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I see some of you wanted to know a little more about Superstructure, he’s also Osborne( aka Soundmurderer, Starski&Clutch, TNT, and probably many others) and he probably doesn’t remember selling me my first Aphex Twin vinyl or that I think he’s an ACTUAL magician and a real honest hard worker, this song above is probably my favorite song he ever did and this video below gives you more of a personal contact with him.

I just took one of my socks off and threw it across my room in the middle of this new Loscil song, are you kidding me Scott Morgan! this is not from earth, you can’t just make music like THIS! its… its just too good, I can’t even relax, I sit still and grin and feel perfect.

If you want to hear “experimental” music and don’t want to be disappointed then just wait for more John Roberts, queue it up on Beatport or search for it weekly on Rdio because this guy has some special ideas that aren’t different to be different, its just simply well thought out.

Some of us can’t let go of the beauty of the late 80’s and I would never deny anyone the right because damn it that sound was the pinnacle, i’m glad Kranky helps these bands like Dreamscape find a home.


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Superstructure is probably the largest unsung hero for his musical talents, he’s done a completely midi version of Kid A by Radiohead which you won’t find anywhere but on cassette, he has stuck to his sound from the beginning and everything that pops up even like this snippet I always try to check out.

This is the Best Coast killer, prepare for Purity Ring to be bigger than ever imagined. The girl sings lyrics that give me goosebumps, young and old girls are not even ready for this sound, CocoRosie and Joanna Newsom fans will have a new girl to gush over and its definitely a true talent.

When I listen to this Toby Tobias track it has this dance end to it which made buy it because I wanted to play it out but also it creates this lil cutesy environment in my head that I imagine up, like some gummy animal world on a black backdrop, lots of fun things going on.

I’d be happy in a world where this Sportag remix was in the top 40s.

Matthew Dear: Her Fantasy Video

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I wouldn’t say bad dream or even trip would explain the visuals you’re about to see but more of a well orchestrated psychedelic outtake from the original 1950’s Johnny Quest cartoon coming to real life. The progress of Matthew Dear’s music this year are leaping over mountains on the creative realm, its doing to be hard to bring your A game now if you think a band can just go on stage and be unique and mysterious.

Soft Metals + World Tour + Dntel + Burial

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Soft Metals we’re a underrated gift last year with their label Captured Tracks producing soo many good releases in the past year. I had to share this for 2 reasons and you’re going to love the 2nd one probably more: 1st. the synth choices 2nd: it’s a free download here.

Cascine seems to always find bands that sound like they make all their music in a ray from a sun burst in the clouds of Scandinavia. The vox echo in the intro ends up sounding soo good once you get into the thick of the track especially with the strings and synth piano part that comes in at 2:01.

Dntel did it, he made one of the most honest sounding tracks i’ve heard in a number of years, nothing tied to this that sounds like it was forced or rethought because others will hear it, the soundtrack to claymation from a 70s PBS cartoon, soo happy its as look as it is.

I overlooked posting this gem from Burial, everyone’s probably heard it blah blah blah but its worth the post. He probably doesn’t even look at his facebook or read what people write about him, atleast I like to think that he’s this pure yet distant soul.

Nice little side note, we made it to over 30 minutes today on 4 songs, pretty nice I have to say so myself.

C. Truise + J. Jazzist + J. Maus + M. Vareid

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If you’re a Com Truise fan or a lover of synth music on vinyl then you’ll be happy to hear Seth Haley has 3 releases coming to vinyl this summer, his debut EP Cyanide Sisters, Galactic Melt Redux and a collection of B Sides called In Decay.

Under artists it says “Mungolian Jetset presents Jaga Jazzist vs. Knights Of Jumungus” i’ve only heard of Jaga Jazzist and that being said this is probably my favorite Jaga Jazzist song i’ve ever heard especially at 1:50 and on. So now i’m guessing its time to start digging up more about these other 2 groups for more loveliness.

Every John Maus song that leaks will be posted on this blog, its my goal, here’s a new one from 2007 on the upcoming B side release. If you get a chance order the limited run of pink vinyl and support this man genius.

Waiting for this new Marius Våreid track to drop, its a must own for what I love to hear on a dancefloor, that perfect marriage or drive and build at a pace that makes me just smirk with happiness.

Instagram Photo Favorites: 18th Edition

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six37 – I was thinking this might be the last graphic focused instagram post we’ll feature, maybe not though, I really do like seeing how far six37 takes it.

sofiasternegard – There are some lovely workspace shots by sofiasternegard, nice arrangements of whats in front of her, I definitely do enjoy that as a concept for a feed.

mikeluang – With the sky as the focus, its hard to go wrong most days.