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October ISO50 Newsletter

Posted by Scott

The October issue of the ISO50 Newsletter is out now and among other things, announces the release of the “Svenska 1B” print (pictured above). This third and final version in the Svenska series is available now at the ISO50 Shop.
The newsletter also covers details on the upcoming New York OFFF festival and the upcoming Tycho single release date. You can read the newsletter here or sign up here to get the latest delivered straight to your inbox monthly.

ISO50 Workshop – 11/03/07

Posted by Scott

As stated in the previous post, I’ll be hosting a workshop entitled “ISO50: Blending Analogue and Digital” at this year’s OFFF festival in New York. The festival runs Nov. 2-4. The workshop will be held Saturday, November 3rd, 2007 at the BMCC Tribeca Performing Arts Center in “Theater 2”. Things will get started at 11:30am and it goes through to 1:30pm. I’ll be focusing mainly on process and theory, with specific examples and PSD deconstructions.
Space is limited to 230 people and entry will be first come, first served at the door. The workshop is included in with an OFFF pass, available here.


Posted by Scott

Just finished the cover for the NYC OFFF festival (New York – Nov. 2-4, 2007). This is the book that’s given out to all attendees and features work by many of the speakers and presenters at the festival (might have to squint a little to read the titles better). I’ll be hosting a workshop / lecture, all the details are here. It will be a similar workshop to the one I did in Barcelona this summer and will be focusing on technique with a lot of deconstructions and hands on examples of my process and theory. As with Barcelona, space is limited (230 people per workshop this time), but unlike Barcelona the workshop is included in the cost of the festival pass, there’s no additional registration required, it’s just first come, first serve. You can snag tickets to the Festival here, as of this posting they are nearly sold out so get on it! As stated in an earlier post, there will be an ISO50 booth for all three days of the festival with shirts, prints, and music. See you in New York!


Posted by Scott

The aptera car is one big step closer to production. You can actually reserve one of these 300mpg dream machines now for $500 ($26,900-$29,900 full price). I love this color scheme, the mustard on white feels classy and the lines are reminiscent of light aircraft. This is where good design truly becomes important, if you can build enough wow factor into alternative/hybrid energy cars you might just win over some of the SUV crowd. Engadget has more info here or you can visit the Aptera Website. This thing makes me want to trade in the Prius, although the lack of trunk space would be an issue.

Update via Bill Gross himself in the comments:
“Actually, I have a Prius, and I like it a lot. It seats 4, and the Aptera only seats 2.5, but believe it or not, the trunk space in the Aptera is quite generous. The car is pretty long, and there is a lot of space for stuff back there. But I would leave that for you to judge.”

Now that I look at it closer, there’s actually a fair bit of room back there.

B&O Beogram – 1974

Posted by Scott

Bang & Olufsen are masters of industrial design and Jakob Jensen’s Beogram 6000 is one of their greatest achievements. The lines on this are as close to perfect as you’ll find and you can’t lose mixing wood grain with stainless steel.
I really can’t say I am as impressed with their work in recent years. It seems as if industrial designers are always trying to “evolve”, which is fine as long as your idea of evolution is turning into an alien. When I look at a classic example of design like this I really see a human element missing from a lot of it’s modern counterparts. Objects like the Beogram 6000 seem to be begging humans to touch them, whereas objects like this seem cold and foreboding.