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Komputer Cast – Vol. 1 by Com Truise

Posted by Jakub

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Com Truise comes to us via New Jersey which is the home of recent favorite bands like Ducktails and Memory Tapes, it’s a state that I didn’t think about much when it came to finding electronically made music. Little did I know they also have a synth-head brewing up podcasts and free EP’s, collecting library music and old Italo records and he goes under the name Com Truise. Not only does he make great music he also has his own great branding and look, so check out the mix above and download it here for free.

The Sight Below: Post Rock Era Mix

Posted by Jakub

The Sight Below recently compiled an amazing tracklist for a Fact Magazine Mix, check the song list below, its packed with lush distorted dream pop from the 80’s and 90’s. I saw The Sight Below play 2 nights ago, it felt like I was falling back slowly for about 45 mins, it was perfect, I kept asking myself why do I listen to anything else. I’m putting this mix on repeat while I pack up and move today, enjoy your weekend.

slowdive \ slowdive \ slowdive \ creation \ 1990
chapterhouse \ treasure \ whirlpool \ dedicated \ 1991
franke \ jag älskar dig \ aldrig förstå ep \ luxury \ 2003
joy division \ isolation \ closer \ factory \ 1980
echo & the bunnymen \ do it clean \ crocodiles \ korova \ 1980
spacemen 3 \ take me to the other side \ the perfect prescription \ glass records \ 1987
cocteau twins \ lorelei \ treasure \ 4ad \ 1984
kate bush \ hounds of love \ hounds of love \ emi \ 1985
iggy pop \ nightclubbing \ the idiot \ rca \ 1977
teenage filmstars \ loving \ star \ creation \ 1992
seefeel \ more like space \ more like space ep \ too pure \ 1993
clan of xymox \ no words \ clan of xymox \ 4ad \ 1985


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Solvent: Shift Work Mix

Posted by Jakub

A selection of raw analog-synthesizer music, from noisy lo-fi industrial to melodic synthpop, courtesy of Ghostly’s resident expert on the subject Solvent.

Attack Warning Red” [excerpt] – Civil Defence Program
Entry” – November Növelet
Open & Shut” – Martial Canterel
Blank Clocks” – The Future
Riot Squad” – Vice Versa
Step in Time” – Psychic Youth
Rabies” – Naked Lunch
Speed” – Daily Fauli
F.U. Klaxon” – Beau Wanzer
The Tale of Bernie Woodstein” – Legowelt
Attack Warning Red” [transition] – Civil Defence Program
Wellengenerator” – Im Namen Des Volkes
Protect and Survive” – Civil Defence Program
Automation” – Robert Lawrence & Mark Phillips
33a1” [edit] – John Bender
Television Set” – Television Set
Solarize” – The Rorschach Garden
U?berbeast” – Medio Mutante
It’s About Now” [excerpt] – Cabaret Voltaire


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New Aarnio Mix on The Mixtape Club

Posted by Jakub

As you can see guys and gals i’m a photoshop ninja, give me a project and i’ll make it happen, you want a dorky kid to look like a jackalope? no problem, you want ferns cut out in 2 minutes using an eraser at 48px? no problem, rocking CS3 over here and using it to about 1/1000th of its potential, don’t blame Scott or Alex for the bad design work here please hah.

So, yes thats me above, I did this mix of some songs for The Mixtape Club that were all at 94 Beats Per Minute, a short mix that is only clocking in at about 34 minutes. I named it The Black Bear Caught The Crystal Deer Surfing With A Pitchfork because all the hip bands have some key words in their names. You see if your band was Flamingo Fantasy you probably won’t get much love, maybe in 2014 when flamingos get really cool but for now you better have a surfing bear or make noise and use the word hair in your band name, that way you can take cuts and get on some reviewers priority piles. Well enough with my banter, here are some great songs that I have posted already probably in the past month or so that I like as a collective, as always thanks for reading and listening to the material on the blog.

NOTE: There’s an exclusive track on here, the last song by Shigeto who recently remixed Tycho, it will be out on 4.20.2010 on Ghostly International.


High WolfDon’t Fuck With The Tropics
Paul WhiteHighlife
PhantogramAs Far As I Can See
Kerri ChandlerCrazy Bonus
Jay ElectronicaExhibit C
Mux MoolNAFE
Alan Parsons ProjectI Robot (Pilooski edit)
Gorillaz ft. Bobby Womack & Mos DefStylo
Giorgio MoroderTo The Bridge
ShigetoEmbrace The Cold

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The Fantastic Symphony Washed Out Mix

Posted by Jakub

You would all tell me if my frequent posting on Washed Out was unhealthy right? well this is somewhat special since its a mix from his blog that you can download for free. Its really crispy and diverse like finding a damaged cassette mix from the basement of your favorite radio station that 25 years old and playing it.

