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PVT + Chromatics + Talabot + Shakir

Posted by Jakub

Up there with Battles I loved seeing PVT build a very complex song in a live setting, its technical but human and after hearing clips from this new LP its even more human.

Chromatics using something that sounds like a 8 bit version of the Airwolf theme song, which might be one of the most adored sounds from my childhood.

Bullion has been coming up with magic, probably the most prolific artist that came from the beat scene and moved onto something bigger and better, soo impressed, Talabot should be soo thankful for this one.

When I started DJing in 1997 I was obsessed with fast deep detroit techno, I wanted every tribal hypnotic record at the time, this Skudge remix is a perfect example of all my old records, i’m sure it might be hard to understand by some especially out of context or ever experiencing a good old Detroit rave but I think it has a lot of appeal to everyone.

Vintage Apple II Ads

Apple’s vintage print material during the late 70s to the 80s was sexy, and I do mean sexy. The first image here is a print ad for the Apple II. It’s really such a beautiful illustration; if only it could be brought back to life to be used again somehow. The second image is also an ad for the Apple II, this time using photography.

Via Mac Spoilers

Cooling Google Data Centers

Stunning images from various Google data centers around the world. I’m always amazed when I see how intricate and complex all this network routing can get, but the images I’m most drawn to in these galleries are the photos that show the routing of something else: water.

The cooing tech seems just as complex as the rest of it all, and they make great use of color to help identify different water types and their functions. For example, in Hamina Finland, one color designates highly pressurized clean and filtered water for use in the event of a fire, while another designates seawater pulled from the Gulf of Finland, used solely for cooling purposes.

Posted by:
Rob Fissmer

Toro Y Moi+Kyson+Session Victim+Apparat

Posted by Jakub

More and more pieces of the new Toro Y Moi album are surfacing, I love his new album cover, it gets better and better the longer I look at the detail. As for the music i’m just content with what kind of fusion of genres Chaz is overlapping, this album couldn’t come any sooner.

Indian Wells reworks Kyson for his upcoming EP Blackstone. Sounds like early Baths material playing in the rain.

When I hear beautiful songs like this one by Session Victim, I can’t imagine session musicians actually being there anymore, I just always think musicians are sampling to make this sound and that is probably the saddest thought i’ve had about music in a while.

New experimental Apparat, the song really opens up at the end, wind tunnels and quartz covered waterfalls.

Treasure Island Print Giveaway Winner

Posted by Jon M

As some of you know, ISO50/Tycho was invited to be a part of this years Treasure Island Music Festival. Tycho, as a live act and ISO50, as a vendor, so we had everything you see on the ISO50 Shop at our booth and more. To celebrate, we decided to give away a large (35″ x 65″) Knitting Factory Studio Edition Print (pictured above/worth $515). All you had to do was come by the booth, purchase something and you would automatically be able to enter our raffle.

So without further ado, the lucky winner is…

Congratulations Julia, you have received an email with instructions on how to claim your prize and thanks to everyone who entered the raffle. Also, a special thank you to Noise Pop and Another Planet for having us this year. We had a great time. See you next year.