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Jakub Alexander curates the music selections here at the blog. He also runs his Moodgadet record label out of Brooklyn, NY and does A&R for Ghostly International Records. Links: Moodgadget Records Jakub's Tumblr

Instagram Photo Favorites: 9th Edition

Posted by Jakub

so_may – Just a lovely collection of vibrant colors.

susurri – More on the graphic tip, Susurri works with a lot of mirroring and shapes but what usually draws me to her work is the actual shots.

chosenine – Some of the best searching for new instagramers comes from just finding people from other countries that you love and following them, Chosenine takes simple and clean shots close to the forest that always make me wish I was where she was.

Shigeto+CFCF+Sean Byrd+Grain Mountain

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Shigeto comes back with a mini LP that touches on the more organic instruments that he feels natural working with. There’s beautiful Rhodes work along with flutters of good feelings with a pouncing beat, a must have.

CFCF floored me with this one, there is not enough music with grand piano and synth arpeggios dueling for your attention to the point they both end up molding together and completely pleasing your ears.

I’ve been a big fan of Sean Byrd for years, I still have his demo from 10 years ago somewhere stored away, his new work drew me in like never before, this is IDM at its best state when hazy emotional tones meet puttering heavy kicks, really beautiful.

Came across Grain Mountain on soundcloud randomly, felt like a nice release after digging thru over 100 tracks of nothing from all over the place. It definitely will appeal to the Balam Acab lovers.

Clark+RxGibbs+Memoryhouse+Warm Ghost

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Warp Records’ Clark comes with a beautiful ballad named Com Touch, pretty much a synth journey that bubbles and grows into a classic for all the early lovers of IDM.

RxGibbs puts together a high gliding dreambeat piece for those who would want a gentle version of early Kompakt ala MFA.

The new Memoryhouse tracks keep coming which means the LP isn’t far from release date, the production is far from buried or lo-fi and much more glossy, I can see this becoming big this duo.

I did a rework of one of my favorite Warm Ghost tracks, plus testing out the new HTML5 on Soundcloud player below, looks pretty amazing.

Instagram Favorites Musician Edition

Posted by Jakub

@edroste ( Ed Droste of Grizzly Bear )

@comtruise ( Com Truise )

@teendaze ( Teen Daze )

Instagram has sort of become a way of life on tour, almost anything beautiful or funny we see outside the tour van we yell out “take the shot!”. Since i’ve jumped on Instagram i’ve looked for musicians that post on there since soo many get to travel, here’s just a few that I follow that I post about that make it in our ISO50 playlists.

@peakinglights ( Peaking Lights )
@mattmondanile ( Real Estate / Ducktails )
@benjamincurtis ( School Of Seven Bells / Secret Machines )
@dam_funk ( DaM FunK )
@nosajthing (Nosaj Thing)
@muxmool ( Mux Mool )
@sunglitters ( Sun Glitters )
@geejairmo ( Prefuse 73 )
@starslingeruk ( Star Slinger )
@poolside ( Poolside )
@foxesinfiction ( Foxes In Fiction )
@bisradio ( Tim Sweeney of DFA )
@willits ( Christopher Willits )
@ryanpitchfork ( Ryan @ Pitchfork )
@laurenflax ( Creep )
@__shigeto ( Shigeto )
@studioirisarri ( Rafael Anton Irisarri / The Sight Below )
@j_gossett ( 1/2 of Beacon )
@tm_iii ( 1/2 of Beacon )

@iso50 ( Tycho )
@nitemoves ( Rory O’Connor – Tycho’s Drummer / Com Truise )
@zryder ( Zac Brown – Tycho’s Bassist / Dusty Brown )
@heathered_pearls ( Jakub )