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Zipper house

It always seemed odd to me that I never see these beautiful houses while out and about. But then again, if you have the money to build an amazing house, chances are you’ll have the money to properly gate it or purchase secluded property. In this case though, this house was built smack dab on a steep hill just outside of Seattle.

After coming across the house on Deforest Architect’s website I realized that I had seen it before while it was being constructed. By its looks at the time, it appeared substantially nicer than any of the surrounding houses. Because of that I had assumed it was an oddly placed office building rather than a home.

As you go inside the house it opens up with a modern, metal and wood theme. The wood is even complimented by the metal of two turntables and a mixer atop a small, raised cove above the living room.

Note: There is a skateboard deck giveaway going on at Wanken right now, you can enter here.

Deupree + Bvdub + Oneohtrix + Yagya

Posted by Jakub

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I wanted to start this week off with some music that will gradually help ease you thru the day with some must own records. Taylor Deupree has a 4 song gem of an LP that came out in June, as you can see above the artwork is simple and inviting just like the track.

This weekend I spent most of my listening time with the new Bvdub LP, I guaranteed I’ll be posting another song from this album, its like taking the gentlest Cocteau Twins song and stretching it over an hour.

I can’t believe I never gave the Oneohtrix Point Never releases any love in 2009, the man writes soundtracks to my early 90s daydreams after crashing from too much Mr. Wizard, Nintendo, and Kinder eggs.

Yagya is the perfect blend of Gas and of when IDM hit its highest point where artists were making that dubby ambient material that came out very light and breezy, if you don’t have the album Rigning I suggest you check it out at least.

Tycho Live at FITC SF Ticket Giveaway

Posted by Scott

As part of FITC SF (which I’ll also be speaking at) I’ll be playing a live Tycho set with the new band. It’s a private party for the conference but FITC has given me a handful of guest list spots to give out (all FITC attendees already get it, so don’t enter if you already have a pass for the conference). The show will be the night of August 18th, here in San Francisco. If you’d like to go, email with “FITC Party” in the subject. We’ll pick some addresses and let you know if you won. Good luck!