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The summer jams hit us early this year, not my top choice yet I can’t deny the pop hooks and a history of loving a handful of their songs. Some tracks might ride the line of too familiar on the melody or sound choice end which scares me a bit. I have a feeling Cut Copy will be all over every festival DJs turntables or iPads or how ever they’ll get music to us this summer.

Take Ed Banger Records and make them go pick on The Go Team! and Pogo in the studio and you’d get a slightly mutated yet decently working Siriusmo.

I’m like the idea of more bands like Silk Flowers, cold and seductive yet light leaks of lo-fi melody.

More groove cuts are needed on here, this René Breitbarth is right up my alley with that locked in feeling, definitely will be played this summer.

Irina Werning

Posted by Alex

Back to the Future is a fascinating project by Irina Werning. She has convinced friends and family to recreate their old photos — in some cases, the resemblance is absolutely uncanny. Of course the location, person, clothes etc are all the exact same, but she’s also done a wonderful job of matching the look and feel of the original photograph. That is way harder than it looks. Matching the lighting must have taken forever!

I want to do this. Off to find some old photos of myself…

via Boooooom

Tycho Live In San Francisco 4/7

Posted by Scott

I’ll be playing a live Tycho set at The Independent here in San Francisco on April 7th for the SOMA FM 11th Anniversary Party. SOMA FM is a listener-supported internet radio station based here in San Francisco, have a listen here.

This show will be with the entire live band and we’ll be running through a lot of new material from the upcoming album (which, incidentally, is very near completion; hoping to have it wrapped up by the time of the show). We’ve been working a lot on evolving the live set and the visuals so I’m excited that we’ll be bringing all the new elements together for the first time at The Independent, which just happens to be my favorite venue in the city.

I hope to see you out there.


Thu, April 7, 2011
Doors: 7:30 pm / Show: 8:00 pm
$18.00 – $20.00 – Tickets

The show posters will be available at the show, along with other Tycho/ISO50 shirts/posters.

Beirut+10CC+Peter Broderick+Erlend Oye

Posted by Jakub

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Put together a few Valentines Day songs together for any mood, I personally have always loved that Beirut song, enjoy love birds and for us single folk throw down that 10cc with some nice Brandy.

TED Behind the Scenes

Posted by Alex

I am headed to the TED conference this year and am unbelievably excited. I’ve been addicted to the talks for the better part of the last three years. My absolute favorite has always been Sir Ken Robinson’s discussion on creativity in education. I was excited to find the two videos above, the first of which shows a behind the scenes of Sir Ken’s talk, as well as the conference in general. A pretty cool peak into the workings of this amazing event.


Posted by Jakub

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This Brooklyn duo is at it again, bringing Dub and background R+B vocals together into one blissful cruise. One thing I noticed when I listen to Sepalcure is that it makes me so happy especially Your Love, every wash of soft noise feels like a breeze hitting you while you fish off the coast of Greece with the sun blaring down on you.

This Chad Valley song will be my theme song for the summer, soo much swagger in the bass line , makes me want to lower my sunglasses to check out a girls booty. If we can’t dance to this then we all have a problem.

I’ve posted some of my favorite Dark Party tracks earlier last year but I keep going back to their album for the impressive synth work.

Belong is doing vocals! along with their dirty swirling guitar that sound like their under mud, I want 10…20 more songs like this.

Cover Art by: Sougwen Chung