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Meanderthals+Davol+ToroYMoi+Animal Co

Posted by Jakub

Photo by Michael Chase

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED Meanderthals have that hint of secrecy in their sound, maybe something your unknown uncle from the plains of Montana might listen to.

I was on a mission to find New Age with some good flavor, came across Davol, had to dig deep thru a lot of whimsical crap for this one.

Toro Y Moi is back with new cuts, some real proper takes on whats happening in the UK and overall just taking a great stab at dance music.

Preview the new Animal Collective LP, visuals and all.

Matthew Shlian

[vimeo 47502276 w=450&h=253]

Matthew Shlian might be labelled a “paper engineer,” but the work that he’s been doing for Ghostly International as of late is seriously blurring the lines between art and science.

Now on his fifth collaboration with Ghostly, the newly released Extraction Series sees him furthering his exploration of geometric movement and tension themes through paper folding and assembly.

I’ve been a bit obsessed with his work since his first colab with Ghostly, and I think it’s now time for me to man-up and make a purchase, as the Extraction Series is in my opinion his best work to date.

For this latest series, Ghostly collaborated on a video of Shlain documenting his process and discussing his techniques. Video work by Ann Arbor-based director and producer Jakob Skogheim. Music by Shigeto.

(Dear Matthew: Please get together with Auralex (or the like) and make us the worlds most beautiful studio acoustic foam panels EVER.)

Posted by Rob Fissmer

Devonwho + TRUST + XXYYXX + Kruisemode

Posted by Jakub

ATTN SF MUSIC FAITHFUL: Mux Mool is playing with Nosaj Thing TONIGHT at Public Works, hope to see some of you there.

I rarely lead off with something at this tempo but its Friday and Devonwho is SF based so it felt right and not only that this a easy jam to settle into, expect more from Devonwho soon on the blog.

The TRUST album(came out in Feb.) is the most underrated record of the year, its locked into my top 5 albums of the year. This remix comes as no surprise as being magnificent, the vocals fit perfectly with Robert Alfons production.

XXYYXX is 16 or maybe even 17 by now and has caught peoples ears, this track is one of his more slower edits(i’m saying edits because i’m putting my money on him not having a guitar, violins or drums in his studio). Definitely a fan, I just always think about the musician that have made a name for themselves at 16 and thinking what they think of their old music when they turn 30? it worked well for rock bands but this wave of electronic artists will be interesting.

Kruisemode was a hard choice to pick up and put on here because 1. the gun sound used as a transition is the most uncreative sound i’ve heard all year and thats a fact. 2. the name is a bit late to the game but thats not stopping me because after you throw those ideas to the side this track really enjoyable, i’d edit it and be really happy with it.

Weekend Inspiration: Motoi Yamamoto

Posted by Jon M

Japanese artist Yamamoto Motoi was born in Hiroshima, Japan in 1966 and worked in a dockyard until he was 22, when he decided to focus on art full-time. Six years later, in 1994, his younger sister died from complications due to brain cancer and Yamamoto immediately began to memorialize her in his labyrinthine installations of poured salt. The patterns formed from the salt are actually quite literal in that Yamamoto first created a three-dimensional brain as an exploration of his sister’s condition and subsequently wondered what would happen if the patterns and channels of the brain were then flattened.

Although he creates basic guidelines and conditions for each piece, the works are almost entirely improvised with mistakes and imperfections often left intact during hundreds of hours of meticulous pouring. After each piece has been on view for several weeks, the public is invited to communally destroy each work and help package the salt into bags and jars, after which it is thrown back into the ocean.

Via Colossal

Cameron Ballensky Camera Collection

Posted by Scott

Friend of the blog and Tim Navis collaborator Cameron Ballensky shares some beautifully shot images of his camera collection. I first met Cameron when he assisted Tim on the Tycho shoot, this guy is a technical wizard. He was the one in the car doing donuts around us to kick up the dust in this picture; came out amazing.

Lots of other goodness at his blog

Incase Performance Space: Room 205

Posted by Jakub

Incase isn’t just the brand that you know for their backpacks, headphones, casings, and other attractive accessories, they offer some of the most interactive and cared for ways to collab with other creatives. Room 205 is on the top of my list of going above and beyond in their efforts:

Working in collaboration with visiting musicians and a revolving cast of filmmakers, set designers, audio engineers and friends, Room 205 exists to share our collective passion for art and music and showcase the people that inspire us.

I mean to take the time and rebuild a space for each musician to perform in a space that is imagined up then documenting it is a dream for any musician with a vision, for me its like telling an 8 year old that Disney World is coming to your room, be ready. Take a second and check out their site and all the musicians that have came thru, its one of the most ideal ways to experience music in my opinion.

Room 205