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EXCLUSIVE: ISO50 presents Dry Waves

Posted by Jakub

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Dry Waves is a compilation put together to show how gorgeous and diverse music can get when you stay away from filing work into genres. All the musicians on the compilation I personally feel are on a path of making music that keeps me on the edge of my seat when it comes to new ideas and experimenting.


Cover art by: Com Truise

Please support if you like the artists:
Noveller | Warm Ghost | Com Truise | Shigeto | Beautiful Bells | A Setting Sun | Joe Lapaglia | Dukes Of Chutney | Casino Versus Japan | Hooray! | Teeel | Mux Mool | Little Foxes

Milan Furniture Fair Review

Posted by Scott

OUT THERE designed this very nice “e-invite” flyer for the Design Institute of Australia’s annual Milan Furniture Fair Review. At first glance I was sure this was some vintage poster but on further inspection realized, not only was it not old and not a poster, it was an animated gif…. You know, just in case the David Ope stuff wasn’t enough for you. The comeback continues, next stop, Geocities 2!

Source OUT THERE via Visuelle

Com Truise reworks Neon Indian

Posted by Jakub

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Com Truise works his magic on 2 versions of Neon Indian’s track Sleep Paralysist, synth heaven over and over. Download each here for free: Eyelid and Disorder

Above Everything Else

Posted by Scott

This entire video — a TV spot for Silestone, apparently some sort of space-age counter top material which shatters all of your fruits and vegetables on contact — is CGI. Incredible. If I could do video like this I’d spend all my time recreating sets from 2001.

Title: ‘Above Everything Else’
Brand: Silestone
Production company: The Mushroom Company
Director/DoP/Art direction/Post/Editor: Alex Roman
Original idea/Concept: Alex Roman
Additional CGI: Juan Ángel García Martinez
Music: ZipZap Music
Spot TV 60″ | Video Link

Anika + Years + Lukid + Stellar Om Source

Posted by Jakub

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It was sad to hear about the loss of the singer from The Slits just a bit ago, this new song by Anika on Stones Throw reminds me alil bit of that of what I liked about The Slits, the power in the voice isn’t there here but the charm of how loose and free the making of the music is something i’ve always wised I could do and this girl has that.

i’m a sucker for sampled cut up guitars that loop in a pretty way, thats why this Years song is up here today.

Lukid does fascinating things with low end, i’m always checking in on what he’s going to do on the less hype songs like this.

Stellar OM Source laid down a very interesting LP that became available yesterday, a personally can’t get enough of this Sand Lie track, I just wish it was longer.

Photo by: Jesse Brew

Vintage Synthesizer Ads

Posted by Scott

Retro Synth Ads has some great scans of various electronic music equipment from the 70’s and 80’s. It’s interesting to observe how the sophistication of advertising design in niche industries — like music technology — predictably lags behind that of the mainstream. These are pretty far along and represent output from some of the biggest names of the day, but examples like this and this are fascinating in their simplicity. I’m guessing the engineers who built the machines were moonlighting as their own designers in these cases. Loving the TL-12, makes me wish I had a MSQ-700.

Source Retro Synth Ads

Dorian White + Cex + Khonnor + Yasume

Posted by Jakub

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It’s another nostalgia day.

I listened to a lot of IDM(dirty word I know but its coming back but under a different name) in the early 2000’s and one of the first artists I found after joining WATMM(message forum that started as a BoC and AFX) was Dorian White, I think we’ve talked over AIM for close to 10 years, his music was aggressive, sad and playful all at the same time which got me more interested in music like Wisp. His new single dropped today on iTunes and the track Exit has been on repeat ever since i’ve had it.

At one point in my life I don’t think I ever DJed a set without playing this song by Cex, I don’t know what he does now but I can’t see him ever blowing this one out of the water.

I ask you all to listen to this Khonnor song from start to finish, I hate hearing it end.

One of Yasume’s most beautiful compositions.