Arch M – “Bedrm Band at Caf NVA (edit)
The Samps – “Magnetic Thys
Samiyam – “Wrap Up
Toro Y Moi – “Brubek
Koushik – “Homage
Osborne – “Afrika (Bullion Remix)
Iasos – “Inter-Dimentional Music
Jack Nitzsche – “Untitled (edit)
The Khalsa String Band – “Song of Bliss


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Phaseone Mix: Realest Sh*t I Ever Wrote

Posted by Jakub

One of the best tracklistings and mixes i’ve seen and heard in a while is this one from St. Louis’ Phaseone that Pitchfork posted yesterday, download it here. Check the tracklist out to see if your interested, i’m sure many of you will be very pleased:

Slowdive – Miranda
Curren$y – I’m just dope
Aphex Twin – Fingerbib
Nite Jewel – Want you back (phaseone remix)
Lukid – Hair of the dog
Talking Heads – Listening wind
Tricky – Bad dream
Polanski – punked out
J Dilla – Oxtopus boom boom
Falty DL – Made me feel so right
James Pants – Shower party
Fleetwood Mac – Isn’t it midnight
Teebs – Humming birds
Actress vs. Zomby – Aazz2
Phaseone – Sandra

* Note that the photo above is unrelated.

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The Lovestep poster boys: Sepalcure

Posted by Jakub

Artwork by Sougwen Chung

With Dubstep branching out to see how far the genre can be pushed a ton of new ideas start to surface and a fusion of appealing sounds start melting together. One group i’m really excited about is Sepalcure which is a collaboration of Brooklyn’s Praveen and Machinedrum. the duo is doing a fine job of taking hints of soulful house and dubstep to create what they call Lovestep. One thing that Sepalcure has that other dubsteppers don’t usually have and ISO50 fans might also really enjoy is fine art direction by the multi talented designer Sougwen Chung. As you can see above and below her posters and videos of her work are a perfect fit for this heartfelt music.

Sepalcure’s debut performance alongside Untold, TRG, Pole, 2562 & more is February 13th at Unsound Festival NYC.

Below is a “Lovestep” mix done by Percussion Lab Founder/Sepalcure’s very own Praveen.

BurialYou Hurt Me
TRGBroken Heart (Martyn Remix)
DFRNTTripped (Synkro Mix)
SinesMemories Are Here
DFRNTTripped (Ital Tek Remix)
Joy OrbisonJ. Doe
SepalcureDeep City Insects
Floating PointsK&G Beat


Sepalcure – Feeling That I Know So Well from sougwen on Vimeo.

Sepalcure – Every Day of my Life from sougwen on Vimeo.

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Boom Bap Continuum – beats from ’99 – ’09

Posted by Jakub

Boom Bap tracklist

Probably one of the most educational mixes i’ve ever heard, this really lays out what has happened in Hip Hop in the last 10 years, call it Glitch Hop, Dubstep, Downbeat, Bass Music but its all just different forms of Hip Hop.

2tall, Clockwork and Kper are very proud to let you know that our new mix, A Boom Bap Continuum, is now live. We’ve worked very hard on this for most of the year and we hope you will enjoy it as much as we did putting it together.

The mix features over 200 tracks by more than 50 producers all mixed, edited and mashed up in 80 minutes. The intention is simple: we wanted to highlight the lineage of hip-hop production and beat making from the turn of the millennium to the present day, and perhaps shed some light on the fairly quiet revolution that has been taking place under the surface of mainstream media in recent years.

Download, artwork and text all available on the website

TRACKLIST HIGHLIGHTSfull tracklist here

Prefuse 73 – Nuno into
Dabrye – So Scientific

Boards of Canada – Sixtyniner into
P.U.T.S – Acid Raindrops (prod. Thes One)

Telefon Tel Aviv – I Lied into
Loefah – Horror Show

The Bug – Fire (Version) into
Boom Bip – The Move

Dj Krush – Kemuri (Untouchable Mix) into
Clark – Herr Barr

Waajeed – Tron into
Flyamsam – Green Tea Power

Rustie – Zig Zag into
Flying Lotus – Auntie’s Lock/Infinitum (Quarta 330 remix)

Paul White – Synth March into
Machinedrum ft. ie.merg – 911

2tall, Kper and Clockwork – A Boom Bap Continuum