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Upstream Color

Posted by Charles

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Sundance is going on right now, so I thought this might be a good time to post the trailer to Shane Carruth‘s new film “Upstream Color”. If you’re at Sundance and have the opportunity to attend the world premiere tomorrow, here’s the details, and I’m very envious of you.

Carruth is the writer, director and actor from a film called Primer. Of my all time favorite films, Primer rests comftorably in the top five. If you haven’t seen it, I’d suggest going here and downloading it, trust me it’s worth it. That said, Upstream Color is Shane’s newest film and as cryptic and mysterious as the teasers and trailer are, I have full trust that this film will be nothing short of amazing.

The synopsis for Upstream Color,

A man and woman are drawn together, entangled in the life cycle of an ageless organism.

Trailer 1

You can view the teasers for Upstream Color and trailer for Primer here.

If Mr. Carruth stumbles upon this and is looking for someone to collaborate with on visual elements for upcoming films, I’m onboard.

App Review: AfterGlow


Say hello to Afterglow, one of my favorite apps for editing photos on iPhone. There are many photo editing apps out there – believe me, i’ve tried most of them – but this one stands out for a few reasons:

Usable. Flexible. Designed well.

From a design perspective, this app strikes the perfect balance between usability and flexibility. At first blush, it’s easy and obvious to use, with lots of “single-tap” filters, yet maintains a high level of flexibility for the more discerning eye, allowing you to combine filters and settings while varying their strength from 0 – 100. Awesome.

It’s a scalpel, not an axe.

Afterglow gives you Photoshop-like editing options, with fine-tuned, hard-to-over-do-it control. A good example of this is pulling the saturation bar to 200% – the effect is rather subtle, compared to other apps that would blow out the colors. Plus, you’re editing at full resolution, so your exports can be print-ready. The one thing that’s currently missing is layer support, but that’s what Photoforge 2 is for.

Real film textures.

Most of the film burns & textures come from actual film, reminiscent of these hasselblad misfits. They can also be flipped & rotated to best suite your image. Lovely.

You can grab the app on iTunes for $0.99 cents: Afterglow [iTunes Link]

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NosajThing + ImaginaryRec + Mark E + 1000%

Posted by Jakub


More good news from Nosaj Thing’s album comes to the surface, this time it features Toro Y Moi as a guest vocalist. Somehow Nosaj can work in any style vocal and make it mesh soo well with his sound.

No info on Imaginary Records, it only has 15 fans on Soundcloud and even less information online. These melodies are just nostalgic, some premature percussion but everything sits well, perfect 4/4 for around the house.

Mark E went nuts on his Soundcloud an hour ago, uploading everything I know that he has out, helped me find this beauty.

And to end this week right, here’s the Jurassic Park Theme song at 1000% Slower aka a 1 hour version.


Posted by Jakub

Youth Lagoon just announced dates with The National, i’ve been anticipating what his next sound would be like most people, maybe he’d be influenced by the Fat Possum catalog? nope, he comes back to us with sheer beauty.

I missed this gem last year from Bullion, wow… what a gorgeous new direction, he keeps showing us he’s song writing talent, its fusion of sound that could live in almost every decade since the 70’s.

Yalls just posted 6 remixes on his Soundcloud including this fluttery early Caribou like one for Blackbird Blackbird.

Beach Fossils are back and cut out the surf influence completely. The sound has upped the quality and have been striped down just catchy good music without any gimmick, looking forward to the album.

Unreleased Four Tet 1997 – 2001

Posted by Jakub

four tet

I don’t want to say this was the golden years for this style of music but it kind of was, there was this honesty to it, producers weren’t doing it to share it or to become famous, there was an orb of innocence to it. Note the freedom of not being given some sort of build but instead you get pauses with detailed ambience, soo pleasant.

Follow Four Tet’s Soundcloud for vinyl info