F5 Ticket Giveaway

Posted by Scott

UPDATE: And the winners are….
Anne Ning
Juan Miguel Marin
Vivienne Vanvliet
Victor Castro

If you’re on the list and didn’t receive an email from us be sure to check your trash / junk folder. Enjoy!

Jakub and I were at the opening party for the F5 Fest tonight and we were able to convince the organizers to give us some passes to give away. We’ve got four full two-day passes for the lucky winners ($480 each, make it count!). All you have to do to enter is comment on this post and be able to make it to Manhattan for the event (today and tomorrow). We’ll pick the winners later this morning. Be sure to include a valid email address in the “email” field (not in the comment itself) so we can contact you if you win. And please, only enter if you can make it to the event.

Good Luck! See you at F5

Hancock + Howard Jones + Soccio + CSN

Posted by Jakub

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Sometimes I need a break from digging thru eMusic and blogs and just need to post some classics. You can’t deny that flute/whistle goodness in Watermelon Man. I wish someone could write a chorus like Howard Jones these days, insanely good. This Soccio track gets hypnotizing especially when the girl starts singing. Crosby, Stills & Nash round off the 4 tracks today, keys for days, love it, see some of you at F5 in NYC tonight.

New ISO50 Intern: Jon Wong

Posted by Scott

I’d like to introduce everyone to the new ISO50 intern, Jon Wong. Like Alex before him, Jon is a student at The Academy of Art, San Francisco. When I first met Jon I was pretty much floored by the quality of his work. Nothing he showed me gave any indication that he was still a student so I can’t imagine where he’s going to take things as he progresses and refines his style.

Above are a few examples of his work from various school projects. All of these came in book form and were masterfully executed. It took some real scrutiny to reveal that these weren’t real, published books. He even pulled off a very convincing aged paper vignette effect on the pages of his Explorers of Tomorrow hardcover. More projects should be going up soon, Jon just started photographing his work and got his Behance page up (I think he’s putting together a Cargo page right now too).

So please give a warm welcome to Jon, he will be sharing with us his inspirations and experiences as a student over the coming months.

More at Jon Wong on Behance

Mogi Grumbles: Original Tron Re-Score

Posted by Jakub

Here it is, Mogi Grumbles’ album which is a tribute soundtrack to the original Tron movie, below is some info about Mogi and the project which is a 60 minute recut of the movie with the album synced to it. The score/album is all done by Mogi Grumbles, please go and download.

End of Line is an original re-score of the movie Tron (1981), created by Ann Arbor native French / Disco House antihero Mogi Grumbles. End of Line is a 100% independent composition that lives wholly outside the original film score by Wendy Carlos and Annemarie Franklin.

The result of a live collaboration between Alex Taam and video editor Christian Silbereis, a re-cut of the film featuring the Mogi Grumbles re-score has been released as a companion piece for your viewing pleasure.

[100% of the donation goes directly to the musicians paypal]

Cover art by Alex Koplin

ISO50 x Seth Haley Print

Posted by Scott

Did a collab limited edition print with Seth Haley (aka Com Truise) for the Tycho / Com Truise show this Saturday @ Cameo Gallery in Brooklyn. I’ll be printing some up for the show so the first serials will be available there exclusively (and as with all the shows, they will be at a discounted rate). See you in New York…

Info | Tickets

Basic Channel + Magic Mtn + Zomby + Big 200

Posted by Jakub

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This song is hands down one of my favorite sounding tracks i’ve heard in my life, its soo important for me to have this kind of music in my life especially when your in your own head most of the day and not in a office. Every time it starts up I feel myself loosening up and letting myself even out mentally, I need all 9:21 once it starts. [comes back after laying down and repeats song] If you come from a background where Juan Atkins and Maurizio were artists that changed your way of listening to music then these sounds aren’t just bubbling space synths these sounds are equal to peaking into the most private art collection and being able to spend an hour picking something out for yourself.

When you first hear this song by Magic Mountain he isn’t doing anything new when it comes to the people that have been following labels like Traum, Kompakt or Mille Plateaux. I guess it might be new to the indie kids, it would be amazing if old Kompakt releases got reissued because this kind of music got popular again, so I wish Mr. Magic Mountain the best of luck, I just hope he’s done his homework and knows he’s treading in a very beautiful secluded world where there is no room for any half assing because its already been done really really well.

4AD signed Zomby, wow, listen, I like it but just imagine these 2 worlds colliding.

What happened to the Idjut Boys? am I just not looking hard enough? they did such good edits, especially that one of Phil Collins, this one for Big Two Hundred is insane.

F5 Fest

Posted by Scott

I’m heading to NYC to check out F5 fest this week. It runs from April 15-16th and features presentations from various speakers. The whole thing is put on by the people from Motionographer so it certainly won’t disappoint. I was able to check it out in ’09 and was pretty blown away by the presentations, can’t wait to see what’s in store this time around. Hope to see you out there.

F5 Fest