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Hoyle Rebranding / Process Post

Posted by Jon

Continuing my new year’s resolution, I wanted to share my experience working on a rebranding project for school. This project was completed over the course of Spring 2011, and the assignment was to choose a dying or defunct brand and breathe new life into it. Throughout the semester we developed a logo, letterhead, visual identity, and brand extensions for the revamped company, and the final deliverable was a brand guidelines book. Alex described his process working with Playboy, and I highly recommend you check them out if you haven’t yet.

I had a lot of fun designing the deck of playing cards for Beast in a Neon Cage, so I thought it would be interesting to work with a playing card company. Once I chose my industry, I looked at brands like Kem and Copag and ended up choosing Hoyle. Hoyle is part of the United States Playing Card Company, which also owns the Bicycle and Bee playing card lines.

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T. Terje + M. Dear + Teen Daze + Machinedrum

Posted by Jakub

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Todd “are you kidding me!??” Terje literally just sits down and makes hits for this blog I swear, I know I post a lot of his tracks but its worth it, I mean listen to that! If it was 2001 i’d add a music player to this blog and this song would just automatically play right when you loaded the site. #synthmansion < holds a crystal in the air after song is over, head down, takes a knee >

Jonny from The Drums collabing with Matthew Dear makes soo much sense after you hear this song slowly merging with its own end. I haven’t heard a male duo this good in “electronic” in years.

Teen Daze goes French Disco on us, straight forward and high energy with a swirling synth line which will give you vertigo, he pretty much made something that could have come out on Roule in 1998.

Machinedrum rekindling and refreshing classic sounds that I invite with open arms, its like he dropped Detroit into the UK and stomped it into a pulp and gargled it and spit it at all the half ass house thats been made after minimal house died.

The Importance Of A Good Crop

I’ve been taking pictures with my iPhone for about a year and half now and I’m continually surprised at the things I’m learning and new techniques I’m discovering.

I barely used to crop at all, especially when editing my DSLR photos. I was always (overly) concerned with resolution and making sure I didn’t lose any.

Enter lower resolution iPhone with a fixed focal length…

As I always have my iPhone on me this is how I take most of my photos these days. I often find my self on the other side of a river, across a huge field or just a little too far away from a mountain. This has literally forced me to crop in closer to get the photo I want. Because apps like Instagram publish quite a small image I don’t care as much about resolution anymore (although this can be frustrating later).

Having this “freedom” of no longer caring so much about resolution has encouraged me to crop more and often I find myself revisiting photos that I had written off, only to discover post crop a new favourite photo. Where I was concerned about resolution before I’m now concerned about the final composition. Now I just need a 50mp camera thats fits in my pocket!











All images taken and edited on the iPhone and posted on Instagram by Seth Hardie.

Find me on Instagram here: @hallwood

Tanlines+Solar Bears+Dirty Three+Bullion

Posted by Jakub

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Trust me on this one, this Tanlines track is worth your time. They started where they left off with a hooky melodic caribbean pop touch, once the track fills out you can’t deny its better than all that Vampire Weekend bullshit.

I’m on a Keep Shelly In Athens roll and that means hunting down even guest appearances. The new Solar Bears single has KSIA front and center on a 70s drenched swirling am-gold jam that could be one of the best songs either groups have done.

I’ve only heard one other Dirty Three song intentionally, it was with Cat Power and I don’t even listen to Cat Power but all I remember was being speechless after and I don’t like songs with singing. This new cut is amazing, reminds me of Broken Social Scene and The Books just playing together freely.

I’m sure some of you will be surprised with the sound of the new Bullion, its definitely a lot less hip hop and more like if Osborne or Luke Vibert did a song with Washed Out.

Tycho US Tour Starts Tomorrow

Posted by Jakub

Photo by: Charles Bergquist

The Tycho band hits the road with their A/V performance, check the dates, we hope to see you, we’ll definitely have stock of the Dive vinyl, some classic posters back in stock, and a new Tycho shirt which i’m in love with.


01.12 Chicago, IL @ LINCOLN HALL * w/ Active Child
01.13 Pontiac, MI @ CROFOOT BALLROOM
01.14 Toronto, ON @ WRONG BAR
01.16 Montreal, QC @ IL MOTORE
01.18 Buffalo, NY @ MOHAWK PLACE
01.19 Pittsburgh, PA @ SHADOW LOUNGE
01.20 Charlottesville, VA @ THE SOUTHERN
01.21 Wilmington, NC @ THE SOAPBOX
01.23 Saint Augustine, FL @ THE ORIGINAL CAFE 11
01.24 Gainesville, FL @ DOUBLE DOWN LIVE
01.26 Orlando, FL @ THE SOCIAL
01.27 Tampa, FL @ CROWBAR
01.28 Miami, FL @ BARDOT MIAMI
01.30 Athens, GA @ GEORGIA THEATRE
02.01 Carrboro, NC @ CATS CRADLE
02.02 Washington, DC @ ROCK AND ROLL HOTEL
02.03 Philadelphia, PA @ THE ROTUNDA
02.04 Brooklyn, NY @ MUSIC HALL OF WILLIAMSBURG * w/ Oneothrix Point Never

Support slot: Beacon

We are excited to also announce the opening spot each night will feature Beacon, below is an exclusive preview of their cover of Portishead’s The Rip.

New Contributors: Hallwood & L Venter

Posted by Jakub

Scott and the rest of the ISO50 blog family are really excited to announce 2 new contributors this week: Seth Hardie and Luca Venter, we’re really looking forward to reading and seeing what they post since both guys are insane Instagramers and we feel like they fit in perfectly.

Seth Hardie designs websites at Lift Interactive. He is an avid photographer and spends as much time as possible in the forests of Alberta.

Instagram: @hallwood
Twitter: @therealhallwood

Luca Venter is a 16 year old photographer based in Denver, CO. I met him at the Denver Tycho show after we featured his Instagram photo on the blog. I definitely noticed right after researching everything he does that he has a solid vision and he probably has the best eyeglasses and shoes in all of Colorado. If you get a chance check out his website, he has great band photos which seem to be his cup of tea.

Instagram: @lucaventer
Twitter: @lucaventer

Instagram photo favorites 7th edition

Posted by Jakub




Here are 3 trustee Instagramers, Taro who’s been featured on the blog for other things like album art, his stream is a great type base one which I always like but this city view had me save it quickly and I keep coming back to look at it. As for ns0n, he goes a little overboard with the hashtags in a uncomfortable level but makes up for in quality. I found b3po thru Tavish(who’s been featured in this series), loving the color control from him, keen eye and careful selection.

Scott Hansen – @iso50
Jakub Alexander – @heathered_pearls