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Monster Rally Mixtape + Vinyl Giveaway

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MR Jackets for ISO50
MR Vinyl for ISO50


We are giving away the entire out-of-print Monster Rally vinyl discography in support of the upcoming Ted Feighan / Monster Rally art opening + live show at the End of Century Gallery in New York on Friday January 18th!

More about the upcoming show here: Ted Feighan

To win the vinyl comment below with your favorite color vinyl you’ve ever boughten :)


Javelin – Colorado Trails
Quiet Village – Free Rider
Mr. White Folks – The Turn Out
Karriem Riggins – Matador / Summer Maddness S.A.
The Samurai – Freash Hot Breeze of Summer
Strong Arm Steady (Madlib) – Telegram
MR&RT – Bag O’ Chips (Demo)
Vanilla – Forgetful


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Screen Shot 2013-01-14 at 2.24.22 PM

ISAORA is one of those clothing brands that define the highest level of outerwear for men, its pieces like these that you save up for a keep for years. Shigeto and I did the exclusive track for the video, the footage was directed by Paul Jung. If you get a chance to look deeper in their catalog I recommended everyone to look at their Reflective Coat, I saw it in person and was blown away by the quality and detailing on the inside.

Holydrug Couple + CCU + Magic Feed + Bicep

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Photo by Mathijs Delva

Photo by Mathijs Delva

Getting really excited for The Holydrug Couple, if you want to dig past Tame Impala and breathe in a dustier take on psychedelia this is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

Coyote Clean Up has an almost messy way of sequencing, feels like new parts come at you from behind and from the side, the magic lies on how everything lives together in the second half of the songs, stripped of trends in the future CCU will always be an interesting listen.

Magicfeet preps what seems to be an EP in the making. This sampler has some gems, I hope to get my hands on a full track for a proper sharing with you all.

Comes in stark in the intro but Bicep doesn’t disappoint by giving us a very respectful rebirth of what made dance what it is in Miami/Chicago/Detroit.

B&S + Lives + Phaseone + Throwing Snow

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Benoit & Sergio rework Matthew Dear by taking a softer approach than usual, replacing their builds with easy daytime house chords.

I don’t have much info on Lives Of Angels, I read its a husband and wife duo from the early 80s but I couldn’t totally wrong, if that matters maybe do more detective work but either way some straight forward poppy cold wave thats almost for everybody (that nice mix of moody and careless).

Phaseone rides out an arpeggio into the dense plains of noise and reaches an epic summit.

I’m soo excited for Throwing Snow this year, he’s bringing beauty back to the club/beat world.











The fantastical black-and-white nudes of Asger Carlsen‘s Hester series are nothing if not provocative. The NY-based artist works in limbs and lumps, torsos and bulges, constructing figures that are human and yet not quite, and “shooting” them in gritty greytones. The resulting images are alternately grotesque, graceful, and thought-provoking. If you can suppress your gag reflex long enough, Carlsen’s deformed forms possess a strange beauty, and an unblinking skepticism about photography’s capacity for realism.

Posted by: Todd Goldstein | Twitter: @armsongs