Tokimonsta+Yasume+Monster Rally+Khaled

Posted by Jakub

Photograph by: Timothy Long

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This new Tokimonsta song is sooo freakin’ beautiful, it reminds me of an old Eliot Lipp track caught in a windy dust storm.

Old Yasume tracks will always pop up on this blog, reminds me of how good older melodic IDM was, ohhhh at 1:17 mmmmmmmmmm.

I have been loving everything from Monster Rally, very looped based work but still has this feeling a band is playing it, grab their EP here.

I had to post this DJ Khaled instrumental that Sam posted on his facebook, I probably couldn’t stand being in the room with anyone on this track but this beat is undeniably great from big room poppy rap.

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DANIEL says:

May 25, 2011 at 9:25 am

Please direct me to a place where I can download that Khaled track. All I can find is the crappy rap version.


Eric B says:

May 27, 2011 at 4:07 am

i don’t think i am overstating my love of yasume and xela when i say that album in probably top ten of all time for me. yanks at my soul. it kills me the direction xela went. the dark ambient/horrorcore soundscapes are okay and all but nothing like for frosty mornings and summer nights and where i’m from…