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WMC Festival

Posted by Alex

I’m giving a talk this Saturday at the WMC Fest in Cleveland, Ohio. The Weapons of Mass Creation Festival is a 2 day event packed with design talks, concerts and all sorts of other creativity-related goodness. It’s now in its 2nd year and is put on by local agency Go Media. A whole host of exciting people are speaking, check the lineup here.

My talk is Saturday evening at 5:30PM EST. I’ll be talking about all sorts of things — mainly some strange and wonderful lessons I’ve learned along the way from trying to become a famous musican to eventually dropping out of graduate school to terrify my parents and live a life of crime. Or something like that. Anyway if Cleveland is nearby for you I hope to see you there! Definitely find me and say hello. Maybe we can even talk about design (or anything else random of our choosing at that moment).

You can buy tickets here and watch live.


Posted by Jakub

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As more and more musicians touch on the dark end of electronic you find yourself weeding out the fakers and honing in on the honest ones that you can tell were born to make it. With Ellie Herring I have a feeling she has a love for haunting side of music, no matter what is popular now she would have made Touch Point without any trends influencing her and that makes me want to keep my ears open for her in the future.

Crystal Stilts have a recognizable sound and i’m not going to say it because I don’t want to ruin the pleasure i’m getting from listening to this track right now.

Legendary and just a big influence to some of my favorite musicians Sun Ra has to pop in soo often on the daily posts, expect a Sun Ra playlist soon on the blog from someone I find very talented.

I love some Active Child in my life and I love How To Dress Well but I can’t handle this auto tuned intro BUT BUT BUT once its over this song shapes into a sound that Patrick was made to make so it has my full support.

Mux+Mem. Tapes+B. Acab+BrokerDealer

Posted by Jakub

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For of those you who follow Mux Mool know this EP has been coming, Mux shared the EP at a low quality for free awhile back but now its back from the mastering studio and include a new cut which is my favorite called Flying Dreams.

We get a taste of some more of that Memory Tapes record that is coming out on Carpark with this new video that premiered today, see below.

Anyone else found the last Balam Acab EP addicting? I play it all the time, its a great go to if nothing sounds good in your music collection.

One of the first Broker / Dealer tracks ever just got re-issued on Kompakt last month, super deep cut and very hypnotic, HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

Photo by: Nico Krijno

Psycho (1960) Advertising

Posted by Scott

Italian Poster

Italian poster top detail. So good!

Lobby Card (edit)

Three Sheet Poster (crop)

French Poster (detail)

1970's Czech Poster

Flickr user “Advertising Hitchcock” has a large collection of beautiful high-res scans of — as the name implies — original advertising from Hitchcock films. Of particular interest is the Psycho (1960) set, which includes international versions of the release poster. The Italian version is definitely my favorite; considering that the file is generously offered at such a high resolution (1352×2674 @ 300dpi), I’m going to have to fire up the Epson. For some reason made me think of the classic sci-fi covers stuff from Eric Carl. Also be sure to check out the type on the lobby cards; great layout.

Sorry, no information on the designers. Please let me know if you have any names.


Scans via Advertising Hitchcock

Steven Taylor Photography

Steven Taylor is a celebrity and music photographer based out of Los Angeles. He grew up in Florida and lived in Nashville, Tennessee prior to making his way to Los Angeles. From there he found connections through his past music endeavors and began shooting for strong names such as Snoop Dogg, Bruno Mars, Edward Sharpe, Incubus, John Mayer and more.

After catching up with Steven and talking about his process he mentioned that even if an assignment requires shooting in digital, he’ll still bring film. That way he can shoot at least one roll to his personal liking. More often than not the film images are the photos that get used anyhow.

Perhaps one of the best parts about his portfolio is that he compiles behind the scenes videos for a select few of his shoots. These type of videos are great; it’s a shame we don’t see them nearly as often and as great as these are. While they aren’t gearhead type of videos, they do really show short and to the point idea of what it would be to work with the photographer.

Via Wanken

Zack Christ+Machinedrum+Scuba+Samiyam

Posted by Jakub

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Its usually hard for me to trust the youth, sometimes I fear their going to take my medicine away that i’ll need when i’m 80 and laugh while they pour Mountain Dew all over it and then i’m stuck with Mountain Dew medicine, no one wants Mountain Dew medicine except for them, they love the idea of Mountain Dew flavored medicine….but Zack I trust Zack even though i’ve never met him, I think he’s 17 and lives in Denmark and listen to this track above he’s making stuff that is just as good as Mount Kimbie I think. If you like it check out the Shigeto, Beautiful Bells, and Danaet remixes or just grab this song for FREE.

I was just on iChat with Machinedrum, he moved to Berlin a handful of hours ago so anyone in Berlin please make this talented man feel at home. He can whip up a track better and faster than Emeril making a spicy omelette(don’t google omelette, they don’t look appetizing in photos). He just signed to Planet-Mu and has an LP on the way but before you wait for that release check out this EP with this song Listen 2 Me i’ve actually stopped typing a few times while listening to it so I could dance in my seat, its sort of an African influenced dance if you needed to know with a lot of bouncing, try it.

Alright time to slow the roll with Hotflush label owner Scuba, this track brings me back to Skam days, makes me think about Bola….*drools* too good. If I knew how to make that pulse-y deep airy sound I wouldn’t do anything else kind of like when you watch the summer olympics and they do the floor routine and you imagine yourself only doing backflips all the time like out the door and to the store because you can and you want to do it forever.

Samiyam is beastly here, just rough and raw, listen to that cymbal, its taking a beating, this needs to be played by a live band.

Erik Nitsche Posters

Posted by Jon

Erik Nitsche is a favorite at ISO50 (see posts here, here, and here), and I was disappointed when the Flickr stream compiling his work went down (mainly because I missed the chance to check it out). Luckily, Matthew Lyons and Galerie 123 (where you can purchase some of his original prints) are here to lend a helping hand.

Galerie 123 via Matthew Lyons