ISO50 Workout Playlist: DFA Edition

Posted by Jakub

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Happy New Years ISO50 readers! for most of us its back to the grind but I won’t talk about that instead I was thinking about hitting the ground running with a DFA Records playlist of some of my old favorites! I joined a gym yesterday, anyone else doing that? i’m not chubby but I do want to be healthier and since I don’t play hockey anymore this gym idea sounded good. I hope you like the pace of this playlist and maybe you can use it for other things other than working out, here’s to passing out the first day.

Tron Soundtrack: Daft Punk

Posted by Jakub

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I went to see Tron Legacy in 3D twice over holiday break and i’ve had 2 songs from the movie lodged in my head. End of Line which is just pure sleek synth danger that you’d listen to while yooooooooou droooove a motorcycle at night…. wait that works out perfect. As for The Game Has Changed, now that intro synth line just floors me, I remember when it started and I got goosebumps right away, nice job on that one Daft Punk, you did it. To fill out the playlist I added this super rowdy David Carretta track that I’ve loved for the longest time, I couldn’t rip my vinyl so I had to jack a mixed version from iTunes. Also, another slow electro classic in my mind is Miss Kittin & The Hacker’s Stock Exchange, such a cold attitude, I love it.

KORG iMS-20 Ipad App

This is the second synthesizer app I’ve come across this week that has a really solid interface. This app was created by KORG. Although I believe the design is strong, I am unsure of how finicky the controls would be on such a small device. I’d be curious to know if anyone used this app or ones alike it before?

There is another app floating around right now called Synthesizer 76 that is equally impressive. However I’m not sure if its available via the iTunes store yet.


Posted by Scott

I just arrived in Honduras for the week. The big plan was to bring the Nikon D80 and hopefully get some good shots. But of course, I left the battery sitting on the charger so now I’m left with the iPhone 4 (which took the above shot) and a little canon SD870 IS. I’m going to take it as a challenge and try to coax the best shots I can from the little guys.

The internet is super spotty out here so not sure I’ll be doing any more uploads during the trip. But with a little luck I’ll have some interesting stuff to share when I return.

Happy New Year to everyone!

TOP Songs of 2010 – Honorable Mentions

Posted by Jakub

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I wasn’t able to stop at 50 songs for 2010, these were definitely worth mentioning and all sat in the Top 50 list during the shuffling, not only are all of them great musicians but these as a playlist felt great to share.

60. Spirituals – Manzanita
59. Laurel Halo – Embassy
58. Viernes – Entire Empire
57. Nacho Lovers – Deeper (CFCF Remix)
56. Winter Hinterland – No Logic
55. John Roberts – Navy Blue
54. Seams – Hung Market
53. Best Coast – Boyfriend
52. Nice Nice – A Way We Glow
51. The National – Bloodbuzz Ohio

Mimmo Castellano

Posted by Scott

After years of digging around for interesting posters it’s easy to foolishly assume I’ve seen everything good there is to see. Then I come across work like that of Italian designer Mimmo Castellano and am once again reminded that you’ve never really seen it all. The images are from this GrainEdit post where, unfortunately, they do not mention the source. I would love to find which book they got these scans from, or better yet, where I can get my hands on some full size prints. If anyone has any suggestions, let me know.

via GrainEdit