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Favorite Eclipse Photos From Twitter

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VisualUniverse on Flickr

jimnista on Flickr

mijonju on Flickr

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Anyone get a good shot of the eclipse yesterday? feel free to link them in the comment section.

In all honesty I just loved the grey hue everything became once it was happening, it was like putting on some sort of weak shade of sunglasses, it was impossible to catch on a iPhone camera thats for sure.

Guest Music Post: Jeff Bratton (Cascine)

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We truly have a treat to start the weekend with a stunning playlist from Jeff Bratton the owner of Cascine the label that brings us Chad Valley, Selebrities, Jensen Sportag, etc. Enjoy.

Writing this from the car, driving from MD to NY with the good men of Double Duchess.
– Jeff Bratton

Tomas Barfod – ‘Broken Glass’
New track by Danish artist, Tomas Barfod. who’s better known for one of his other projects,
Whomadewho. This whole release is fantastic. It’s out soon on Friends of Friends, but reminds
me of golden-era Morr material – melodic, downtempo, indie/electronic stuff. Morr helped shape
my love of labels early on and this song takes me back to that.

Picture – ‘Heaven 7’
Picture is David from Sail a Whale. ‘Heaven 7’ embodies that sense of swelling epicness and
drama that he does so well. It was released on Look, The Embassy’s imprint, last year. We’re
currently working with David on a project for Cascine.

Bam Spacey – ‘Vintern jagar’
Love this track. Subtle, bubbling and optimistic. Bam Spacey is from Malmo and his debut EP is
newly out on Ceremony. As a listener, this song puts me exactly where I want to be this time of

Shine 2009 – ‘New Rules’ (Panther Hands Remix)
This remix has been on my machine since last summer, as we just never found the right place for
it. Panther Hands is Max from Selebrities, and he did this track without ever having the stems for
it. Great energy. Horn parts are a blast. Really fun stuff.

Cubenx – ‘Adrift at Sea’
A close friend in LA shared this album with me a couple weeks ago and I’ve been glued to it ever
since. Super diverse, yet super familiar. All types of influences at work on this release.

Bonus track
Mint – ‘I Don’t Kvetch’
I just spent a week at my mother’s apt in Annapolis, MD, and am feeling kinda sentimental from
the time at home. Classic, major key IDM like this has an important place in my musical history
– Mint’s music represents that for me, especially this track. It was made in 2009, but feels like
something from 2000.

Weekend Inspiration: Leif Podhajsky

The amazing work of Australian artist and creative director Leif Podhajsky has been posted about here on the blog before, but I thought I would feature him again, this time as the subject of this week’s Weekend Inspiration. I have found myself revisiting his portfolio frequently over the past few weeks, In particular for his amazing album covers, as I’m working on a few myself.

He also launched the Melt Blog and has been experimenting with video and visuals.

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Infiniti+Chromatics+RAJA+Flight Facilities

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Infiniti is Juan Atkins, this track is classic, its soo damn good that in 5 years of doing music posts on ISO50 this is the first post of a song that how important I think this song is. Its also a song that makes you understand new music, it also makes you want to pay respect to the originators.

This Chromatics record is pretty damn popular but I find this slow jam the most appealing off of it, it just has a high repeat ratio in my iTunes, to be honest i’d love an instrumental.

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED – RAJA was suggested to me by Shigeto, this is the first track he shared with me, without going all J Dilla this beat as simple as it is really had me gravitate to it over and over. The tone at the opening gets more and more addicting, its like a synth whale, I love it.

I really had high hopes for Grovesnor so i’m always looking for new material from him, he’s great if he’s used well, this tempo is perfect for him, he needs to be on more tracks.

As for the photo above, i’m not sure who the photographer is but I did tweak it just to warm it up a bit, love the original shot, its definitely inviting.

Instagram Photo Favorites: 15th Edition

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nicdesjardins – Nick is becoming a Trashhand jr. in a way, less on the dark feel and lighter use of contrast but the both love their urban alleys and natures small waterways.

andy gilmore – It might not be the flashiest instagram but if you want a peek into how Andy Gilmore starts his work or what are his visual influences then this is a perfect feed to follow.

chucknewham – Some people aren’t into the idea of graphic designers putting their overly worked photos on instagram, there are some parts that I don’t like about it too but chucknewham sometimes really nails it especially this simple edit.

Onuinu + Gold Panda + Paradis + Conforce

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HIGHLY RECOMMENDED: Onuinu new single “Happy Home” had me looking for his album just one minute into it. Too bad the LP doesn’t drop until August, he’s on tour with Yacht on these dates. Its like a upbeat Black Moth Super Rainbow is backing Toro Y Moi for an encore at a outdoor roller disco, everyone is dancing.

New Gold Panda dropped today out of nowhere, Derwin comes with a full sound that ramps up and builds like a classic Telefon Tel Aviv track but has hints of Caribou but pitched down an octave, an amazing follow up for recent releases that will be hard to beat. One thing I have to say is something that I learned from Mux Mool is that Derwin puts a lot of punch into his rhythm section thats what separates him from most of his following producers plus there’s a perfect level of brightness added during mastering.

If there’s any label to be excited about it should be Tim Sweeney’s Beats In Space, they’re already on release #3, sounds like original indie-disco(I don’t know if thats even a thing) Erlend Oye material, 12″ ships May 22nd I recommended picking this one up.

Time to drop it out and go a little deep, heavy beauties from Conforce, if you missed their latest album later year then I guess I just feel bad for you.