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Lance Wyman For Obama

Posted by Scott

wyman-obama-large.jpgThe latest limited edition “Artist’s For Obama” poster is by none other than Lance Wyman. Wyman, as you may recall, is the branding genius behind the 1968 Mexico Olympic logo as well as countless other brilliant marks. It’s really great to see someone still practicing successful design after all these years and obviously having fun doing it. I always wonder if design is one of the few art forms in which one can remain relevant throughout most of their lifetime; it seems that many other artistic pursuits (music, painting, etc.) are typically characterized by brief periods of genius followed by a sharp decline in output whereas the measured application of a practical, systematic approach to design can be extended into the decades. Maybe it’s that we tend to stick to coffee as opposed to heroin.

And please, save the politicking for some other blog’s comments. I am simply pointing out the fact that Lance Wyman has created new work, no one’s trying to start a huge discussion about who’s voting for whom. If, on the other hand, anyone has anything to say about the effectiveness of the design in question, please don’t hesitate to speak up.

Alternative Film Posters

Posted by Scott

Picture 1.pngPicture 3.png Picture 10.pngPicture 9.pngPicture 8.pngPicture 2.pngPicture 6.png As sort of a addendum to yesterday’s post I thought I’d put up this collection from Now Showing London, an exhibit “exploring the lost art of the film poster”:

40+ Creatives were given the task of creating their own interpretation of a Cult, Classic or Obscure film poster from the past, whether it be a literal or abstract solution. The result is Now Showing, an Art exhibition paying homage to more than 70 years of film, through the form of Prints, One Off Screen Prints and Sculptures.

Some great stuff in here; If I had one piece of advice for young designers it would be to take on projects like this every chance you get, paid or not (preferably not). It allows for total creative freedom within a preexisting context that most likely has some sort of personal meaning for you. It really is a big challenge sometimes to have freedom like this. Link

50 Beautiful Movie Posters

Posted by Scott

3.jpg vertigo.jpgthethingposter.jpg9.jpg 15.jpg Grindhouse_2.jpg Smashing Magazine has posted a great collection of movie posters featuring some of the classics and some newer selections as well. I find the set a little mainstream, they’re all sort of the obvious choices and all related to major motion pictures. I would love to see someone put together a little more obscure selection including some examples that haven’t been through the major studio marketing ringer. I have to say though, I was blown away by the Planet of the Apes poster, I’d never seen that version before and it’s simply amazing. Link