Walnut Neo Geo

Posted by Scott

This is pretty bad, but due to the unusually high walnut to nostalgia ratio I couldn’t resist. If you don’t know what a Neo Geo is you’re either too young or there wasn’t that one rich kid at your school who, according to legend, had one with like ten games. This whole thing really could have worked with the inclusion of some stainless steel (a’la the Jupiter 6/8 side cheeks) and the omission of the my-uncle-built-these-cabinets-for-me rounded cartridge bezel. All in all pretty cool idea though; one of the only gaming consoles I wouldn’t feel obligated to hide.

This abomination of our collective unfulfilled childhood dreams can be yours for about the same (ridiculous) price as the original — $650 — direct from Analogue Interactive. Of course, if you actually want to play games on it, you’re going to have to double down.

Sepalcure+Shigeto+Software+T. Shadow

Posted by Jakub

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I’m always pushing Sepalcure to everyone that I know, recently they did a remix for School Of Seven Bells, it has a great early Stereolab feel mixed in with some Bonobo, download it at XLR8R for free.

I did a collab song with Shigeto, i just brought him an array of warm tones and explained to him that I don’t want to do try and write drums for it and that he should try and he did a wonderful job I think,grab it at Shigeto’s bandcamp for free.

I was snooping around on Beamer’s and found some gems by Software, this sound rides a thin line for most people, if you can get over the hump of it being too smooth and take it in for what it is then you end up with a pretty damn good listening session.

You know what i’d love is a new Twin Shadow album for the summer, i’m wearin’ this one thin, I love it soo much.

Automata Music Toy

Posted by Scott

Here’s a slightly different take on the Monome / grid sequencer idea. Automata is a fun — and actually quite nice sounding — little Flash app by Batuhan Bozkurt in the same vein as Sound Matrix. The cool thing about this one is the directional settings allowing for some pretty complex interactions between notes (click a note multiple times to set direction). Have a good weekend.


Tycho/Com Truise Ticket+Print Giveaway

Posted by ISO50

Edit: Congrats to Yu Lien and Jennifer B, you won! See you tonight.

Got a couple sets of tickets and some prints to give away for tomorrow night’s Tycho / Com Truise / Heathered Pearls show at Cameo Gallery in Brooklyn. To enter, comment on this post and leave a valid email in the email field. Only enter if you can make it to the show, the print can only be picked up in person at the show. The print will also be available for sale online in the near future.

Winner gets two tickets and a signed print from the show.

Pre-sale tickets are sold out but they held back 50 tickets for the door so even if you don’t win, there’s still a chance to get in if you show up early. Show starts at Midnight, Heathered Pearls is up first, Com Truise at 1am and Tycho at 2am. See you tomorrow night.

Good luck!

F5 Ticket Giveaway

Posted by Scott

UPDATE: And the winners are….
Anne Ning
Juan Miguel Marin
Vivienne Vanvliet
Victor Castro

If you’re on the list and didn’t receive an email from us be sure to check your trash / junk folder. Enjoy!

Jakub and I were at the opening party for the F5 Fest tonight and we were able to convince the organizers to give us some passes to give away. We’ve got four full two-day passes for the lucky winners ($480 each, make it count!). All you have to do to enter is comment on this post and be able to make it to Manhattan for the event (today and tomorrow). We’ll pick the winners later this morning. Be sure to include a valid email address in the “email” field (not in the comment itself) so we can contact you if you win. And please, only enter if you can make it to the event.

Good Luck! See you at F5