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Ghostly International FvF Compilation

Here’s a compilation I put together on Ghostly’s behalf for the Freunde von Freunden blog. It’s comprised entirely of Ghostly releases. Honestly it’s not hard to put something like this together, considering the depth of the Ghostly catalog. Endless gems. My three faves from this one are Shigeto’s Ann Arbor Part 1, Tycho’s Melanine, and of course Dabrye’s We’ve Got Commodity. I’ll never forget previewing One/Three on the busted turntables at Kim’s Video in NYC in 2001.

Freunde von Freunden is an online “interview magazine that portrays people of diverse creative and cultural backgrounds in their homes or within their daily working environments.” The latest feature is none other than Ed Templeton and his wife at their home in Los Angeles. Amazing. They have also been running a ‘mixtape’ series for some time, they are now on #29.

Brian from The Ghostly Store made this happen, and this is the second time Sam, Brian and I worked on a compilation together: the first was for Moss in 2006, delivered on a USB stick. (it was the FUTURE)

ColorVision: Videos That Must Be Seen

Posted by Jakub

Le Révélateur and Sabrina Ratté are my favorite audio and visual collaborators since we first saw them on the blog via Beamer. The proper way to see this though is live, they played in Brooklyn and I still wish I brought my camera with me to videotape it and share it with you. Data Daze is forthcoming on cassette on NNA Tapes via the Horizon Fears EP.

Michael Cina and Matthew Dear team up to show some amazing ways to introduce art and an upcoming album to their audience. You just have to watch it yourself.

TEEN on Carpark Records is a 5 piece girl band that has the outlook of bringing back where Stereolab left off with more of a pop sense.

I have no information about this video, absolutely none, and that’s completely fine with me.

If you haven’t seen any Nardwuar interviews then i’d suggest having a few hours to watch a handful, its great seeing the musician reactions to the gifts he gives them.

Beacon + Washed Out + Pioulard + Silent

Posted by Jakub

Beacon’s rework of this Bear In Heaven single is jaw dropping, it really opens up nicely, early Sade levels going on then blossoms out of the darkness. Download it here.

What a perfect pairing this remix worked out to be, Washed Out should be doing more work like this, its a perfect step in a different direction, so damn impressed.

I hear that Benoît Pioulard has finished an album, I hope its something like this, he has such a good ear for the most delicate adjustments in his sounds, they sit perfectly in the mix like a delicate blow on thin linen curtains.

Only in my dreams I can picture djing to a dancefloor that wants a deep dubbed out techno set, Silent Servant makes the tracks that fulfill that setlist, its that entrancing moment where all the sounds start to align and then you notice the small flutters that are rewarding and I don’t even take any drugs.

Mexico 68 Revisited

Posted by Scott

With the London 2012 games (along with their controversial branding) in full swing I thought I’d revisit one of my favorite — Olympic or otherwise — branding campaigns ever: that which was created for the 1968 Mexico Olympics. Graphic Ambient has some beautiful images of the work in the real world, some of which I’d never seen before. I definitely have to say that I prefer Otl Aicher’s work for the 72 Munich games; but this has it’s own thing going on and after all it did come first! Related reading: Design Magazine #237 Via Graphic Ambient

Japanese Sci-Fi Art

Posted by Jakub

Dug thru a few sites to make this Japanese Sci-Fi poster collection bigger, anyone else a sucker for airbrush? seems like it took great concentration and a steady hand that doesn’t offer an eraser really. There’s something really romantic about most of these. I can really respect an artist that can create a terrain off the top of his head.

Remixes Upon Remixes For You + The Field

Posted by Jakub

A true heap of remixes are raining over this summer, this one from Four Tet who never fails us, I heard he went to school with Hot Chip, is this true? anyway this one is pretty stripped down and direct. Matthew Dear preps his album release by dropping a Poolside remix of his recent single Her Fantasy, the edit is laid back and defines their “daytime disco” personas. Fort Romeau ramps up the tempo on Picture’s debut on Cascine, the dub edit has a hint of more upbeat than i’d expect, definitely feeling house piano. I’m not sure if this Hatchback mix of Grovesnor ever made it to vinyl but its at summer jam level once you get comfortable with Grovesnor voice, its almost reaching this slow electro Rod Stewart feel, thats kind of impressive.

I have been trying to catch The Field live for years I think, sadly this is the closet i’ve gotten, totally love it, I thought I wouldn’t like the drummer but I was dead wrong.