Echospace: Some love for Dub

Posted by Jakub

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Let’s start from the end of a session where you listened to some good dub techno, okay its stops playing and you’re world just comes back to normal like someone stopped pushing you on the swingset and just walked away.

If you haven’t listened to much Dub Techno, don’t focus on it, do something else and keep it a volume thats quiet but where you can still hear all the pieces echoing off and dim the lights, I promise you’ll find that it sets a tone, nothing generic just a good deep slow thump of life thats whispering for you to enjoy the rest of night or early morning.

Echospace on

Photograph by: Tyler Derosier

Las Vegas Studio

Posted by Scott

Las Vegas Studio: Images from the Archives of Robert Venturi and Denise Scott Brown, published by Scheidegger & Spiess, is a collection of images from architects Robert Venturi, Denise Scott Brown, and Steven Izenour’s field research in Las Vegas during the early 1970’s. The research was for their own book, the classic Learning from Las Vegas, which explored postmodernism in architecture and urban planning, using Las Vegas as an example.

Beautiful photography and an even better layout; amazing stuff. Stylepark has a great review of the book with some nice shots.

Images via Stylepark

Korallreven + Pariah + Take + Super Cat

Posted by Jakub

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This Memoryhouse cover sounds like if they tried to redo the Twin Peaks theme song for a teen audience in 2012 if it didn’t have the beat.

You wanna hear how oceans on other planets sound? then Safehouses by Pariah shares an example that i’d hope would be the true sound for that, the magic is the underlying synth work half way thru.

Shigeto turned me onto this Mono/Poly remix of Take, sounds like what you’d listen to if you were driving to spot to mess some people up, you got an aluminum bat for some reason in the back seat , hell maybe even a bandanna on over your face because you wanted to step up a notch on the accessories tip.

Let all your worries leave your body and just do a slow bounce in your chair to this Super Cat cut.


Posted by Scott

So by now you’re all no doubt familiar with iPhone social photography app Instagram (which Alex recently “>reviewed) and if you’ve spent any time working with it you likely noticed a somewhat important omission: a web component. There is no official web interface for Instagram profiles; a user must explicitly “share” a photo and even then only that single image is viewable. There are no galleries or user profiles which makes it difficult to share your profile outside the spiked, aluminum-lined garden of iPhone land.

But now Japanese developer Joe Mio has create this missing web interface in Webstagram. The Webstagram site allows access to most of Instagram’s viewing features without the need for an iPhone or even Instagram itself. I’m wondering what Instagram think of all this. Webstagram apparently works by accessing the Instagram API, which would lead me to believe this behavior is sanctioned, at least tacitly. I wasn’t about to enter my Instagram user/pass to try out the logged in state of Webstagram, so I’ll leave it to someone a little more brave to figure out whether you can favorite things (apparently you can comment directly from Webstagram).

While useful and convenient, aesthetically, Webstagram disappoints. The Instagram experience is very branded and consistent. On the contrary, Webstagram sports a bare-bones interface that detracts from the overall cohesiveness and flow of browsing a feed. Here’s to hoping the Instagram guys whip up their own proper web interface with a little richer feature set and a cleaner design.

You can access my ISO50 Instagram feed at Webstagram or via @iso50 in the App.

Some Instagrams I’m following:

Cole Rise@colerise
Joyce Su@joycesu

Edit: There is an alternative web interface here, although I am not sure that you can reference a user’s feed directly via a url. Thanks Bramus for the link.

Webstagram via Joyce Su

72 Olympics Passes

Posted by Scott

Shelby’s Blog is running A Week of the 1972 Munich Olympic Games feature and the second installment is pretty epic. This collection of ticket passes from the ’72 games were designed by the legendary Otl Aicher and feature the classic pictograms for which the Munich games are known.

I’m not sure why, but tickets of all kinds have always piqued my interest and this set may be the best I’ve ever laid eyes on. But forget the tickets, would just love some high-res copies of these photos for framing.

Wanken – A Week of the 1972 Munich Olympic Games

ISO50 Exclusive: Free Heathered Pearls Mix

Posted by Jakub

I made a new mix for you guys to download under my alias Heathered Pearls, this will hold you off while Scott puts the finishing touches of a new playlist: Playlist 11

I wanted to describe this mix by just making up 4 new genres:
Dreamfuzz / VHS Quality / Water Hypnotization / Space Synth

As always thanks for listening, this mix is probably my favorite one i’ve ever made, it nails down the definition of what I want to hear in my head all the time.


Dolphins Into The Future – Onset – Beyond Clouds
Ducktails – Horizon
White Rainbow – Major Spillage
High Wolf – Utopia
Nacho Patrol – Caravelle
Subway – Delta Ii
Stellar Om Source – Island Best
Nite Jewel – Bottom Rung
Newworldaquarium – Noworldbutu
Direwires – Leamington (Rob Theakston Remix)
Benoit Pioulard – Drowsy
Lusine Icl – On The Line
Loscil – Strathcona
Signer – Dreaming About Making Music To Dream To
Heathered Pearls – Untitled (12/10 Field Recording: Pioulard Talking)


March 11th – Heathered Pearls DJ SET w/ Chad Valley, Teeel, Selebrities, Monogold [Brooklyn, NY]