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Onuinu: Happy Home Video

Posted by Jakub

If you were able to catch the latest Tycho tour you probably have noticed the great support Onuinu at the shows. His latest official video for his single “Happy Home” has a very human touch to it, the song is almost impossible to not fall in love with, I promise it will become a mixtape favorite for the real indie music junkies.

Remixes upon Remixes for you & The Xx

Posted by Jakub

Like some sort of grainy breeze Howlings take over a Sun Glitters cut and run it thru their tender machines and piece together a dreamy remake of the song “Outside”.

Its been a minute since i’ve found any Keep Shelly In Athens, and to no surprise its with Chad Valley’s band Jonquil, seems like a perfect match up.

The problem with not living in Brooklyn is that you don’t get to graze shoulders with bands like Innergaze weekly and hear them play, it meant the world to me now that I realized it.

Another match up thats very similar is DFA’s Still Going and Coyote, both acts understand that spacey early Detroit House soo well that i’m sure when they get either of each others parts for the remixing they smile and find some sort of relations.

The Xx – “Angels”

International Space Station Time-Lapses

Posted by Jon M

Joan is a Vimeo user who likes to download high-resolution image sets taken by crew members of Expeditions 28, 29, 30 and 31, onboard the NASA International Space Station (ISS), and constructs short time-lapse videos.

The images used to construct these, come courtesy of the Image Science and Analysis Laboratory, NASA-Johnson Space Center. “The Gateway to Astronaut Photography of Earth.”

Matthew Dear: Her Fantasy Video

Posted by Jakub

I wouldn’t say bad dream or even trip would explain the visuals you’re about to see but more of a well orchestrated psychedelic outtake from the original 1950’s Johnny Quest cartoon coming to real life. The progress of Matthew Dear’s music this year are leaping over mountains on the creative realm, its doing to be hard to bring your A game now if you think a band can just go on stage and be unique and mysterious.

JUNGFRAUJOCH 2012 / Medial Scenography

Posted by Charles

To realise the seamless 360° shots TMS developed and conceived their own unique camera system which enables to produce with a resolution of 17,720 x 1080 pixels. 7 projectors with 13.056 x 1080 pixels resolution.

The world that video projection has opened up, in terms of experiencing an environment, is truly incredible. Projects like this amaze and confuse me. On the technical end, there are so many puzzle pieces that have to fit just right, but then on implementation it’s simple and beautiful. We’re getting closer to full immersion of environments, whatever they may be, the future of this type of work is going to be incredible. I’d really love to experience something like this.