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Barcelona Apple Store Architecture

The design of Apple Stores around the world don’t get enough attention for their design. We’ve all been in an Apple Store before and seen just how simple and effective the interior is. Even though sometimes it gets crowded, the interior design is impeccable. Here are images to prove it.

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Ray Kappe’s Multilevel Perfection

Posted by Jakub

Los Angeles architect Ray Kappe built a multilevel house for his family back in 1967, and the results still resonate today.

A lot of the houses I see around on the web that grab my eye always make me feel that “why not me? why can’t I have that?” feeling, this one did that 10 fold. It has that sunken in living room floor and the multilevel opening thru the center of the house. There’s this corner of the house that is glass that you need to see for yourself in the article that just made me soo pissed that I didn’t win the Mega Millions last week.

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