Folch Studio

Posted by Alex

Barcelona based Folch Studio kicks off the second half of this week with some wonderfully restrained graphics. They also provide a few studio shots — something I wish every studio was required to do (to satisfy my own curiosity). I’m painting my ceiling charcoal as soon as I find my paintbrush.

Make sure to check out these guy’s rather massive portfolio.

Casino Versus Japan x ISO50

Posted by Scott

I’ll be doing visuals for Casino Versus Japan when he plays with Deerhunter and Real Estate this Saturday here in San Francisco. We’ve done this once before, at LPR in NYC. Should be a great night, see you out there.
10.30 – Deerhunter, Casino Versus Japan (w/ ISO50), Real Estate
@ Slim’s

And to answer Healthcare’s question in the comments, for the visuals I’m running the following:
- Macbook Pro
- VDMX (modular live video software environment)
- OS X network MIDI protocol for tempo sync with Ableton Live
- Akai MPD18 (might start using Novation Launchpad though, if I can get it to work with VDMX)

Here’s an pretty outdated discussion of the visuals setup. A lot has changed, but the core app (VDMX) is pretty much the same.

Photo by Joshua Schnable

Leica Love Part 2

A few weeks ago I had symptoms of what I’m calling Leica love—it seems like a feverish desire more than anything. Stumbling upon these photos of a special edition M8 only intensified it. Check out how clear and sexy these product shots are.

While the camera is amazing, you’re dropping $8,500 on it and I would think that the packaging should be extend further rather than just the typical cardbox box with inserts. Perhaps a red velvet/suede lining in a completely metal case or something along those lines would be the way to go.

Wouldn’t you agree?

Also Leica, don’t hesitate to call if you need help designing the new packaging.

Images via Hypebeast

Daft Punk x Tron

Posted by Scott

Daft Punk has a new song and, with their involvement in the Tron movie, have formed a pop-culture singularity, collapsing the space around themselves into a massive self-fulfilling prophecy. It’s all very fitting, incredible imagery and sound. They showed their scoring skills in Electroma, and this new song (which was scored for the film) along with the theme (second video) seem to take it to the next level.

Be sure to watch in HD: Derezzed | Tron Theme

HBO Intro Behind The Scenes

Posted by Scott

Awesome behind the scenes segment on the making of the 1980′s HBO intro. Every time I get frustrated with work I’ll think of this and remember how lucky we as creatives are to have modern tools. Although compare this to the digitally generated DVNO video. +1 for analog, again. I don’t know what amazes me more, that they achieved these effects with such limited technology, or that HBO was willing to go to such expense for an intro sequence.

Video Link

Oh, and the HBO Video logo for good measure…

John Roberts+Ashra+Jelinek&Triosk+SKM

Posted by Jakub

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John Roberts new LP entitled Glass Eights has odes to old deep house and carries along at a pace that should interest new listeners to the sound that Dial excels at. Imagine standing alone in a parking lot full of snow at night and your under a amber street light and watching the snow gently going back up into the sky.

Ashra is definitely a go to on a road trip, no one can hate this after your mind has been numbed by 12k+ miles of highway driving in 40 days, he man sounds like he’s playing the clouds.

I’m a sucker for this speedy atmospheric jazz sound in Neckless AKA Neck Face, you could put this on for 30-40 mins and I would just wait happily for the song to resolve.

Mark Kozelek has done it again, if maple syrup needed music to allow you to collect it in the bitter cold you’d need this song on repeat.