Leif Podhajsky

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As many times as I’ve listened to Tame Impala’s Innerspeaker and thought how perfectly the cover suited the music, for some reason it never occurred to me to fin out who designed it. Luckily today I stumbled across the answer. Leif Podhajsky, the artist behind the Tame Impala packaging, is a Melbourne based artist and creative director. Really beautiful, psychedelic stuff in there. Loving how he blurs the lines between the found art and the post work, all very fluid. I believe he also works with And Melbourne who have some equally stellar work in their portfolio.

Leif Podhajsky via But Does It Float

C. Valley+B. Benjamin+S. Slinger+Implodes

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Chad Valley makes me feel like “hey, I listen to pop music and its good pop music too”, can I say a hint of male Sade? I guess he has another EP coming out on Cascine this summer, i’ll post more when I hear it.

Any of you remember Midwest Product? well one of guys from that does Ben Benjamin now, the album is a very focused instrumental LP with an emphasis on looped melody and jumps out of the breakdowns, I found Finding the Perfect egg as a favorite.

Star Slinger reworked my favorite How To Dress Well track, gorgeous.

Dare I say i’m liking the new Implodes LP over the Grouper LPs? I don’t know but i’m definitely listening to Black Earth on repeat sometimes.

Cole Valley Hillside Residence

Designed by John Maniscalco Architecture and resting on the hillside of San Francisco’s Cole Valley, this residence is a revitalization of a 1930’s home into a more relaxing, modern masterpiece. It sits at the end of a cul-de-sac where the first thing you see while approaching is an exceptional use of planked wood siding and black steel.

Via Wanken

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FREE Shigeto Mix / EU Tour Announced

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XLR8R posted a free mix by Shigeto today, its a great mix of loose beat material and plenty of organic textures, tracklist below. For the EU ISO50 readers, we finally have tour dates from someone who I treat as family on this blog coming to visit you, definitely worth seeing, we also attached a glimpse of him playing live(18 mins of it).


01 A Setting Sun “33 (JDSY Remix)” (Moodgadget)
02 Deru “Between You and Me” (Hymen)
03 Shigeto and Devonwho “Cirlces” (All City)
04 Simple “Barely Together”
05 Zack Christ “Fox Prawn” (Tall Prawn)
06 Mount Kimbie “Would Know” (Hotflush)
07 Pajaro Sunrise “Old Goodbyes (Charles Trees Remix)” (Lovemonk)
08 Shlohmo “Forgot Where I Was” (Friends of Friends)
09 Burial “Broken Home” (Hyperdub)
10 King Midas Sound “Lost (Flying Lotus Remix)” (Hyperdub)
11 Devonwho “Holup (Hi Res’ Refix)” (Klipmode)
12 Take “Neon Beams (Dibiase Remix)” (Alpha Pup)
13 Dabrye “With a Professional” (Ghostly International)
14 3LLL “Melt”
15 Shigeto “Children at Midnight (Saturn Never Sleeps Remix)”

04.29 San Francisco, CA @ GAFFTA (XLR8R EVENT)
05.14 New Orleans, LA @ THE ALLWAYS LOUNGE
05.26 Den Haag, NL @ POP CENTRUM
05.28 Ausburg, DE @ GLITCH HAPPENS
06.01 Belfort, FR @ POUDRIERE
06.05 Miltown Malbay, IE @ COLDPRO FESTIVAL
06.06 Berlin, DE @ MONARCH
06.07 Chemnitz, DE @ BETA BAR
06.09 Neuchatel, CH @ CASE A CHOCS
06.10 Trinitaires, FR @ TRINITAIRES
06.11 Bologna, IT @ NODE
06.16 Budapest, HU @ A38
06.17 Bucharest, RO @ CLUB BERLIN
06.18 Wien, AT @ LOUD MINORITY


The Field+Diskjokke+Eno+Eternal Tapestry

Posted by Jakub

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The Field hasn’t done anything that I haven’t been into, his latest remix for Miracle is a pulsing spaced out 10+ minute cut, I wish people would come to shows that DJs would just play this.

Throwing in this Brian Eno classic, i’m sure no one will mind.

I think every time i’ve checked out Diskjokke its never been as New Age-y as this one, almost swerving into the Chariots Of Fire lane.

To be honest I checked out Eternal Tapestry because of the cover so that trick still works in the purchasing of records, glad I did though, psyched out-noodling/drone hasn’t been this good in a while.

Watson + D. Rings + Metronomy + Grouper

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A huge influence and always puts me back into what mood I truly want to be in is Delsin Records, i’ve featured plenty from their catalog on the blog. Their understanding of atmosphere meets house makes me always rethink mixes/dj sets/song selections because their selections are so spot on, this Vince Watson cut is the right about of Jazz but isn’t house but its definitely electronic, in love.

I really didn’t like Diamond Rings, I heard 2 or 3 songs and it didn’t fit with me but when I heard this song yesterday it completely grabbed me, more or this. He actually sings pretty nice in this one, I like when soft amount of piano comes in.

I always check out the free mp3 iTunes is giving away, hell I need to give popular music a chance in some way. I was happy to hear some of that UK disco pop influence in this one by Metronomy, pretty solid I must say.

Misery loves company” every time I put on a Grouper song that quote pops into my head.

A taste of the new Neon Indian record, i’m definitely geeked after hearing this: