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Tame Impala+Weed+Charles Trees+Hooray!

Posted by Jakub

I can see Tame Impala being a very free spirited band, their love for lively psychedelic sounds is present in every song i’ve heard. Their cover art grabbed my eye but their music made me want to share the song with you, hope you enjoy, this one is on a crazy Caribou tip.

Brooklyn’s Weed is a lo-fi bedroom rocker that lays down easy to listen to guitars that are perfect for dry summer days, grab his free EP here, i’ve had it on repeat.

I’ve posted Charles Trees before on the blog but nothing like this before, if you were a bit disappoint by the Flying Lotus LP for not being chunky and rough enough well then this should feed your need.

I found Hooray! out on a whim and i’m so happy I did, I hope more indie rockers can hear some of this lush 4/4 material because what is being fused together here is exactly what I love. Keep checking Wonder Beard Tapes for a release date of the LTD 100 tape release.

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100 In The Hands+H Of H+Jahcoozi+Interpol

Posted by Jakub

Photo above unrelated to the music chosen

The Hundred In The Hands play next week in Brooklyn, i’m really looking forward to hear how this girls vocals translate live, this song is soo sugary and a perfect blend of electronic and rock, almost up there with School Of Seven Bells but without the sonic guitar work and twin vocal love.

House Of House was a big summer DJ duo last year here in Brooklyn, I hope they kick up some dirt this year and maybe even dish out a few more tracks like this, I always love the long edits.

A pleasant surprise signing for the B-Pitch label, Jahcoozi sometimes ride on that Bug LP tip that we all loved, liking this track Msoto Millions because of its hypnotic elements and that bit of wobble.

New Interpol FREE download, takes awhile to get to the meat and potatoes but once its going you remember why you loved Interpol in the first place.

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Funki Porcini + JDSY + Ratatat + Javelin

Posted by Jakub

Before I get to the Funki Porcini song I want to talk about JDSY because this song keeps popping up in my head and i’m trying to give it justice. Imagine all the experimental avant pop that has been made and what usually turns you off, is it because of harsh sounds? or is it some style that your not familiar with? I think most avant pop even in the indie world doesn’t surface because the artist might go too far off and makes something too effect driven or messes around too much, well I want you to hear me out on this JDSY song because I think its an important piece of music because 1. Its not trendy, not one song he makes is what you might hear on Pandora or 2. he isn’t reinventing anything but instrument choices together aren’t like anything i’ve heard before, its like Bjork leaving the Sugarcubes and instead of writing debut she writes a love song disguised as a children television theme songs for the 1990’s but at the 2 minute mark the melody hits me like a ton of bricks, I get this feeling he’s done it he has made a true avant pop for 2010 and i’m comfortable saying it. Here is the song Telluride for free.

Sorry for that tangent I just felt like I needed to get it out of me but now its going to be hard to describe all these other great songs. First off, I was geeked to hear a Funki Porcini song that i’ve wanted to hear over and over, its been awhile, probably close to 5 years. It’s on a dark tip with slow breaks but keeps my attention with the synth work, nice one Ninja Tune for supporting some of the guys that really got me into darker electronic music.

The new Ratatat isn’t anything new, you can feel its a Ratatat song right away when it sounds like a fake electronic guitar is playing a great melody, don’t break something that isn’t broken, looking forward to the rest of this record.

I’m embarrassed to say this is the first Javelin song i’ve ever heard, i’ve seen the name nearly 50+ times in my life and i’m from their home state Michigan so that makes me feel even worse, I just thought they were going to be a lot harsher but instead they give me that wonderful feeling of when I first heard Jacknuggeted by Caribou.

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Baths + Lorn + BRONZE + IKONS

Posted by Jakub

Today I have some fresh picks, starting off with the very buzzworthy Baths who recently signed to Anticon. We need more Baths in the beat world so that the point of shows isn’t just all about playing the most hype track but more into the pleasure of hearing the artist perform their music, Baths definitely has some potential to help push this along if he hits the road hard, HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

I’ve heard Lorn’s name thrown around a bit by Mux Mool, this track Cherry Moon reminds me of a more mellowed out Ratatat track with strings, spot on production.

