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ISO50 Playlist 12

Posted by Jakub

Cover by Jon Wong

ISO50 Playlist 12 is here, enjoy!

ISO50 Playlist 12 – Compiled By Jakub

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Track Listing

Austra – Lose It
Dirty Beaches – True Blue
Gang Gang Dance – Mindkilla
Benoit & Sergio – Boy Trouble
Selebrities – 08 Time
Jeans Wilder – International Waters
Ford & Lopatin – Channel Pressure (Instrumental Version)
Bibio – Saint Christopher
Brian Eno – I’ll Come Running
Crosby, Stills & Nash – Dark Star
Diamond Rings – It’s Not My Party
Craft Spells – You Should Close the Door
Midnight Televison –
Com Truise – VHS Sex
Brian Eno & David Byrne – Mea Culpa
Teen Daze – Surface
Clams Casino – Fakest Year Ever (Squadda B)
Eddie C – Listenin’
Magick Mountain – One for My Ego
D/R/U/G/S – Love/Lust (Keep Shelly in Athens Remix)
Yasume – Slowly, Clearly and Calmly
Fourcolor – Skating Azure
Lusine – Double Vision
Cloudland Canyon – Heme
Monster Rally – Chaska Beach
Hype Williams – untitled ( and your batty’s so round )
Vince Watson – Solitude

Older playlists are available in the archive.

Kevin Dart / Looks that Kill

Posted by Jon

The amazing Kevin Dart has a new Yuki 7 book coming out titled “Looks That Kill.” To celebrate its release he has teamed up with animator Stephane Coedel to produce a trailer for the second hypothetical film in the Yuki 7 universe, and the result is even more impressive than their previous collaboration.

Mr. Dart has been influential in my development as a designer, and his ability to create a fully realized world with Yuki 7 is truly inspiring. Enjoy.

Jamie Beck: Cinemagraphs

Posted by Alex

This is my favorite thing on the internet right now. These terrific animated GIFs were created by Jamie Beck, a NYC based photographer. The allure is simple: rather than overtly drawing your attention to obvious movement, these animations are very subtle and controlled.

*Tasteful* I think is right word to describe them. It’s what sets them apart from all the other nonsense GIF animations. The subtlety creates a kind of serenity almost — sort of a halfway point between film and real life. Definitely makes you do a double take the first time you see it.

Prediction: I know animated GIFs are as old as time, but I think soon this subtle spin on the technique will be absolutely everywhere. Enjoy it now.

Clark+Flylo+Vacationer+Foxes In Fiction

Posted by Jakub

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Most people I talk to about Clark always wish that he’d make another Body Riddle style album which makes sense but when I hear Body Riddle all I can think of is that this man is genius and needs to be exploring different work, have his ups and downs and figure out more insanely impressive sounds to mash together.

Yesterday I heard this song by Flying Lotus and wanted to post it, I think it had maybe 1k+ plays on SoundCloud but now it has 33k+ plays which probably means most of you have heard it already BUT its still worthy of a post. Did I read correctly that this is a Massive Attack remix?

I came across Vacationer via D. Gookin’s suggestion and could only find one song that reminds me of the sound that was happening in the early 2000s after The Avalanches record got big, grab this song for FREE on their site.

Haven’t heard much from Foxes In Fiction besides that he is playing in the band Memoryhouse now and this this gem of a remix was shared to the public.

Photo via thebrickhouse

Anatomy of a Computer Virus

Posted by Alex

This is an awesome video infographic about the computer virus Stuxnet. It was created by Patrick Clair, a motion designer from Australia. I’m not sure which was more captivating for me, the visuals or the information. From a design perspective, this is gorgeous, but it’s also a fascinating description of Stuxnet, the first “open source weapon.”