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Jack Chambers

Posted by Scott

Jack Chambers (1931-1970) was a Canadian painter and filmaker who shifted from surrealist to photo-realist during his career. I was turned on to Chambers’ work via this article in Walrus Magazine about his unfinished masterpiece, Lunch (1971), which after working on for ten years, Chambers died before completing.

Chambers completed six films between 1960 and 1970, I tried to find footage online from one, The Hart of London, but they were taken down. I did find some excerpts from a movie about Chambers’ work and life here.

A couple other photo-realists working in a similar I’ve posted on previously are William Eggelston and Mike Bayne.

Olivetti Arco Series

Posted by Scott

The Arco system was designed by Studio BBPR for Olivetti in the 50’s and 60’s. The desk alone looks like it’s going for around $2500 on the used market. Way too much for a desk, but would be nice to have such a classic design as inspiration every day.

Some details on the desk from this auction:

Italy, 1963
lacquered steel, vinyl, plastic
63 w x 66 d x 30 h inches
Desk features three locking drawers and return features five shallow drawers. Signed with molded manufacturer’s mark to desk drawer: [Olivetti Arredamenti Metallici].

Some images via 1st Dibs

Seventeen Evergreen

Posted by Scott

Fellow San Francisco band Seventeen Evergreen have just been announced as the opener for the Tycho show this Saturday at The Independent. They recently released this Terri Timely directed video for Polarity Song. Incredible color and definition in this. Not sure how it was shot but I’m assuming some high end HD DSLR and a healthy amount of post. Beautiful stuff.

ISO50 Show Listings For NYC / LA This Week

Posted by Jakub

Here’s the list of shows in LA and NYC this week of musicians we post on the blog. This week includes 2 Tycho shows, tomorrow night 12 / 8 in LA at The Echo and Saturday night 12 / 10 in SF at The Independent. Swing by the merch booth, I would love to say hi.

Wed. 12 / 7
NY: Clap Your Hands Say Yeah @ Webster Hall
LA: Tennis @ The Satellite

Thu. 12 / 8
LA: Tycho @ The Echoplex
NY: Prince Rama @ Public Assembly

Fri. 12 / 9
NY: Doldrums @ Shea Stadium
LA: Avey Tare @ Center For The Arts, Eagle Rock

Sat. 12 / 10
NY: Aziz Ansari @ The Bell House
SF: Tycho @ The Independent

Sun. 12 / 11
NY: !!! chk chk chk @ 285 Kent

Mon. 12 / 12
NY: The National @ Beacon Theater

Tue. 12 / 13
NY: Laurel Halo & Forma @ Glasslands
LA: Snoop Dogg @ The Wiltern

Jacaszek + Swod + Fennesz + Vince Guaraldi

Posted by Jakub

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Its a difficult task to keep up with any genre especially if you’re always in need of something fresh, the post classical realm is by far one of my favorites that I don’t dig deep enough in and sit with an album. I usually have a stash of artists that I rely on to get me what I want, Jacaszek is one of them, if you can’t tell by his name he’s Polish which makes me favor him since i’m from there. Always on the darker side yet doesn’t sit in one place, his new LP Glimmer is out now.

Swod goes the Philip Glass route full on with this refreshing piano piece, fits right in with these winter nights but adds a hint of excitement so you don’t comfortably doze off.

THere probably isn’t much to add when you write about Fennesz & Sakamoto, i’d rather you go and read what the Wire has to say because they’ll probably have the inside scoop, very inviting static texture and resonance.

Probably one of my favorite songs of all time, enjoy this one from Vince Guaraldi Trio, you know what it is.

Colani Kitchen Satellite

Posted by Scott

The “Kitchen Satellite” by Luigi Colani, 1969. An exercise in extreme ergonomics, Colani’s kitchen was designed to have everything at arm’s length. The kitchen pod would connect to the main house. This is sort of the domestic equivalent of Vince Clarke’s dome studio, which it is my dream to replicate in my backyard, should I ever have one.

SchoolOf7Bells + Shigeto + Zomby + Mark E

Posted by Jakub

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Ben and Alley of School Of Seven Bells debut their first single from their upcoming album Ghostory in March 2012 with a goosebump giving track full of passion, made me wonder what should really be at the top of the pop charts. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. DOWNLOAD HERE.

Shigeto just released an EP exclusive on (Ghostly Music Subscription service), it includes this gem that has drum work that puts him out of reach of the rest of the musician friends in his genre, …have you got to the second half of it yet? am I right? holy… damn it! piano man too right? 2012 Shigeto is gonna rip off the beat worlds head and boot it over the moon, real drums sir real drums.

Okay Zomby you made it onto our favorite label 4AD and lets see what you can do…i’m into it, mostly because I love Sega Genesis and recognize the sounds that I adored.

Jacques Renault definitely gets a dancefloor going in Brooklyn, I see it happen month after month non-stop, so this edit was the perfect match, him and Mark E are true daytime disco masters.