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Sigur Ros – INNI

Posted by Jakub

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I haven’t listened to Sigur Ros in ages yet I definitely credit their earlier work as some of the most beautiful live band shows i’ve ever seen. As for any info on INNI, we have none besides just signing up for their newsletter and watching this video below.

Beaches+Deadbeat+Outputmess.+A. France

Posted by Jakub

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The haziness that this Dirty Beaches song puts me in is just unbelievable, the man has honed in on the perfect balance of song writing and lo-fi decay.

When Deadbeat is spot on his textured dub sound its some of my favorite listening music. Grabbing songs here and there from his discography can make one of the most enjoyable audio sessions for someone that is new to experimental music.

Outputmessage has become catchier and catchier, originally just making beautiful avant synth pieces but now its straight forward soft club material.

We should be excited for the new Air France album but its a bit too much for me at the 2:00 minute mark when the American Idol child star vocals comes in, I was just totally enjoying myself then made an awful face when it came in, i’m sorry but I like Air France too much to not say anything.

Linda McCartney

Posted by Jon

Linda McCartney married Paul in 1969 and was a professional photographer who shot intimate portraits of some of the most influential artists of the 60s.

Linda was house photographer at the Fillmore East concert hall and shot numerous musicians including the Stones, Doors, Frank Zappa, Kinks, the Who, the Beach Boys, the Byrds, the Beatles etc.

A collection of her photographs titled Linda McCartney’s Sixties: A Portrait of an Era was published in 1993. Sadly, Linda was diagnosed with breast cancer two years later and passed away at the McCartney Ranch in 1998.

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PIAS UK Burnt Down, Physical stock lost

Posted by Jakub

If you haven’t heard yet (I heard via Rough Trades twitter) that the warehouse of PIAS UK distribution(music distributor to over 150 indie labels) burnt down during the London riots, the only info I have found is the statement below, I hope all the indie music lovers out there can chip in and help out during this huge loss.

I have no doubt that if you’re here you’ll have heard the news that the PIAS distribution centre in Enfield has been burnt down during the London riots. What you may not be aware of is that the warehouse contained the physical stock for most of Britain’s Indie records labels. The subsequent loss of income and cash flow problems that this act of mindless vandalism will bring about may well be enough to push many of the smaller operators out of business.

Our aim is to try and rally the music industry, both on the artist and the audience sides, and see if we can raise some money to see those affected through the tough times ahead.

This is just a holding page at the moment but more details will be posted here as and when we have them. In the meantime, if you would like to get involved or contribute in any way please drop us an email to:” – PIAS benefit

This distributor was home to many labels listed below

2020 Vision
Border Community
Def Jux
Drag City
Full Time Hobby
Ninja Tune
Rough Trade
Secretly Canadian / Jagjaguwar / Dead Oceans
Sonar Kollectiv
Soul Jazz
Thrill Jockey
Touch And Go
(and many many more)

John Jay of Wieden Kennedy + Creativity

John Jay of Wieden + Kennedy was recently named one of the most creative business people in 2011 by Fast Company. His position as W+K’s executive creative director takes him between all of the W+K offices in an effort to breed those cultures into the main headquarters in Portland.

In this video John Jay talks about his creative process. He takes a step back and approaches his interpretation of process from a wise view. What I’ve drawn mostly from this is that it’s about conversation. Most importantly it’s about listening to what people have to say and then taking that to make it relative and understandable to other people.

The last thing that I’ve drawn from this that I agree with is that you should always place yourself around people that you aspire to be. It’s really about surrounding yourself with positive energy. It sounds cheesy but it makes a world of difference.

The greatest thing we can offer is to be great listeners.

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Four Tet + Neon Indian + Solvent + 47.5

Posted by Jakub

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Four Tet shares a new song which will be coming out on this Fabriclive mix, I think long time fans will be really happy with this one, sounds like something off Rounds.

Neon Indian hits us with another single from his upcoming album and gives it away for free, head here and type in DT7UUE to redeem. Now this song puts the album in contention for one of the top 10 electronic albums of 2011.

One of the main reasons I kept checking out more experimental electronic music was because of an old Solvent song, I feel like I always owe him because he made the journey a lot more enjoyable, here’s a new one on his own label Suction which has been revived.

I walked into a vintage shop in Williamsburg last month to look at these hand made pedals/synths and I shazamed (Shazam app on the iPhone) this song, it was nice revival of what was going on in the more interesting end of downtempo.

Nosh 404: Process Post

Posted by Alex

There’s always been an arms race of sorts, between startups, surrounding their 404 pages. Often times sites do something unusual on this (hopefully) seldom viewed page. When we first started working on Nosh, we had a lot of fun brainstorming ideas for our 404 page. We wanted it to be crazy and I think it ended up being just that.

Above you will find the video that became our 404 page. It’s loud, crazy and weird. Definitely the most fun I’ve had on a Sunday in a long time. I’ve written up some production notes here — if I miss anything feel free to ask in the comments and I’ll be sure to answer. Follow me on Twitter here.

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