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Atelier Olschinsky Studio

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We’ve featured Atelier Olschinsky before for their fantastic photography and I have to bring it back and share the illustration end as well because there’s just soo much to look at and admire. After you’re finished with the work above just take a second and look over their portfolio below, it’s well worth your time.

Atelier Olschinsky on Cargo Collective

Young Montana+Knxwledge+CFCF+Z. Christ

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I always laugh at Boards Of Canada comparisons, where do you personally draw the line? does this sound like them to you? I can hear someone thinking it about this song, I can smell the gears turning in their heads but in all honesty I think this track is one of more fresh sounding uses of vintage synths coming from “Beat Music”, a job well done by Mr. Young Montana?

I wish this Knxwledge track was #1 on the pop music charts.

Probably the most exciting producer that dabbles in house music and quickly pulls himself right out and just focuses on composition is CFCF. Lately, he really hasn’t touched on anything bright enough for the dancefloor but continually is coming up with the most enjoyable listens.

I’d have a lot more faith in the youth if it was just a bunch of Zach Christ’s making beats, with his latest remix he never makes it too complex for your brain to follow along. Thats really important to me these days because off beat textured percussive pulses are being pushed to their limits.

Trentemoller + H Chip + Lemonade + Estate

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What a rework by Trentemoller, only a true talent can keep the emotional tie to the original. This moody loop could go on for an hour and i’d not even think once to turn it off, perfect amounts of rhythm especially the last minute, I want an extended version, HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

With Hot Chip members floating around doing their own thing you’d wonder if the quality is going to slip? it hasn’t and they’ve only bulked up there live presence with Flutes. The only issue is its stealing from the core of Kompakt, Areal and Border Community’s bread and butter from 5+ years ago.

A lot of music thats coming out these days that has romantic connection with the softer side of pop in the 80s is good but Lemonade seems to be doing it the best with their single Neptune, I hope they get the same or if not more love than the new Tanlines album.

Sometimes when bands leave off a song from an album you’d have your doubt on quality or consistency, with Real Estate I didn’t see that happening so when I grabbed up this b-side I wasn’t surprised to like it from start to finish. See for yourself……………told ya.

CutLaserCut: We Make Your Ideas

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Many of us artists/designers/musicians love dreaming about our ideas becoming a physical piece that you can hold, touch, gift or make available for others to have. I really appreciate the printers, warehouses and studios that have to deal with our minds and files. So here’s to CutLaserCut, a well branded youthful laser cutting company that I dream of using someday soon, check out their Flickr and keep these physical type of companies close, I hope to see more creative uses of what they offer in the future and thats up to us.

F. Romeau + Holter + Cage & Aviary + Terje

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If you want an easy to swallow hip album that you can listen to all the way thru that gets you more than a glimpse of whats going on in true House Music thats good and now then this Fort Romeau album is it. Track after track this album doesn’t disappoint on the listening end but I have some sample issues with it, if you’re from Detroit or Chicago or Berlin and you’ve been buying House records for the last 15 years then you’ll probably hear what i’m talking about.

I’ve not been able to hand select vocalists that I love ever, its still by a song by song basis, even Mark Kozelek, Bjork and Bill Corgan fall into this category. I do however love to share vocalists I do like more and more here on the blog. Julia Holter has one of those voices that I wouldn’t kick out of bed, it has that airy distance that isn’t showing off and is easily respectable. She experiments and also doesn’t grasp for your approval, you usually can’t even guess what is coming next.

^ Look at that album cover up there, I had to check this release out. I’m not sure what the whole story is behind this record is because the names of the tracks seem to be pairs of to different titles or musicians. I enjoyed this because I imagine this being the intro sound of a Gary Numan and Byrne/Eno live show that never happened.

If its Todd Terje it’s going on the blog, I have proof in the history to prove that, end of discussion.

Grimes + COYB + Dntel + Mirrorring

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MUSIC POSTS ARE BACK FOR GOOD. Please excuse the vacation.

Like many i’ve been on a Grimes kick, Oblivion is a natural first love but my nostalgic tastes sway towards Genesis because of the Enya traits of the intro vocals.

One of my favorite vocal melodies has to be in this song, when Jannis sings “I try and have little fun, but stayin away would be smart, cause I would rather be alone, there’s no change in my heart“, get me every time, its even more powerful live.

Dntel is back channeling his earlier work, I hear some cut up Marumari which is a big YES in my book and you can’t hate that cover. Looks like Geotic will guest on it, should be solid and unique listen especially since DJ Koze is putting it out.

Kranky is on a roll this year, probably the hottest label to follow for beauty, its honestly sitting 4 or 5 levels higher than any label out there easily with there catalogs output the last 9 months. Only fitting they share the Grouper and Tiny Vipers collab with the world. If you need to introduce Drone music to a girl then this is your best bet guys.

Instagram Photo Favorites: 11th Edition

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le_blanc – Constantly offering perfectly treated architecture shots, doesn’t really need many more followers as you can see :).

robinmay – One of the ways I like to pick Instagramers is by finding accounts that aren’t personal but Robin has just that right amount to make it sharable, truly a great example of a labor of love on Instagram.

advand – i always like to pick an underdog each week, Advand has a great eye for framing glimpse and effecting it nicely.

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