First Ever Dabrye Mix Has Been Made

Posted by Jakub

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What a great mix, i’ve listened to it twice today and I actually deleted my earlier music post and let this one lead instead. When Tadd comes back into the scene people will recognize how big of an influence he was to all the new beat makers.


1. Mandre – l’oasis
2. Cloud One – doin’ it all night long
3. Mass Production – slow bump
4. Michal Urbaniak Group – inactin (excerpt)
5. Roy Ayers – d.c. city
6. Tyron Davis – a little bit of loving (goes a long way)
7. Esther Byrde & Solid Gold Orchestra – touch me tease me
8. Dynasty – adventures in music
9. Blomdahl – suite from aniara (excerpt)
10. Busta Rhymes – woo hah (jay dee remix)
11. Marc Rosen – the connection
12. Kan Kick – chickenhead reality
13. Rhythm Heritage – three days of the condor
14. Mike Vickers – the man in the white suit
+ Jakki “O” – for club dj’s only
15. The Roots – da lesson 1 (instrumental)
16. Georgia Anne Muldrow – hello
17. Gene McDaniels – dream of you and me
18. Count Bass D – bullets hit brains / doxology
19. Dabrye – temper
20. Weather Report – river people (excerpt)
21. Manzel – midnight theme
22. Arthur Blythe – uptown strut
23. Thomas Clausen – bio rhythm #3
+ Andres Lewin-Richter – study no.1
24. Jeff Lorber – water fall
25. Kleeer – tonight
26. Visitors – joyo can you hear part 1


Posted by Jakub

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If you haven’t already checked out Baths side project Geotic then you’re missing out on some of the best FREE calming music out there. I guess he reached 20,000 fans on facebook *walks around like a boss* and decided to gift a new EP to all of us, download it here.

Brothertiger follows the footsteps of Washed Out and early Toro Y Moi but with a lil more freedom when it comes to sugarcoated synths, I guess he plays in Brooklyn at the end of next month, definitely going to check him out.

I was a big fan of Clue To Kalo, I think I liked it way more than Postal Service when all of this stuff was popular in the early 2000’s, this CD stuck around and a few songs especially let my mind roam around while I sat and worked.

**Throws it into 4th and pulls onto a coast side road and puts the top down, lets Kleeer take it home**

Apolis Global Citizen

Posted by Alex

It’s hard to pin down what Apolis Global actually is. One part clothing shop, one part advocacy group, they guys at Apolis are certainly a versatile bunch. I’m writing about them mainly because of how impressed I was with their overall branding. They’ve got their visual message down. I placed an order through their shop and received the awesome artifacts above. It took me a moment to open the box because I didn’t want to destroy it.

I actually found Apolis by way of their logo, which I absolutely love. You can find out a little more about it here.

Tokimonsta+Yasume+Monster Rally+Khaled

Posted by Jakub

Photograph by: Timothy Long

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This new Tokimonsta song is sooo freakin’ beautiful, it reminds me of an old Eliot Lipp track caught in a windy dust storm.

Old Yasume tracks will always pop up on this blog, reminds me of how good older melodic IDM was, ohhhh at 1:17 mmmmmmmmmm.

I have been loving everything from Monster Rally, very looped based work but still has this feeling a band is playing it, grab their EP here.

I had to post this DJ Khaled instrumental that Sam posted on his facebook, I probably couldn’t stand being in the room with anyone on this track but this beat is undeniably great from big room poppy rap.

Flying Lotus – Stones Throw Podcast

Posted by Jakub

Art above by: Jakub Alexander

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First of all, I wish I was looking at a tracklisting of this mix with you but I can’t find it sadly. Stone Throw does it again and scores with a unique mix of old treasures from Flying Lotus record crates, grab it here and subscribe to the series.

Ben Newman Illustration

Ben Newman is a British illustrator with such an interesting use of shape, line, color and composition. Although I have no idea what some of his pieces are even remotely trying to say, I still feel a welcoming connection. My eye is seeming worked back and forth throughout each piece playfully. The bird illustration in particular reminds me of the type of illustration you’d see in grandma’s living room from the late 40s or 50s.

If you enjoy Ben’s work, check out his online shop and portfolio.

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