Todd Terje & Small Black Release Covers

Posted by Jakub



Todd Terje:

Small Black:

If you’ve been on the blog for even just a few month you’d know we’re all huge fans of both Todd Terje and Small Black, it makes us even happier when musicians pick out songs that you love and cover them. Both artists took on pretty advance songs in my opinion, these aren’t boring Fleetwood Mac covers that everyone can crap out, these are 80s-90s soft gems that you really got to nail because of precious atmosphere and timing, pretty impressed by the finished product.


Robert Palmer:

Blue Nile:

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diy says:

March 26, 2014 at 6:40 pm

I found it interesting that when comparing to the originals, Todd Terje slowed down the tempo, while Small Black sped it up. I really enjoyed the SB cover, the TT one didn’t do much for me (on first listen at least).


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