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The Importance of Artifact

Posted by Scott

While digging around for more info on the “found” work of Vivian Meier, I stumbled onto Todd Bieber’s video detailing his discovery of a roll of film in Prospect Park. He shows some of the (well shot) photography and wonders if he’ll ever find the people who took them. While this is an interesting story, I didn’t find it all that poignant until I read Peter Kirn’s take on Create Digital Motion.

Indeed, we are losing touch more and more with physical media. Perhaps this is a good thing for many reasons, but as a musician I struggle with the most meaningful way to release my work. I grew up focusing on the media as a sort of physical manifestation of the art that it contained. Perhaps it was just my childhood fascination with all things printed and ephemeral, but I do feel a definite disconnect now between myself and my –all digital– music collection. I personally like the idea of a physical object to represents an otherwise unsee-able art form.

I realize that we are marching inexorably towards a physical media-free future (and for most of us, we’re already there), but I’d love to see more ideas like IDEO’s C60 Redux concept; an RFID music system that plays on the strengths of physical and digital media. A system like this might not always be as practical as purely digital music, but I for one would love to experience music at home this way.

More at Create Digital Motion, NPR, TechGear

Kyle Tezak

Posted by Alex

Kyle Tezak designed these icon collections to represent select films. Each film appears to get four icons, two colors, and a unique type treatment. You can see some of his work in-progress for this project on his Dribbble page.

I’m aware there are countless other projects that reduce films down to a few graphic elements. I particularly enjoyed this one because the elements are icons, not just squares and circles (albeit cleverly chosen ones). I find icon design trickier than poster design, and I am impressed with Kyle’s clear adeptness at the former.

Paul Gardner Band Posters

Posted by Jakub

I’ve been admiring Paul Gardner’s band posters this morning, great use of color and execution of ideas that aren’t too literal or same-y, you know like owls and hand drawn guitars, urgh I hope to see more posters like this around Brooklyn. I noticed one in there though that is a bit ISO50 Terrabyte-ish but i’ll pretend I didn’t see it.

Erik Nitsche

Clearly we’re fans of Erik Nitsche as we’ve posted a number of times about his work in the past. These three pieces are some of my favorites. The first and second were annual reports completed in 1955 and 1959; the third is a cover that was designed in 1956.

It’s really a shame the Flickr stream that held Nitsche’s work is now down. These images were found here.

Ross Berens

Posted by Alex

Ah yes Outer Space, one of my favorite subjects. Ross Bernes does it justice here in his Under the Milky Way series. These have been floating around the blogosphere for some time, but I only recently discovered Mr. Berens and his many talents (and at such a young age!). As he mentions on his site, these were each done in 2-3 hours — I wonder what he could do with a whole day. I was also very impressed with the logo for his blog, NVSBLTY.

via dspn

Franco Grignani

Posted by Scott

We’ve covered some of Franco Grignani’s (Italian, 1908-1999) work here on the blog before, but I recently ran across some very nice new scans over at Display. Some of these I hadn’t seen yet or was unable to locate high enough resolution images to post. Inspiring stuff; and a quick Google image search reveals the debt modern graphic design owes this man.

Images source Display via Junkyard.dogs