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Jakub Alexander curates the music selections here at the blog. He also runs his Moodgadet record label out of Brooklyn, NY and does A&R for Ghostly International Records. Links: Moodgadget Records Jakub's Tumblr

Nosaj Thing + Trust + Black Marble + Inc.

Posted by Jakub

Its been years and he was still able to sell out crowds all across the world, Nosaj Thing has a new album and here’s our first taste featuring a delicate and haunting appearance from Kazu Makino of Blonde Redhead.

Trust has a new EP coming to us, its the perfect marriage of true 80s goth dance music and melody, I don’t think i’ve ever taken it off any playlist since i’ve heard him.

What genuine collection of tracks by the Brooklyn duo Black Marble, if you want something darker than the DIIV LP and a hint of gloom then these guys are for you. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

It’s always a surprise when a band signs to 4AD, I think of them as this unreachable label that signs Deerhunter sized acts but they take risks like every other label and 9 out of 10 times they make some of the best decisions. Inc is on that R&B tip its not that tragically smooth stuff, it has that crispness to it, definitely want to see more, maybe they’ll tour with Beacon, that’d be soo much ambient driven R&B, i’d probably need a couch.

Machinedrum+2400+Levek+Weidemann & Ry

Posted by Jakub

Machinedrum did a mental 11 minute edit of Boards Of Canada, parts of it sounds like its all from a live show, once everything starts rolling Travis has pretty much created one of the best edits of Boards Of Canada i’ve ever heard.

Levek channels early Bibio and one thing that works beautifully is the strings used.

The first half of Howling is a dime a dozen, the way it blossoms is what makes it special, check the Ame remix if you want something even more rhythmic.

I would have mistaken 2400 Operator for a dreamy version of Cybotron Clear which is a huge compliment, I hope to hear more from this Danish duo.

ISO50 US Dollar Re-Design Contest

Posted by Jakub

A few days ago I posted a few US dollar redesigns, none of them really caught my eye but I had a feeling our readers could do better and you all responded positively so lets get this started.


1. You must submit four bills (1,5,20,100) of any rectangle dimensions.
2. You must include this letter/number combo somewhere on the bill ( I 50502012 X )
3. A signature of some sort has to be included on all the bills
4. Include the number of the bill spelled out and include or create this stamp


Please submit to jakub at iso50 dot com by October 1st 2012. Judging will be by Scott Hansen and the ISO50 contributors.


We will pick 2 winners.

1st Prize includes any ISO50 Tee along with a signed ISO50 Studio Edition Print.

2nd Prize includes a Standard ISO50 Print and a ISO50 Sticker Pack

The US Dollar needs a redesign?

Posted by Jakub

A great practice idea for graphic designers is redesigning the US Dollar, compared to Canada and many European countries I feel we just got screwed a bit, while the detailing in the US dollar is classy I feel like the overall collection from coin to paper is not the best it can be, I don’t think any of the designs above are the answer either. I was thinking would anyone be down to submit redesigns to ISO50 and we can have a contest with giveaways? Let me know below if its a good idea and i’ll get together a submission post.

450+ John Peel Show on Soundcloud

Posted by Jakub

Update: I hope some of you grabbed a few of those, it was fun while it lasted.

Well this is probably the biggest event of the year for music listeners that I can think of. 458 full John Peel shows just went up on Soundcloud, from Can in 1973 to Autechre in 2003, its all there just waiting for you . Where are you going to start?

via Fact Magazine

ISO50: Soundcloud Who To Follow Guide: #4

Posted by Jakub

I see even bigger things happening for Soundcloud in the future, mainly the community within it coming closer so I decide to start a guide of people to follow if you like what’s on ISO50. Below I started off with frequent users that make your feed more enjoyable with quality posts.

This week we start with a label that I highly respect Kranky, today they shared a new single from the upcoming Loscil LP and if you keep scrolling down you’ll find that this feed is a very generous one. Next is Incase who are share with you a compilation they posted last week. You can find a lot of exclusive live versions on this one, one of the more underrated accounts on Soundcloud I think. One of my favorite DJs Tornado Wallace is starting to use his account more and more, he just his Recloose remix which i’m on the hunt for, hope you all enjoy.




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