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Jakub Alexander curates the music selections here at the blog. He also runs his Moodgadet record label out of Brooklyn, NY and does A&R for Ghostly International Records. Links: Moodgadget Records Jakub's Tumblr

ISO50 Exclusive: Almunia album stream

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Looking for that essential hidden summer album to share with friends that have been loving Bibio and Prins Thomas/Lindstrom world? Then you’ll love this slow burning dub disco LP from Almunia. It has moments where the acoustics range everywhere from Jose Gonzalez to synth journey’s by Hatchback. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

I adore these tracks to no end:
The Magician, Secret Marriage, and Ode To Mom



First Boards of Canada – BBC Premiere

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HTRK + Ken Camden + Solar Year + MGUN

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I love how the more haunting sounds are becoming more and more popular during the summer months, here’s a few new ones that I love. I know most of you are still just feeling out Playlist 16.

Orphan + Dirty Beaches + Revenge + ESN

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Dub like this track from Orphan is rare, its not as murky or linear, I find it really entrancing because it has old IDM melodic structure, I end up playing it over and over.

I wish you could see my face when this Dirty Beaches song comes on, i’m shaking it in disgust, it changes you, the drive the musk the maturity and rawness just tosses your cares aside. You don’t enjoy a song like this, it sets a mood that for the record has more balls than any Johnny Cash song.

The Revenge’s production is been slightly evolving away from disco, the edits almost seem like a trend from the past, I love both so either way i’m happy.

“World” music has a huge atmosphere that still hasn’t been explored, there is fusion and mismatches that will most likely not be made in my lifetime, well atleast Egyptian Sports Network is taking a proper stab at it.

Summer Jam Searching

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I’ve been compiling a lot of tracks lately, this is just a piece of the Summer Jams one, i’ve been busy lately working on music for a Dirty Beaches/Heathered Pearls collab and beefing up my DJ sets.

Here’s some hits for your rooftop parties, i’ll try and get a new playlist up as well, Playlist 16 is overdue ;)