Hatchback Mix For Dream Chimney

Posted by Jakub


Pssssssssssssssssssssh Japanese AM Gold… what?! my mind is jello, my heart is warm, and i’m crushing on this mix. As expected, nothing but stellar work by the Dream Chimney crew.

via Dream Chimney

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Hatchback says:

January 21, 2014 at 11:23 am

thanks for sharing the mix. glad you like it!

here’s a tracklisting. hugest thanks to google translate for some of the titles.

1. Pure Land – Hiroshi Sato
2. Singapore Night – Mayo Shono
3. Daybreak – Masataka Matsutoya
4. Bon Voyage Hatoba – Chu Kosaka
5. Whereabouts of the Wind – Buzz
6. Summer Blue – Bread & Butter
7. Jamaican Affair – Yuki Okazaki
8. Shanghai Gaeri – Makoto Kubota & The Sunset Gang
9. Ninja – John Kaizan Neptune & Mu’ryo
10. This Is All I Have For You – Makoto Matsushita
11. So Tonight – Eri Ohno
12. The Look of Love – Norio Maeda Meets Tin Pan Alley
13. What I Do Not Need – Taeko Ohnuki
14. Under The Jamaican Moon – The Milky Way
15. Yamate Hotel – Hiroshi Sato
16. Love Polaroid – Kazuhiko Katoh
17. The Whereabouts of The Cloud – Tatsuro Yamashita
18. Melting Blue – Akira Inoue
19. Plastic Love – Mariya Takeuchi

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