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Dauwd + Pioulard + Machinedrum + Knife

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Dauwd is back with an EP out early April, dubbed out and easily one of my favorite sounds to start off the year, sample the rest of the EP here.

Its coming up to 8 years since I was lucky enough to release Benoit’s first EP Enge on Moodgadget, now he’s the labels alumni and a seasoned veteran of lo-fi, he has a great ear for detail, its like holding a finished piece of whittled wood when you hear his music.

Sun Ra receives the rework treatment from Machinedrum, taking it to outer space and back fusing funk and jungle, I could hear this working on Sesame Street in the early 80s.

I don’t usually post songs I don’t like but this new one from The Knife really bummed me out. Anyone agree?













Between 1909 and 1915, Russian photographer/chemist Sergei Mikhailovich Prokudin-Gorskii traveled across his homeland, using the relatively new technology of color photography to document what he saw. Outfitting a private train car with his own dark room equipment, Prokudin-Gorskii captured landscapes, buildings, and people in a series of breathtaking images. Given the rarity of vibrant color photography from this era, Prokudin-Gorskii’s work is all the more striking: Without sepia tones’ time-distancing effects, the characters in these images feel right there, full of stories of a bygone era and a diverse, colorful culture on the brink of revolution.

Posted by: Todd Goldstein // Twitter: @armsongs

Ital Tek EP Preview

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Brighton’s Ital Tek comes out kicking on his new EP Hyper Real for Civil Music. The movement through his sound isn’t about making club bangers, the substance that molds it into making Alan’s music special is making space for the atmosphere and melody. Once you master the timing and care that takes then you’ll start producing something as beautiful as this. One last thing I have to say though I couldn’t wake up and have some cereal and turn on my computer and make music at this tempo, i’d probably leave my house spinning and walking on clouds right into the street.

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Gold Panda surprises us with a brand new EP full of classic melodies and hopefully a glimpse of an LP.

Lindstrom reworks Brooklyn’s Grizzly Bear, full of daytime synth-funk.

Benoît Pioulard and Foxes In Fiction collab on 7 inch, prepping a big year for both of these dreamgazers.

I’ve been on a Boiler Room kick for a few months now, this Deadbeat one is more my speed. Any favorites by you guys?

Visual History: DTM

Posted by Rory

I usually like to present these posts in a factual tone, but it’s hard for me to be impartial when talking about [the original] DTM. Nowadays they run silhouette cars – merely skinned to resemble production vehicles [ie NASCAR]. Back then, the M3 you bought at the dealer was basically what these guys ran, and the series spawned a lot of my favorite cars. Seeing pictures of the 190e with all four wheels off the tarmac really rustles my jimmies. Enjoy!

Roloff Beny: India

Roloff Beny - India
Roloff Beny - India
Roloff Beny - India
Roloff Beny - India
Roloff Beny - India
Roloff Beny - India
Roloff Beny - India
Roloff Beny - India
Roloff Beny - India
Roloff Beny - India
Roloff Beny - India

In terms of digital reproductions, there really isn’t much of Roloff Beny’s work online. So when I came across this Wine & Bowties post with gorgeous scans of Roloff Beny’s work in India from 1969, you bet I was totally stoked! (note: There are more images on their blog, so follow the link posted above)

From the write-up:

“…Beny was a world traveler, and India is one of a number of his works which could effectively be described as a love letter to the place it documents. One of the most impressive examples of his eye for color, scenery and natural beauty, India finds Beny exploring a place with no shortage of gorgeous landscapes, architecture, and rich culture. In some ways, these images read like an idyllic Westerner’s portrait, an aesthetically idealized version of a complex place…”

Posted by: Owen Perry | Instagram: @circa_1983