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Adidas Camera

It always seems that when something great goes away, we don’t realize how great it actually was until its nearly gone. Film is that thing. Although I wouldn’t say film is gone, it certainly has been on its way out. I know I’ve personally taken it for granted, but when I see cameras like this or the return of the Polaroid, it makes me want to experiment.

This camera by Steven Monteau is called the Guillotine / Adidas Camera and was intended for use shooting ultra-wide action sequences on 120 film. The effect that the three images as one create is really beautiful.

The way the camera works is by sliding the long angular strip that acts at your shutter quickly once to expose the film. The body is built out of cardboard and utilizes two winding knobs to wind the spool. I’m quite curious though whether or not there are stops so you know how far you’re winding the spool or if you have to guess.

Check out more of the process here

The Soft Moon: Video & Branding

Posted by Jakub

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I love when a musician has the full spectrum covered when it comes to his or her vision on all fronts of their work, it shows confidence and that nothing is going to stop this artist from trying anything especially if its as tightly branded as The Soft Moon. I love the ethereal drive of Parallels and the video, so carefully cared for yet still has at rough touch to it all.


Posted by Alex

As a non-coder, and someone actually rather terrified of the “code” view in Dreamweaver, I feel it’s my duty to present notable website development platforms as they crop up. Sites like this really are a blessing for those of us that spend more time in Illustrator than Coda (give me your lunch money nerds). Virb is the newest kid on the block in this regard.

You may have heard of Virb before; their history is pretty interesting actually. What started as a social networking platform (apparently they used to be stacked up against Facebook and Myspace) has now morphed into something completely different. Strategically that was probably a good move. Now their mission is to provide the tools to build an “elegantly simple” website easily. As their CEO Brad Smith told Business Insider:

What Tumblr has done for the simplicity of setting up a blog, we want to do for the simplicity of creating a website. Sure, some people use Tumblr as their website, but at end of day its a blogging platform. We’re taking it a step further to where the entire idea is based around what we’ve always known a website to be — one location for all your content. [link]

Virb 2.0 (3.0?) feels like a mix between Squarespace and Cargo Collective, with maybe a dash of Tumblr thrown in. Overall I would say everything feels slightly simpler (perhaps to a fault) than the competition. I should mention that I am a user of Squarespace, Cargo, and Tumblr, so the Virb platform was immediately familiar to me. I haven’t really put it through the paces yet, but next time I need to create a website simply and quickly, I would consider Virb for sure.

You can rock a 7 day free trial now, but will have to pay $10 a month after that to keep things running.

Recent Flashback: Tensnake Mix For RA

Posted by Jakub

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A future classic in my mind, this mix by Tensnake for Resident Advisor keeps a pace that feels right for any occasion. If you haven’t followed the highly informative and giving RA site then I suggest you should, decent reviewers but more importantly a great site for these mixes. That Floating Points track still gets me, damn, so good.


01 – Groove Armada – Dan-Solo (Album Edit)
02 – Lindstrom & Christabelle – Lovesick
03 – 6th Borough Project – McLovin
04 – Tiger & Woods – Gin Nation [Editainment – Tain 2]
05 – Kim – Give Me The Dance
06 – Floating Points – Vacuum Boogie
07 – Ike – Diskadenz
08 – Bass Hitt – The Beat That Makes You Move
09 – Blunted Dummies – House For All
10 – The Royal We – Party Guilt (Dinky’s Arp-A-Pella)
11 – Sound Stream – Soul Train
12 – Rockers Revenge – Dubbing On Sunshine
13 – Rick Wilhite – Drum Patterns & Memories (Rick’s Morning Service Mix)
14 – Liberty City – If You Really Love Someone + Andre Hayden Project – Tribal Life
15 – Tony Lionni – Found A Place
16 – Blake Baxter – Our Luv
17 – Raz – Amour Puerto Riqueno
18 – Tensnake – Coma Cat
19 – Tensnake – Somethin About You
20 – Sterling Void – It’s Alright
21 – (NYE noise)
22 – Saint Etienne – Only Love Can Break Your Heart

583 Calculators

Posted by Alex

Vintage Technology has an enormous array of 1970’s era calculators on display. I’m into it because I love numbers, but if you want to know how many diodes and capacitors there were in a Caltronic 812, you are in luck. Each comes with a photo and an extraordinarily detailed reference page. There are 128 identified brands, and 583 calculators in total!

As an aside, I used to love calculators with an on/off button. I hated the kind that would turn off in a minute or two when unused. I mean I get it, but I like the power of having an on/off.

You may recognize the Omron from an earlier post. I’m sad Braun wasn’t represented on this page too…

via Core77

Slowdive + Washed Out = Violens?

Posted by Jakub

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This song will get its own playlist today. Tom Croose this morning shared this little number with me from a 7 inch, its a mash up by Violens of Slowdive’s Souvlaki Space Station and Washed Out’s Feel It All Around. I can’t really give you an opinion on it because i’m such a Souvlaki Space Station fan that I automatically loved it from the start. Please support and pick this up on vinyl.

Atari Computer Concepts

You may find this entirely crazy but growing up I was only graced with the opportunity to play an Atari once. Even though I wasn’t born in the 70s and barely born in the 80s, the Atari console seemed really cool but I still never owned one. I hope I’m not the only one out there that wasn’t able to log hours on an Atari as a kid. Looking back at them now, I would have bought the 2600 in a heart beat for the sake of the small yet stylish wooden veneer accent.

These drawings were really making leaps and bounds between concepts. In some of the drawings parts were nixed and replaced with other ideas. The cooling fans for example get moved back and forth as the concept progresses. Seeing stuff like this is very inspiring; it gives me a target to aim at for progressing my own sketches for future projects.

Images via Colorcubic & Atari Museum.

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Oriol + Baths + Teen Daze

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I think Onra and Dam Funk have a little brother and his name is Oriol. I really love this feel, the cover actually says it all. Planet-Mu has really stepped up their signing artist game, congrats guys, I hope to hear more.

We all could fall in love with Baths, he seems like someone that would be nice to you every time you met him but thats not why I share his music, I share it because I listen to it over and over like this new song Nordic Laurel.

Teen Daze killed this Japandroids cover, i’m into the mashing of a roaring lead synth over a slow flat beat, its like if Washed Out collabed on a song with Women.