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Solar Sinter Project

Posted by Scott

Besides approaching the most pressing issue of our time from a very interesting perspective, this video by Markus Kayser is absolutely stunning from a visual perspective. Kayser harnesses raw solar energy to produce glass objects using via a 3D printing process.

Fascinating. It’s visuals like these (and these) that make me realize I need to spend a lot more time in the desert taking pictures.

Solar Sinter Project via Robert Andersen

Araabmuzik mixtape

Posted by Jakub

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You may have heard the buzz about Araabmuzik, I guess he’s just a kid from Harlem that posted himself playing on the MPC on youtube and grabbed the attention on some Top 40 rappers. I personally just like to watch him play the hi-hats for 7 minutes but I thought i’d share this mixtape with you just as a change of pace on the blog, #thuggish_mondays.


The Tree of Life

Posted by Jon

Terrence Malick’s The Tree of Life opens across the US tomorrow, and these stills for the film look amazing. I’ve purposely been avoiding any news on it so I wouldn’t build up any expectations, but I couldn’t help but look at these images. I rarely go out to watch movies anymore thanks to Netflix, but this looks like something that would really benefit from a trip to the theater.

via io9

Homework+18kt Affair+Biosphere+D. Klag

Posted by Jakub

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Slowly this Homework is becoming my summer house jam, once it gets going its hard not to dance in your seat.

Are you sick of the average sounding vocals of summer time or want a different take on the darker side of that VHS to tape 80s sound? 18 Carat Affair is your go to then.

Biosphere is back with another lush album, I keep forgetting how big of an influence he has been on my taste for ambient music over the years. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

I’ve been meaning to try and catch Daniel Klag live in Brooklyn, he has an interesting flow and growth to his tracks, i’m always a sucker for that low hum.