72 Olympics Passes

Posted by Scott

Shelby’s Blog is running A Week of the 1972 Munich Olympic Games feature and the second installment is pretty epic. This collection of ticket passes from the ’72 games were designed by the legendary Otl Aicher and feature the classic pictograms for which the Munich games are known.

I’m not sure why, but tickets of all kinds have always piqued my interest and this set may be the best I’ve ever laid eyes on. But forget the tickets, would just love some high-res copies of these photos for framing.

Wanken – A Week of the 1972 Munich Olympic Games

ISO50 Exclusive: Free Heathered Pearls Mix

Posted by Jakub

I made a new mix for you guys to download under my alias Heathered Pearls, this will hold you off while Scott puts the finishing touches of a new playlist: Playlist 11

I wanted to describe this mix by just making up 4 new genres:
Dreamfuzz / VHS Quality / Water Hypnotization / Space Synth

As always thanks for listening, this mix is probably my favorite one i’ve ever made, it nails down the definition of what I want to hear in my head all the time.


Dolphins Into The Future – Onset – Beyond Clouds
Ducktails – Horizon
White Rainbow – Major Spillage
High Wolf – Utopia
Nacho Patrol – Caravelle
Subway – Delta Ii
Stellar Om Source – Island Best
Nite Jewel – Bottom Rung
Newworldaquarium – Noworldbutu
Direwires – Leamington (Rob Theakston Remix)
Benoit Pioulard – Drowsy
Lusine Icl – On The Line
Loscil – Strathcona
Signer – Dreaming About Making Music To Dream To
Heathered Pearls – Untitled (12/10 Field Recording: Pioulard Talking)


March 11th – Heathered Pearls DJ SET w/ Chad Valley, Teeel, Selebrities, Monogold [Brooklyn, NY]

Indic & Indian Scripts

Posted by Scott

Flickr Pools can be a great resource for delving deeper into a visual theme or style and the Indic & Indian Scripts Pool is no exception. At least here in the US, the Latin Alphabet is pretty the only game in town when it comes to design so it’s easy to forget that their are whole other character sets out there. And while I’ve never encountered a project that called for any of these, it’s definitely inspiring to see such fluid characters and layouts.

From the Pool description:

“Indic scripts are Brahmi-derived scripts, This includes scripts used outside India, like Tibetan, Sinhala, Thai, Khmer, Burmese. Is this group for Indic scripts, or is it just for scripts used in India? If it’s the latter, then Arabic would count but Sinhala wouldn’t.”

Indic & Indian Scripts Pool


Posted by Jakub

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This Dunian track makes me picture a smiling person stumbling in slowmotion with their eyes hold in a dreamy state, not a care in the world, completely content, now i’m wondering what kind of person you’re imagining and if they look like the one in my head.

Don’t let the wonky intro for this Solar Bears track scare you off, its a very rewarding listen, epic echos and a sugary drive to it all.

Just a lazy day off sitting on the porch, really dry air keeping me awake, might take a nap still. Shlohmo switches it up on us with a hint of soul and its tweaked perfectly enough so you never think about how loopy it is.

Stephan Mathieu plays with tone as if you can grab a very thin strand of it out of the air and pull to no end, meanwhile as you pull the strand switches from different palette gradient colors, dangerously hypnotic.

Bela Tar: Salty Lights video

Posted by Jakub

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Sometimes really simple vintage is the best way to go, feels right to start off the week with this. A beautiful getaway from it all song by Bela Tar from on Bandcamp, enjoy.

EF Language School Commercials

Posted by Scott

These beautifully executed commercials for EF International Language Centers were created by designer Albin Holmqvist (who did the type) and director Gustav Johansson. The typography is simply incredible; many of these frames would be suitable as posters. There are four commercials in all, the rest can be found at Albin Holmqvist’s Vimeo.

Via Wanken

Star Slinger + Darkstar + Moths + Chaim

Posted by Jakub

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This Star Slinger track might as well be a Top 40 chart monster, it hits harder than a punch to the neck and has more soul than most of the pop songs out there right now.

I hear that Darkstar might be heading over to Warp Records, I can really appreciate a song like Dear Heartbeat, its raising the bar for bedroom producers, reminds me of a more simplified JDSY song or something tolerable from Her Space Holiday.

Moths seems to be starting off on the right foot by following the footsteps of Four Tet, Gold Panda, Seams, etc. Thanks NAVIS for the tip. Maybe he’ll sign to Moodgadget if he sees this post?

The label BPitch Control has offered some of the best 4/4 records in the past 10 years that blur the line of Club ready / Headphone music with artists like Ellen Allien, Telefon Tel Aviv, Paul Kalkbrenner and many more. With Chaim on their roster they add more of that beautiful techno to their sound kind of like one of favorites Modeselektor’s I Love You:

Anyone know who did the image above? would love to give some credit.