Bronze was recommended to listeners by DFA‘s Free Energy, their giving away their EP on bandcamp for free.

This last track is the video below, I love how the director did so much with a still piece, which brings me back to the point of it doesn’t matter the size of your budget you just need the right creatives.

IKONS – SLOW LIGHT from Service on Vimeo.

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Solvent: Shift Work Mix

Posted by Jakub

A selection of raw analog-synthesizer music, from noisy lo-fi industrial to melodic synthpop, courtesy of Ghostly’s resident expert on the subject Solvent.

Attack Warning Red” [excerpt] – Civil Defence Program
Entry” – November Növelet
Open & Shut” – Martial Canterel
Blank Clocks” – The Future
Riot Squad” – Vice Versa
Step in Time” – Psychic Youth
Rabies” – Naked Lunch
Speed” – Daily Fauli
F.U. Klaxon” – Beau Wanzer
The Tale of Bernie Woodstein” – Legowelt
Attack Warning Red” [transition] – Civil Defence Program
Wellengenerator” – Im Namen Des Volkes
Protect and Survive” – Civil Defence Program
Automation” – Robert Lawrence & Mark Phillips
33a1” [edit] – John Bender
Television Set” – Television Set
Solarize” – The Rorschach Garden
U?berbeast” – Medio Mutante
It’s About Now” [excerpt] – Cabaret Voltaire


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The National+Fur+Via Tania+House Shoes

Posted by Jakub

Don’t hang me for not completely loving The National’s previous releases more than this new single that I prefer and has me excited for this new record. I can hear the super talent here and all the reason people love this band, i’m happy to be converted but I don’t know if I can handle a whole show yet.

Fur is on Waaga Records who really has their finger on the pulse of what I think will keep this instrumental indie in people’s face because of the undeniable catchy music coming from them. Fur has a great ear for synth choices for me personally which they touch on less lo-fi BoC meets that airy sound that was the backbone of IDM yet still has indie rock palette somehow here.

Via Tania recently released a EP that included good remixes from The Juan MacLean and Lemonade yet somehow I don’t think were as good as this original.

L.A. based influential heads Flying Lotus & House Shoes collab to make a respectable J Dilla like beat which is hard to do these days, i’ve had this playing pretty much every day since the sun has showed up here in Brooklyn.

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Paige Maguire: Ocean Of Lips Mixtape

Posted by Jakub

Paige Maguire runs Flux-Rad which is a solid music blog if you need music from someone that has their finger on the pulse of what is going to be trending. I personally enjoy the zips of goodies that she curates and the art she picks for each mixtape that’s gathered. I selected a few that really caught my ear from a recent collection.

Golden Ages“Be Cool”
Spirit Spine“Flashes”
The Ruby Suns“Cranberry” (Radio Edit)
Keepaway“Yellow Wings”
Pure Ecstasy“Easy”
Small Black“Despicable Dogs” (Washed Out Remix)
Lawrence Arabia“The Undesirables”
The Silent League“When Stars Attack!!”
Expensive Looks“Living Scene”
Memoryhouse“Sleep Patterns”
Holiday Shores“Air-Glow”
Dam Mantle“Grey”


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Flying Lotus Fieldlines Application

Posted by Jakub

Many of you probably may have heard or have bought the new Flying LotusCosmogramma LP that came out this Tuesday. Along with the launch Flying Lotus / Warp have developed an application for the PC and Mac called Fieldlines which you can download for free and try out:

“Cosmogramma Fieldlines is a free augmented reality application to celebrate the imminent release of the new Flying Lotus album ‘Cosmogramma’. It can be controlled with your webcam or mouse.

Cosmogramma Fieldlines was developed by Aaron Meyers with sound design by Flying Lotus and harp by Rebekah Raff. Based on the artwork by Leigh J. McCloskey.”

I’m so happy to hear that Recoiled is out on the LP, i’ve heard this songs ending sped up in his live sets and I always got wide eyed tried pulled out my hair it was that good each time.

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