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LA: Proofing Obama

Posted by Scott

I’m sitting at San Francisco International right now waiting to fly out to Los Angeles to proof the Obama poster. I’ve got the Epson soft proof in hand (pictured above) and it’s looking good color-wise; here’s hoping they can match that with the litho. I’ll be getting a lot of shots of the process while I’m down there and, from what the campaign told me, I’ll be able to start releasing pictures of the poster within a week as long as everything goes well today. I plan on doing an in depth study of the whole process with images from various stages of the production from concept to finished product, I’ll be posting that here once the print is finished and as soon as I get the go-ahead from the campaign.

Jauna Gaita!!

Posted by Scott

JG180_vaaksJG142_vaaks JG111_vaaks JG185_vaaks
I don’t think I have been this excited about design in a long time; to me this is as close to perfection as is humanly possible. I was checking out Grain Edit before bed last night and came across a post about the Latvian magazine, Jauna Gaita (The New Course). I’ve never seen so much great design collected in one place for one purpose. The magazine is still in print and you can view over 50 years of covers here. Thanks so much to Dave at Grain Edit and his sources for turning me on to this great source of inspiration. This is the sort of stuff I am compelled to re-design in large format just to print up some posters for my house.

Incidentally I am flying home from Lisbon in a couple hours; sort of sad to leave as I didn’t have as much time as I would have liked teo really take in the city. But there’s a lot of work to be done back home so it’s time to go. On Thursday I fly to Los Angeles to proof the Barack Obama poster so I should have some shots from that posted up soon.

Shepard Fairey: Orwell Redux

Posted by Scott

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2216077836_8e339d3f42_o Shepard Fairey has re-designed the covers for two of George Orwell’s classic novels: his dystopian masterpiece, 1984 and his totalitarian allegory, Animal Farm. I can’t think of a better artist to tap for such a task, these two concepts fit nicely with the decidedly cynical slant of Shepard’s work. I really like his take on the covers, but must admit that the minimalist / modernist in me is still partial to Art Brenner’s original for Animal Farm (above).