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Busag Principle

Posted by Scott

Brusag Grundsatz -
"Busag Clichés" [1973]
By: Diggelmann & Mennel Werbeagentur (Zürich)

Black and white at their finest from The Poster Library via Joyrex.  I really like how this piece emphasizes extremes; dark / light, massive headline / miniscule copy.  As a poster designer you dream of being able to keep the detail copy this small.  Unfortunately, clients don’t always appreciate the finer points of minimalism. 

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Update: Title translation via Jessie Rumble: "Never think in Clichés"

HIFI ’67

Posted by Scott

Andre Morin’s HiFi for RCA – 1967. Is that a Perspex lid? Image sent in by Element Kuuda.  I couldn’t find it on the Ikea site, but I know I’ve seen something there that very closely resembled the center console of this system.  It was some sort of cabinet and looked almost exactly like this.  Anyone remember what I’m talking about?