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Was so wrapped up in design related projects over the past 6 months that I didn’t get much work done on the new album / singles. But I finally got back on track and have been down in the studio for the past week finishing up a new song. This new single will be the second in a series of three to be released over the coming months.  The first in the series comes out Dec. 11th.  This latest one I am finishing should come out about 2 months after that.

Snoop Dogg

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I know this isn’t exactly the subject matter that’s normally discussed here, but I saw this today and just had to post it.  Really cool 80’s video vibe here, complete with old school video effects and VHS "PLAY" text overlay  at the beginning. Really cool how the VHS tracking is off at the beginning like it’s an old tape, they really did a great job making this feel authentic.  The whole thing is an interesting departure for this guy and shows that along with a whole lot of style he has a great sense of humor. The video was directed by someone called "Melina", not sure who that is, but good work. Snoop Dogg – Sensual Seduction Video >


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John Coulter sent me a bunch of wonderful Erik Nitsche images.  This is the first of many to come, so amazing.  I think this sort of illustrative design style is something that our generation has lost.  You rarely see anything quite like this anymore.  Most of the true illustrators these days stick to the sort of fanciful, handmade-looking things that you would expect and most pure designers stick with the computer producing things that sometimes feel a little too perfect.  This is an example of how great things can be when you create graphic design by hand, in the real world.  I know it’s not really practical in most commercial settings, you would hardly be competitive with other designers if you were trying to make everything by hand. But still, it would be nice to see a little bit more of this around.  What’s really amazing is that this work of art was commissioned by a defense contractor, my how times have changed. I wonder if companies are just placing less emphasis on the printed form as they migrate to newer media, or if people simply don’t see the value in quality design like this anymore.  Either way, it’s images like this that make me lament the passing of the golden age of design and the fact that I was born too late to be a part of it. I suppose that’s why I’ve always put so much emphasis on selling my work directly, by circumventing the world of client-driven design it’s still possible to create images with these ethics intact.