Jonathan Zawada

Posted by Scott

Oil paintings by Jonathan Zowada. Somewhat reminiscent of Thomas Scholes and Roger Dean stuff. Loving the gallery placards too.

An exhibition of large scale drawings and oil paintings at Prism Gallery, Los Angeles from December 16, 2010 – February 28, 2011. The landscape topographies were derived from graph data (displayed as printed mirrors on accompanying plinths), modeled in 3D and then oil paintings created from those 3D renders. For more information, visit the Prism website.

Jonathan Zowada via But Does It Float

The Minecraft killer?

Posted by Jakub

When I have the cash i’ll be buying an iPad 2, no shame in that. The first thing i’ll be buying is Sword & Sworcery. I’ve had a good time with Minecraft but this game looks amazing and it still does a number on me with the nostalgic graphics. I guess for any of the haters out there, you really can’t argue the fact some people really love this stuff no matter what the quality.

Ticket Giveaway: Com Truise & Mount Kimbie

Posted by Jakub

Com Truise is playing his 2nd ever live show tomorrow to a sold out audience(i’m sure) in New York, the first person to name off 4 artists he has remixed gets 1 ticket to the show courtesy of PopGun Booking and ISO50. I’ve give you one, below is his remix of Daft Punk from the movie Tron, now I need 3 more.

Also on the bill is the crowd favorite Mount Kimbie, its going to be a gorgeous live set, tickets are still available here.

Starfawn + Gold Panda + High Wolf + JDSY

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I can’t stop listening to Starfawn, its what I wanted Marumari to sound like if he still made music, it might be even better than Supermogadon which is pushed the boundaries of IDM in 2001. Grab their EP here, its name your own price.

Gold Panda put out a release today that has all his old EPs in one place, check it out here.

I want to pick High Wolf’s brain, everything he does musically draws me in.

The most underrated artist I know is JDSY. Listen to this…listen to anything he’s put out, its from the future, it doesn’t sound like the future, the sounds aren’t futuristic but what kind of avant pop is this? its genius, like a male Bjork.

GilScott JamieXX+Blacc+LayBac+Heathered

Posted by Jakub

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I’ve been blowing off this Gil Scott-Heron & Jamie XX release for too long, had to check it after hearing it at the Salem show the other night, what a creepy punch to it, reminds of Fester’s Quest for the NES for some reason.

Tensnake does no wrong, his remixes last year were so solid and deep but still can attract a dancefloor for the most sophisticated heads to any average listener that wants to just enjoy something new that isn’t in your face.

I like the loose sound of Lay Bac, very breezy and raw, sometimes people make interludes that should be 40+ minutes songs, i’m sure we could all list off a handful of tracks like that.

I guess i’ve been focusing on more of my own music lately, i’m falling into this one spot that makes me want to keep things from much change, just small hints in the adjustments, i’d probably describe it as Lo-Fi Meditation, i’m giving the EP away here as a free download.

Convert 8mm with the Canon 5D Mark II

Super 8 and 8mm have always been my favorites when shooting video. Although transferring the film to digital has posed problems mainly because of its expense and decline in locations to transfer. The video above by James Miller shows his method for transferring 8mm footage to digital using the beloved 5D Mark II and an Eumig Mark 501 (or the Eumig 610D & the Eumig Mark DL). The end result looks great, is much much faster and way less expensive. Now I just need to get a 1D Mark IV or 5D Mark II.

Hit the jump for more information on the process and the transfer results.

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