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Jakub Alexander curates the music selections here at the blog. He also runs his Moodgadet record label out of Brooklyn, NY and does A&R for Ghostly International Records. Links: Moodgadget Records Jakub's Tumblr

Guentner + Phil Gerus + Sam Willis + SVIIB

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Its mid week and I need that hint of ambient music that I can always rely on: Markus Guentner. First of all he’s my biggest influence for my Heathered Pearls production and beyond that he just makes some of the most attractive ambience, clear yet the setting is gloomy yet I always get this uplifting feel from the material. He isn’t about just making experiments, he composes beautiful work.

A lot of the time 4/4 tracks aren’t about being dance music, it just conforms into a ground floor for a song, giving it this heartbeat without asking you to get up. Sam Willis isn’t doing dub or house he’s just giving us a great song that grows and eventually fades and that 8 minutes was just about sharing a mood, I hope to hear more from him.

Take Phil Gerus advise, make 2:21 hooky songs, make people search for you and want more.

School Of Seven Bells cover Lil Wayne, I had a feeling this would happen one day, they have good taste in Pop artists. I’m into it, iTunes tells me i’ve listened to it 8 times, its simple and really shows off Alley’s beautiful voice, so why not have fun and cover a song you enjoy if you have the skills?

Eddie C + M. Eden + J. Maus + Solar Year

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Some heat from Eddie C to stretch it out to, scrolling in the Monday intro playlist.

For some reason Eluvium made a new alias: Martin Eden. Eluvium was successful, why switch up? Either way he did a beautiful job with this song thru and thru.

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED ohhhhhhh yessssss John Maus is has created the Monty Python Holy Grail version of a Pop song, its genius in my mind, what a vocal? best part has to be 1:52 and on, my jaw dropped, ballsy vocalist super super ballsy, I love it.

When I first put on Solar Year I just wanted to hear what Grimes did for it but then genuine male vocals came under the chorus pads, it was nice to hear some electronic artists slow it down and just share this release of mood.

ISO50: Soundcloud Who To Follow Guide: #2

Posted by Jakub

I see even bigger things happening for Soundcloud in the future, mainly the community within it coming closer so I decide to start a guide of people to follow if you like what’s on ISO50. Below I started off with frequent users that make your feed more enjoyable with quality posts.

This week we start with Carpark Records, a classic indie label that gave us Toro Y Moi, Casino Versus Japan and Animal Collective. I added Fact Magazine since they’re one of my few windows into a proper representation of what is going on in the UK. I’ve only featured LA’s MONO/POLY once, has a great ear and has some synth magic put together over some quality beat work, i’m excited to hear more.






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The beat world is getting speedy like 150-170 bpm sometimes. You can definitely make it sound good, there’s a few that come to mind like Machinedrum, Africa Hitech, Braille etc. You can add iTAL tEK to that list too, he makes it work, not out of trend but within the style he’s working in.

I’m obsessed over this Airbird(half of Ford & Lopatin) cut, I wish all audiobooks sounded like this.

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED: Black Marble really surprised me this morning, I found myself not being able to stop looping it, just hooky, like if Tanlines & John Maus relaxed and had to do a outro for a soundtrack.

If you follow vinyl only label Golf Channel you’ll be happy to hear they are moving into the digital world exclusively via Juno Download. I personally love their edit 12’s this one especially by Try To Find Me.

Onuinu: Happy Home Video

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If you were able to catch the latest Tycho tour you probably have noticed the great support Onuinu at the shows. His latest official video for his single “Happy Home” has a very human touch to it, the song is almost impossible to not fall in love with, I promise it will become a mixtape favorite for the real indie music junkies.