jesse Brew

Unevolved Brands

Posted by Scott

Graham Smith’s brilliant Unevolved Brands is “A progressive study on brand & logo simplification“. It’s also a lot of fun; we sat here for quite a while going through each logo and trying to guess the brand it represented. They run the gamut from completely obvious to frustratingly cryptic and all the while Smith strings you along with vague hints as to the logo’s true identity. The fact that I recognized any of them is sort of a sad testament to the pervasiveness of the modern global brand. They’ve drilled these things into our heads to the point where all we need are a couple colors and basic shapes.

Unless some sort of Mad Max / Waterworld situation goes down and people start just wearing leather suits and fish skin canteen holsters, brands aren’t going anywhere. But it would be nice to see more companies start shifting to simpler, text-free versions like these (Nike and Apple are good examples of brands who have already gone pretty far in this direction). A lot of Smith’s simplifications are really nice to look at actually.

Be honest, did you get most of them? I feel like UK people have an advantage, a few those I’ve never even heard of.

Unevolved Brands via Quipsologies