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Comunicazione Audiovisiva

Posted by Scott

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Some Italiano for you via Pink Ponk’s Flickr. Questo aiuto con la vostra scuola?

1969 Magazine Advertisement.
"Film Special: bimestrale sui problemi della comunicazione audiovisia"
Advertising Office: Studio S & F Cappellato
Milano, Italy 

1969 Poster.
"Studio della simbologia e della modulazione"
Advertising Office: Arflex – I. Negri
Milano, Italy

Nikolay Saveliev: Pop Matters

Posted by Scott

popmatters_1 popmatters_2
This is f’ing brilliant. Faux-Academic record sleeves by Nikolay Saveliev for Pop Matters. I’ve spent most of my career searching for beauty in design since I’ve neither the mind nor the inclination for conceptual design such as this and seeing an example so well executed always makes me lament that fact. Sort of a minimalist take on the classic Penguin covers. Can’t get over that last one, "The Lactic Euphemism". Wonder if Nikolay wrote the copy as well? And can’t help but be reminded of Joy Division with that Kanye cover.