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Philistine Design & Photography

Posted by Jakub

Philistine DSGN is a anti-art collective out of Brooklyn, NY that is run by Danny Scales. In my mind he finds the beauty in what most people might see as darkness but since i’ve known him I see it as pure care taking of what should be visually appealing and interesting during a time where a lot of darker looking design is so ordinary and without surprise in my mind.

Telefon T. Aviv+Redhead+Ciani+Korallreven

Posted by Jakub

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It doesn’t get much better than this from Telefon Tel Aviv, featured on the new DJ-Kicks that was compiled by Apparat, moody darkness with a hefty scoop of tender details that release perfectly.

One of the reasons why I don’t truly review music on the blog is because I don’t like to share music that I don’t like, also sometimes albums fall in the lap of the wrong reviewer, I think thats what happened when Pitchfork gave this album a bad review, it happens but this new album by Blonde Redhead is far from bad. I think its written perfectly for a band that has been together this long, I can go on for lengths of why it should be received better but instead you can judge it yourself, I can’t see anyone else writing music like this any better.

Enjoy some true synth magic by Suzanne Ciani, probably made before any of us were even born.

I support the Swedes on all levels, probably at the top of that list is NHL star Peter Forsberg as my favorite Swede then the groups Studio and The Radio Dept. Korallreven is inching into my top 5 though, now we just need an album.

Highway 1 with the 5D

Posted by Alex

It’s been a while since I wrote about my most cherished 5DMKII. I drove down to Santa Barbara this weekend to catch a Neon Tree’s concert and brought the 5D for the trip back up the coast. Was hoping to get some sexy landscape shots (inspired by Mr. Navis and his multiple Big Sur adventures).

Overall I was very impressed with the camera’s performance. I continue to think that I have absolutely nothing to with any “good” pictures the camera takes. It is an incredible piece of equipment. On my Japan trip I felt like I could hand the camera to a 5 year old, instruct them to run around in circles taking pictures, and get it back with pure gold on the memory card. With the 50mm locked in it seems like it can do no wrong.

All that said, I wasn’t really in love with anything I shot on the drive up. I was trying to time the light with my journey so I would be at the most epic locations around 4pm. A fair plan, but Nepenthe (very tasty) took 1 hour longer than I expected and my dreams of sun-drenched cliffs were thwarted. I was happy with the above shots though — the first one reminds me of a painting.

Getting the rig into the concert wasn’t super easy (neither was shooting amongst hundreds of bouncing UCSB students…). Next time I’m saying I’m a member of the press (because I am right? Sort of?).

The rest of my pictures are up on Facebook

Braids+Weekend+Secret Mountains+Miracle

Posted by Jakub

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I have a good feeling about Braids, a very good feeling that this band will do great things, they have a sound that is easy to fall in love with. A little bird tipped on them last night and i’m glad they did, sounds promising. I love how the singer sings in a way that makes me to follow her lyrics but I think I hear some potty mouth parts in there, I could be wrong.

After listening to this Weekend song I almost thought it was too far into the cold season to post but hey why not I don’t post enough straight rock on the blog and this one is a good one compared to plenty of what is out there that has this feel.

This Secret Mountains tracks takes many different shapes for only being less than 7 minutes, it calms nicely like something Blonde Redhead would have done years ago then swells into psychedelia, i’ll keep them on the radar and maybe pick up their cassette LP when it drops.

I had to break up the small rock playlist with a Tangerine Dream-ish effort by Miracle, this track goes on a beautiful journey yet I wish the spastic percussion at the end had more depth in the sound.

Rich Brilliant Willing

Posted by Scott

Some excellent product design going on over at Rich, Brilliant, Willing. Indeed, I’m guessing you need to be all three of those things to own any of their products. I think that’s the last thing I’d spend money on, lighting. Even though it’s probably one of the more important factors in making a room look good and feel comfortable, it’s so hard to justify these $1,000 lamps and fixtures. Forever Ikea.

Source Rich, Brilliant, Willing via DVDP

Dan Holdsworth

Posted by Alex

…the science fiction realities of the earth’s ends

Indeed. Swiss photographer Dan Holdsworth makes the somewhat normal look absolutely surreal. I chose to focus on the icy project above because it vaguely reminded me of a Minus the Bear album cover I love. Be sure to check out the rest of Dan’s portfolio as there are many other projects of equal quality but drastically different subject matter.

via FFF


Posted by Jakub

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I guess today’s post is all about just synth soundscapes which features some new faces that I saw live recently and a legend that I missed, I could have kept going but these 4 felt right.

I heard Gary Numan played in New York last month and it didn’t sell out *sigh*

I’m really looking forward to this Stellar Om Source LP thats coming out next week, she definitely adds a finesse touch to the synth scene that seems to be growing day after day.

Innergaze has this vibe thats unexplainable, I’ve been picturing a pastel colored set on a public access channel and its 1983 or 1991 either or and on that set its just girls with big hair in teal exercise outfits acting unhappy playing with gems, don’t take that idea i’m going to use it for a video.

Forma didn’t have any merch at their show so I had to dig up a WAV off their soundcloud, really nice lushy repetition.