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Jakub Alexander curates the music selections here at the blog. He also runs his Moodgadet record label out of Brooklyn, NY and does A&R for Ghostly International Records. Links: Moodgadget Records Jakub's Tumblr

NEW ISO50 Shirts : 45 White Grey Coffee

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Just so you guys know Scott put an attractive line of shirts together this week under the name 45. I actually asked him recently about the approach of these and he told me that he only makes shirts that he would want to wear and not just some tee that are branded, made a lot of sense, its funny when a designer can’t or won’t wear their own shirts but still offers them for sale, would love your thoughts on the design.

Here are links to the store so you can grab your favorite one:

45 Black on White

45 White on Grey

45 Black/White on Coffee

Gui Boratto + Ruth + Daphni + Polysick

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Photo by @Hallwood on instagram

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The new Gui Boratto album has some gems on it, actually one thing I like about it the most is that I could use this album as sort of tool to get new fans into this sort of music. Maybe get a club kid to sit down and take a break from the rowdiness he’s only been listening to and share this with him…lets be honest actually i’ll probably never sit down with a club kid though.

Do you ever need the easy in to get a party started? Roman Photo is that perfect icebreaker even for the coolest of kids that haven’t even finished their first PBR and are posting up in the kitchen by the mini keg.

If you’re looking around to see what Caribou is doing well this is it, under the name Daphni, i’ve posted a few tracks in the past, this one gets the blood going, what a good sample at 1:15, for 14 ISO50 points anyone know the original?

I found this small interlude the other day on Soundcloud by Polysick, for me this song is sooo visual and I don’t even take drugs, it screams early 90s but its tangled in a maze of early computer graphics and 3D rendering, I want more.

Hallwood on Instagram

A Gap Between + Walls + Dam Funk + AFX

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It’s funny when people call out certain music saying “oh this has potential”, I almost started to write that about A Gap Between then thought, no I just want more of this, its a satisfying listen because that seems to be my honest reaction after just 30 seconds in.

Walls are pushing forward, taking that Kompakt sound into this synthesized organic realm full of bells over swelling arpeggios, beautiful energy.

Dam-Funk is the master of what he does, he lives and breathes a sound that might get written off to the unexperienced ear or the sport watching happy hour goers but the people that understand him are highly rewarded.

Watch this AFX video, if you never were in the rave scene and just love AFX start from 5:05

Stream Warm Ghost’s Album Narrows

Posted by Jakub

Warm Ghost is a dark avant pop duo from Brooklyn that grab from unique influence and i’m going to have to say its one of my top ten albums of the year. They effortlessly grabbed from what I loved about where Telefon Tel Aviv left off and what made experimental projects from Bjork and David Byrne special. The meat and potatoes for me our tracks 2 – 8, I get some sort of natural high from them, its because of that mixture of the heavy kicks pounding along with Paul’s voice over echoes of alien like synths. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

Teeel + Tropics + Games + Blouse

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Teeel’s Amulet debut album was released earlier this year featuring hints of synth pop and italo mixed together. Tomorrow remixes from Starfawn, Slow Hands, and many others get released into the digital world, I highly recommend grabbing this Datassette remix for FREE, here.

Now more on a moodier tip, Tropics put together this dream beat emo anthem that stretches out and reminds us how pretty this lo-fi sound can get.

Games is back, synth funk jazz radio is oozing out of this one, tons of soul in this edit.

Don’t let the tape speed correction intro throw you off on this debut from Blouse, this lush new wave might be something you might want to keep digging for.

Proper Instragram App Update

Posted by Jakub

Shot by @iso50

Shot by @heathered_pearls

Shot by @beamercola

With 9 million users Instragram really doesn’t need anymore adaptors, it just needed what people wanted the most and I feel the newest updated is a huge success.

1. 4 new filters: Personally my favorite has been the Brandon filter or no filter at all but these ones like Rise definitely have potential in being used more often.

2. The option to have frames or not: Now you can use Earlybird(another good filter) without that heavy Polaroid border/frame.

3. Finally a pretty big one, live effects: no more guessing and fumbling around, put your favorite filter on and take the photo within the app.

So, if any of you Instagram users haven’t updated yet, I highly suggest it, the photo game just got even more fun.

Scott Hansen@iso50
Jakub Alexander@heathered_pearls
Shelby White@wanken


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Starfawn is a avant synth project from Vermont natives Misha and Amber. Their style seems to be the best i’ve heard in the post-goth scramble thats going on. Tons of NES and SNES chipped out chunks collapsing into melodies while the vocals reach whimsical levels that serenade and melt the diverse sounds into one pleasing piece of work. Download this song for free on their mini site.

Beef Terminal comes from the Lefse/Waaga camp, dwelling in the Slowdive/Bvdub areas then gently raising out into the open with beats up front, this project definitely has potential and vision for a good live show for the lovers that drift in and out of euphoric sessions when they listen to music.

Went back to this Gang Gang Dance album, here’s the long cut, such a rewarding listen.

I’m expecting one of the best releases from Scandinavia with this Korallreven album, here’s our first taste, seems like the guys went for it, some pop intentions in there that don’t hurt, in love with piano part towards the end, can’t wait for the rest.