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Mark E + Braille + D/R/U/G/S + Essay

Posted by Jakub

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Finally for the Mark E fans we have an album to ride out for a long listening session under the name Stone Breaker, its became available on 2xLP yesterday and don’t forget to download the extended edit of one of my favorite tracks for free here.

I post a lot of Praveen’s work on ISO50, he’s half of Sepalcure and also Praveen & Benoit. This time around he’s making UK party jams for Rush Hour, this one rides out soo nicely with synth swells and a catchy diva vox.

D/R/U/G/S reminds me a lot of Gold Panda hybrids like Magic Mountain, Moths, etc. which i’ve posted a lot of recently. The quality/sugary loops are definitely there, hope to hear more from them soon.

If you need that deep ambience with a bit of kick to it this afternoon then this Essáy track will completely satisfy you.

Jacob 2-2+Eno/Byrne+Midnight TV+G.G.Dance

Posted by Jakub

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For all the early 80s PBS watchers take a second and download 2 FREE EP’s from Jacob 2-2. I was introduced to David via Com Truise, the guy is really nice and super talented with his synth work, Communicore is the music that should be played on that one show How Was It Made on Discovery Channel.

What is there to say about My Life In The Bush Of Ghosts that hasn’t been already said? my favorite track off that album has to be Mea Culpa. Those drums with that deep vox and then that hypnotic effected guitar with the howl?? pssssssshh untouchable.

“VHS hooks” thats my 2 word review of Midnight Television, pick this track up here, so much good emotion from a track that’s less than 2 minutes.

Gang Gang Dance might be one of the best live shows i’ve seen in years, Mindkilla is the first single from their new album Eye Contact. I don’t know if you remember the Drawing Restraint 9 but the singer probably does since he’s definitely borrowing from Bjork at times but that doesn’t matter, no one right now is bringing such creative high energy music that is this easy to get into.

Hype Machine Radio App

Posted by Jakub

One site that has really been a huge help with the growth of ISO50’s music end growing is Hype Machine and they recently just launched their iPhone app. I’ve always loved the site as a MP3 feed but now thru the app you can listen to all the music we post/write about as a radio station.

If you get a second head over to the ISO50 Hypem feed and enjoy a continuous listening session.

Teeel + Dirty Beaches + Faux Pas + CFCF

Posted by Jakub

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Maybe New Jersey has hidden stacks of Italo and Synthwave records in their used record stores? Both Teeel and Com Truise come from there and have been on a tear lately putting together songs that are journeys into lush melodic lands in space. They have given the ISO50 readers the exclusive FREE download for this remix, enjoy: COM TRUISE – IWYWAW (TEEEL REMIX) – FREE DOWNLOAD

Starfawn shared this song with me last night by Dirty Beaches, definitely not hard to notice his influences but that doesn’t make me not want to put it on repeat.

Wanted to share this free Faux Pas track I found, reminds me of the good ol’ days of Ninja Tune meets when Caribou was Manitoba, those horns are great, grab it here for free.

If a band gets a CFCF remix i’m usually game to hunt it down and listen. Its definitely one of those softer dance cuts that are easy to swallow no matter what kind of music you listen to.

Making of Dubai 45 Gigapixels

Posted by Jon

The GigaPan EPIC Pro received a firmware update last week. You may remember the hardware from Gerald Donovan’s 45 gigapixel panoramic photo of Dubai (the making of which is included above), which happened to turn one year old that same week. To celebrate the occasion, Gerald has re-rendered the image to correct for stitching errors in the original file. If you missed it the first time, or if you are interested in checking out the updated version, you can view it here. Alternatively, you can check out the original forty-fiver here.