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Jakub Alexander curates the music selections here at the blog. He also runs his Moodgadet record label out of Brooklyn, NY and does A&R for Ghostly International Records. Links: Moodgadget Records Jakub's Tumblr

Japanese Sci-Fi Art

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Dug thru a few sites to make this Japanese Sci-Fi poster collection bigger, anyone else a sucker for airbrush? seems like it took great concentration and a steady hand that doesn’t offer an eraser really. There’s something really romantic about most of these. I can really respect an artist that can create a terrain off the top of his head.

Remixes Upon Remixes For You + The Field

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A true heap of remixes are raining over this summer, this one from Four Tet who never fails us, I heard he went to school with Hot Chip, is this true? anyway this one is pretty stripped down and direct. Matthew Dear preps his album release by dropping a Poolside remix of his recent single Her Fantasy, the edit is laid back and defines their “daytime disco” personas. Fort Romeau ramps up the tempo on Picture’s debut on Cascine, the dub edit has a hint of more upbeat than i’d expect, definitely feeling house piano. I’m not sure if this Hatchback mix of Grovesnor ever made it to vinyl but its at summer jam level once you get comfortable with Grovesnor voice, its almost reaching this slow electro Rod Stewart feel, thats kind of impressive.

I have been trying to catch The Field live for years I think, sadly this is the closet i’ve gotten, totally love it, I thought I wouldn’t like the drummer but I was dead wrong.

Revenge + Active Child + Lapti + Cuppcave

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This is one of the more straight forward tracks i’ve heard from The Revenge, sounds like Superpitcher at times.

I’ve been waiting for new Active Child, i’ll take a remix but I wish there was a harp and his own voice in all honesty though. I’m sure Pat hasn’t had a moment to record since he’s been on tour for over a year I think.

Russia is a vast land with tons of electronic producers, I wonder if its because of those crazy MP3 digital retailers that sell songs for $0.03 per track is the reason why there are soo many musicians. Lapti has a sound thats hard to nail down, I went thru some of his other tracks and it wasn’t the sound but a similar feel, this track grabbed me mainly because of the second half, its like if Holy Other wore all white and made something a bit more uplifting.

Cuppcave I found via Laurel Halo, I can’t find much out about the project but I do love it a whole lot. Its like a irrelevant machine thats found a sound to repeat in the middle of nowhere, it has no business being there just to loop something its made on accident…that sounds like a good storyboard for a music video, might use that.

Alternative London Olympic Posters

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If I was a right out of university for graphic design my first projects for myself before working on my own would be grabbing up a project like this for exercise. The olympics have a great history for amazing posters and branding and fine color scheme to work with so why not see what you could do and test out your skills. I personally like the empty pool swimming ones but the font couldn’t be any smaller which pretty much knocks it out of the running to be a real poster for the public.

via kathykavan

Roach+Shed+Supreme Cuts+Throwing Snow

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HIGHLY RECOMMENDED: Concentration and noting the repetition aren’t the key points to listening to a song like this by Steve Roach. It honestly takes exercise for most people on this planet to enjoy it. Some people like body music, familiar structure and others don’t, the fans of this style aren’t synth connoisseurs like others think, for me its like my brain has taste buds and someone pouring maple syrup on my brain, no drugs involved. This kind of music is the closest you can get to an actually exhilarating journey without moving and its made by a person that cares about quality thru and thru, I truly believe if there was a study this kind of sound is addictive.

Shed releases his hybrid genre LP today, there’s actually a few songs I wanted to share but this one stuck with me, probably not the best representation of what the rest of the album sounds like but it spoke to me, full on glide mode. If you’re looking for the LP, its here.

One sound(the smashing kick with the claps) I don’t agree on with Supreme Cuts just because the unethical use of them in rave music that wasn’t good in the least bit but thats only 5% of the time. But this might the most humble and well done outro i’ve heard in a while, give the listener what they are use to hearing at the end while it fades out, sequence wise i’m impressed and I really like the song as a whole.

Throwing Snow keeps making best music at the highest bpm that is head noddy but never screaming for my attention.

Guentner + Phil Gerus + Sam Willis + SVIIB

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Its mid week and I need that hint of ambient music that I can always rely on: Markus Guentner. First of all he’s my biggest influence for my Heathered Pearls production and beyond that he just makes some of the most attractive ambience, clear yet the setting is gloomy yet I always get this uplifting feel from the material. He isn’t about just making experiments, he composes beautiful work.

A lot of the time 4/4 tracks aren’t about being dance music, it just conforms into a ground floor for a song, giving it this heartbeat without asking you to get up. Sam Willis isn’t doing dub or house he’s just giving us a great song that grows and eventually fades and that 8 minutes was just about sharing a mood, I hope to hear more from him.

Take Phil Gerus advise, make 2:21 hooky songs, make people search for you and want more.

School Of Seven Bells cover Lil Wayne, I had a feeling this would happen one day, they have good taste in Pop artists. I’m into it, iTunes tells me i’ve listened to it 8 times, its simple and really shows off Alley’s beautiful voice, so why not have fun and cover a song you enjoy if you have the skills?