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Ikons+Foxes In Fiction+Sun Araw+Skream

Posted by Jakub

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Slow Disco pro’s Coyote take a single off the recent Ikons LP and churn out a dreamy space exploration remix of Honey.

I’ve been hooked on Memoryhouse lately, so when I heard Foxes In Fiction did I cover my worlds collided and rushed to download it.

I recently posted a Sun Araw track without sharing anymore of this beautiful murky material, they really experiment with their sound and follow no certain style, definitely something fun to just let it ride out.

I love hearing what dubstep artist are deciding to produce after an era of wobble, i’d love to hear more of this from Skream. Highly Recommended.

Viernes + Cepia + Deastro + Ratatat

Posted by Jakub

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I really like today’s batch of tracks, all are really catchy in my mind. This Viernes track i’ve been waiting to share, its shimmery, light and builds nicely. The piano and vocals are so inviting while the guitar sits back and sets the tone yet never takes control which is a good formula for what I love in good shoegaze.

Cepia shared his official remix of M.I.A., this might be the first place its been posted and were proud to have it, he did a great job. You can always trust Cepia to push post IDM forward and he shows that here by making it work perfectly with a pop hit. Highly Recommended.

Deastro puts a spark to DIY/lo-fi and gives it that extra energy but from a producer with experience in his sound, you don’t always get that feeling, man what good drive too.

I think I have found my favorite Ratatat track which is named after their original band name I guess, what? the intro sounds like Mum, who would of thought, lovely work from this Brooklyn duo.

Komputer Cast – Vol. 1 by Com Truise

Posted by Jakub

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Com Truise comes to us via New Jersey which is the home of recent favorite bands like Ducktails and Memory Tapes, it’s a state that I didn’t think about much when it came to finding electronically made music. Little did I know they also have a synth-head brewing up podcasts and free EP’s, collecting library music and old Italo records and he goes under the name Com Truise. Not only does he make great music he also has his own great branding and look, so check out the mix above and download it here for free.

Keep Shelly+Deerhunter+Tennis+Delorean

Posted by Jakub

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If I ran a radio program then Keep Shelly In Athens would be played every hour like a brand new Missy Elliot single on a top 40 station. The synth work should be up everyone’s alley and vocal is brave and refreshing.

Any Bradford Cox fan is going to be excited about this announcement of a leaked single from Deerhunter’s new LP that is coming in September. Time after time these guys nail it, they should be sitting where bands like The Decemberists and Apples In Stereo sit as staple acts for this generation in “indie” music.

It took me a few songs to warm up to Tennis, the first few didn’t grab me as much as this song did, maybe its the Stereolab memories this song brings back that made me melt, loving the singing style, makes me want to meet the lovely lady that sings in the group.

Delorean doesn’t get enough credit for what they do, they literally are keeping that Passion Pit/MGMT sound afloat in my book, they keep that indie party sound attractive.


Posted by Jakub

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One of the best music licensings this summer has to be the Cadillac commercial using Lindstrom & Christabelle’s Lovesick, it works great plus i’m happy to see some slow disco touching the mainstream market. Check out this beautiful job that Four Tet does with the track.

The new Panda Bear album coming sounds really really promising, I hope its a Top 10 album of the year, I have a feeling after hearing this it’s going to be a solid listen.

More Four Tet but now it’s his turn to be remixed by none other than his labelmate Caribou, reminds me a bit of Apparat and James Holden.

A shortie but easily a goodie, just don’t think about how Kanye West ruined the chipmunk vocal effect and you’ll be fine, oh wait…

Shigeto: What We Held On To [FREE EP]

Posted by Jakub

After a weekend of playing with Tycho, Mux Mool, The Sight Below and Solvent, Shigeto offers up a FREE 5 song EP for your listening pleasure. The songs have an array of influences ranging from jazz, IDM and Detroit instrumental hip hop and he also gives us a sneak peek of what’s to come on his first LP Full Circle which is coming out this fall. Download the EP here. I highly recommend the song Grandma’s Words / Rise Out Of The Stone, it grows beautifully.

Below is a sample of what Shigeto shares on his soundcloud account which includes a few unreleased song.


Posted by Jakub

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Tom Croose and Slow Hands make up Worst Friends, both of them have contributed amazing exclusive work for the ISO50 with playlists, mixes, remixes, edits, and covers of artists like Van Morrison, Beirut, Fleetwood Mac and M83. Both of them are great guys, they were my DJ partners when I moved to Brooklyn and now release on Future Classics and Wolf+Lamb and also “Tom” is getting married this summer, congrats guys on this 12″ release.

A new Sun Kil Moon album is out and i’m loving it all the way thru, check out the Mark Kozelek playlist I put together awhile back.

This weekend I watched a Thavius Beck ableton sort of lecture on how he uses his Beat Repeat, it was pretty enjoyavble so I went back to find a track for the blog and found this gem, is this an Outkast song? I don’t know enough about Outkast sadly.

The Books have a new album coming out, i’m huge fan, the guys in that group definitely have influenced many musicians I know, this new one sounds like if you made Lemon Jelly and DJ Shadow work together 8 years ago, which to me is a great thing.

Kisses+Minks+How To Dress Well+Tom Vek

Posted by Jakub

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I think this Kisses song is in my top 5 songs of the year, I haven’t stopped listening to it, I keep wanting to learn the lyrics and sing along softly, looking forward to this record, 1:20 and on pssssssssssssssshhhhh unreal. I do wonder though why I love it so much? is it because it sounds like something familiar? help me out here.

When I press play I picture goths dancing in their bedrooms and completely not being goth anymore, it brings a smile to my face, nice one Minks.

The production quality these days of songs seems to not matter much to many but sifting thru some of this muffled pieces of work sometimes a gem comes up and its worth the ear wear. How to Dress Well has that dreamy appeal that might sound amateur to many fans of even something far fetched like Panda Bear meets Janelle Monae but still becomes a wonderful song.

Can a Tom Vek fan get a new Tom Vek album already?